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Mega Man Legends/64

"In a world covered by endless water...
People are forced to eke out a living on
the small patches of land that remain above
the sea. The people of this world rely on ancient
technology driven by quantum refractors, a powerful energy source.
These refractors lie in ancient ruins underground
and in the sea and are sought out by explorers called Diggers.
These brave explorers are the sole source of refractor
energy which has become a cornerstone of the
emerging civilizations. Originally, this was
the Diggers' only purpose; to find refractors so
that civilization would endure. However, over
the years, the story of an incredible treasure,
the legendary Mother Lode, began to be whispered
among the Diggers. The Mother Lode...
a treasure so great that were it discovered,
it would provide so much power that the world
need never fear of running out of energy.

In search of this Mother Lode, Diggers
travel from one island to another in their
flying machines ever hoping that they'll find
what they seek just over the horizon.
Who can say what truly motivates the Diggers?"


July 27: All righty. I've got the next page in the walkthrough posted. More walkthrough goodness to come soon. Oh yeah, I also updated Roll on the character's section.

July 24: Yeah, I'm a bum. I finished up the cheats section so that's a page I won't have to touch anymore. Other stuff will be done soon now that I've gotten some sleep.

July 4 (technically): I got the third page of the walkthrough done and some minor tweaking throughout the shrine. There you go guys, progress.

July 3: All right! More progress. I've obviously changed the main pic here to the title screen, though now I'm going to have to mention that Mega Man Legends and Mega Man 64 are virtually identical. Anyway, the characters section is nearly done, I just need nice shots of Roll and Data. Also the bosses section has been updated to reflect my progress on the game. I may do the next page in the walkthrough after I get home from work.

July 1: Well I'm on my way to making the shrine a better place to live. I've started several sections and I plan on finishing them all as I beat the game for the ump-teenth time. You can also check this updates page to see how my nervous breakdown is coming from trying to do everything at once. Come on, it'll be fun!

June 29: So far I've renovated the Buster Part, Gameshark Codes, Item List, and Special Weapons pages. I've also added a thanks page. I still need to re-do the Characters, Music, Pictures, Mini Games and redo the Walkthrough.

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