07.20.2001 Update by PKT_Paladin

The characters page was updated with corrected information. The downloads page was fixed with working links and information about how to get the ROM and the emulator to play it. If the site does not work, I will take e-mails about that specifically. I will not e-mail you the ROM if you ask and I will ignore the request. How to Play was updated with more detailed information. More enemies were added as well as completed information which makes that section complete. More event cards were added and the description of them is complete. The Item Cards section was updated with new items found as well as new descriptions, and the mini games section now contains more minigames. There is information in the Save State Hacking section which covers hacking items and it provides digits to put into the offsets. The walkthrough was rearranged and more detail was added as well.

Welcome to my Dragon Ball Z 2: Lord Frieza's Fury Shrine. I hope all of the information is of use to you, and if you have any questions or if you need help with this game, please contact me.


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Dragon Ball Z 2: Lord Frieza's Fury
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