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The Holy Sword

Before heading to Galam, head north to
the river. You will see a nitch in it. Use the
Drystone to open a path to the Dwarven
Town. Get all of your mithril and enter.
There are a few things in here. White Ring
(give to Bowie and Quick Ring to Peter),
Healing Water, Demon Rod. Find
your way to the Dwarven Blacksmith.
He can make items out of all of your
mithril. It may take some trying, but
Make a Grand Shot for Janet and May,
a Rune Axe for Jaha, Giant Gloves for
Sarah, Karna, and Sheela, Mist Javelin
for Rick, a Gisarme for Slade, and a
Levanter for Bowie. That should take
up 9 pieces of Mithril. If you have an
emulator, savestates work good here.
Get those items and consider yourself
well equipped.
Head south to Galam. Grab the Evil
Shot in the Bushes and grab the Healing
Water from the treasury. Save up and
head out. The Scene will cut to Zeon
talking to Geshp. Geshp says that Zeon's
devils were stronger, but Bowie and the
Force were smarter. Zeon then gets mad
and tells Geshp to kill Bowie, or else he
will kill Geshp. Odd Eye then shows up
and says that if Geshp fails, that Odd Eye
will kill Bowie.
Exit the castle and you will meet for the
last time, Geshp. This battle is pretty
small, but after a while, Burst Rocks will
appear. Do not attack them or go near
them. That will set them off. Slade's
Gisarme makes this fight easier. If your
HP runs low, remember that the White
Ring of Bowie's can cast Aura 2 on
command. Don't worry about levels or
the other monsters. Go straight for Geshp
and attack him.
After you defeat Geshp, he loses his
powers. Astral lets him go. After Geshp
thanks Astral and runs away, Zeon "fires"
him to death for failing to kill Bowie. Head
west to Yeel. You will see Lemon trying
to kill himself there. Play the Piano in the
Bar and you will hear something open.
Go to the church where you are mistaken
for Devils. A man then comes out of the
Astral explains the situation to the Priest
and the man. He introduces himself as
Chaz, the son of Sir Hawel (Kazin's
Teacher). They go into the lower room
to talk things over. Astral mentions the
Holy Sword. Chaz looks through a few
books and finds out that someone stole
the most important part. Find the hidden
path below you and follow to some Evil
Knuckles. Talk to Chaz again and he
will join the Force.
Keep him in the Caravan. Grab the Quick
Chicken and use it on Bowie. Stock every
one up on Healing Drops (including
Caravaners). Head out. Talk to Lemon in
the hole. Exit and Lemon will come out
and ask if he can join. Get rid of Jaha.
Put in Lemon. Give Lemon Jaha's Rune
Axe and Quick Ring and sell the Dark
Sword. Now use the Brave Apples on
whoever, the Protect Milk on May, and
the Running Piment on Karna.
Head south and you will see a group of
devils devise a plan to kill Bowie... yeah,
right. This fight is pretty easy. Level
everybody up to 20 and aim for the Hydra.
Nothing to it. Once you kill it, head
southeast to the Holy Sword Shrine.
Enter it and go down the stairs. Make sure
Bowie has an empty slot. The Jewels will
pull Bowie to the place where the Holy
Sword ress. Do a manual search and you
will get the Force Sword.
Go around the mountain around the
Ancient Tower to a little spot to the east
of it. Go around the head and grab the
Evil Lance. Then use the Force Sword
to open the mouth for you to enter. Make
sure that you have all of your Healing
Waters and Healing Rains with you. When
you are ready, enter the head.


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