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Defeat the Devil

Enter the Devil's Head and come upon
the Maze. Go right up the stairs. Take
the 1st up, down the stairs and up all the
way. Go left up the stairs and go down
and follow. When you see 4 paths, go up
and follow. Go up the stairs and go down.
Take the left slide and go right to the
stairs. Go up to the top and take the top
slide. Go up the stairs and take the door.
You will see Odd Eye there (or Oddler).
He offers you to leave the jewel or die.
Bowie refuses and Odd Eye makes a floor
to fight on. Make your way to Odd Eye.
After a turn, parts of the floor will fall.
Don't bother with healing for Exp. Just
fight to Odd Eye. When you finally get
to him, surround him and hit him with
everything you've got. Defeat him to end
the battle.
After you defeat Odd Eye, he will talk
with the Force about the time they spent
together. He then says that he wants to
relive his life not as a devil. He then dies.
Astral says to continue and to remember
Oddler in their hearts. Continue into the
tower and up the stairs where you will
meet Creed. He has come to help and to
serve as a Priest. Save and revive, then
head out the door.
You will be greeted by a Reaper. He
then says that he will kill you (same ol'
story). This battle is annoying. There are
monsters hidden behind the columns, and
they surprise you before you get a chance
to attack. Make your way up the side of
the tower and attack the Reaper. Make
sure to kill the Blue Shaman and the
Demon Master before they can attack.
Kill the Reaper to continue. Save at
Creed's then enter the top of the tower.
Work your way into the middle room.
Inside you will see King Galam (bet you
forgot about him). Elis is to be a sacrifice
to Zeon. Since Zeon is not revived fully,
Galam will be there to attack. Unleash
everything here. But be careful that no
one dies, as there is no turning back now.
Galam uses Demon Breath, so watch out
for that. If King Galam draws near, ignore
the other monsters and unleash fury on
him. Kill Galam to end the battle.
As Bowie and Elis start to get a private
moment, Zeon appears. King Galam's
power is put into Zeon's, and Elis faints.
and devils surround the Force. You
have no choice but to fight. Zeon cannot
move, so don't go near him until you have
defeated the other devils. Make sure to
get the Healing Rain from the Blue
Shaman. When only Zeon is left, form a
rank. Put your weaker attackers in first,
then your stronger ones. One at a time.
Zeon can use Demon Breath as well.
Using Boost and the Power Ring helps
out a lot. Set the healers 3 spaces away
from the attacker and all should go well.
After Zeon is defeated, King Galam will
be back to normal... or so we think. Just
as Elis shows Galam his face, Zeon
possesses Galam. He says that he cannot
die, but can be weakened, which is all
Mitula asked. Zeon asks that Peter remove
the Jewel of Evil from Bowie. He does.
Peter gives Zeon the Jewel. Zeon then
puts a curse on Elis, which puts her to
a deep sleep. He then sets Lemon on
fire which can kill vampires. Astral and
Peter attack, but they are pushed away.
Bowie slaps away the jewel and is pushed
away as well. The Jewel of Light then
shines and revives Lemon. Galam puts
the fire on him again, but the Jewel keeps
reviving him. Lemon then grabs Zeon
and takes him to the other dimension with
As Astral, Peter, and Bowie examine Elis,
Mitula shows up. She says that her and
Volcanon have been watching. She says
that it was Volcanon that protected Lemon
from the fire. Volcanon said that he would
forsake the people of the ground to fool
the devils. She then takes the two jewels
and explains about Elis' curse. Mitula then
seals the Tower and the Force make their
2 years later, Elis' face turns pink. Head
to Astral's school and he will lead you
to the castle. They all decide the Bowie
is the one to kiss her to wake her up
(surprise, surprise). Watch a funny scene
with the Force. Go up to the top floor and
stand by Elis' bed. Answer yes and Bowie
will kiss Elis. That will end the game.
Watch the credits roll by and find out the
old witch's true form. Wait for a while
after it says "Fin" for...
The special battle! All the bosses you have
faced plus a Dark Smoke and 2 Prism
Flowers. This battle is basically just for
fun. If you look at the map, it will look like
Sonic the Hedgehog. This is also the place
where you met Claude. This battle can
be tough. Stay away from Zeon and use
items to Heal with. Defeat the monsters
in the order you faced them in. Also, get
rid of the Prism Flowers. When Zeon is
left, attack him like in the last battle.

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