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Return to Grans

From the Nazca, head a bit southwest
to Sheela's Dojo. There is a Brave Apple
in a vase inside. Go left and hug the trees
all the way up. When you see a lone
tree, search it for a Vigor Ball. Go a little
bit up and you will see Sheela doing some
skinny dipping. She then reconizes Astral.
Sheela was an old pupil of his. She said
that she came here to kill Red Baron for
killing her fiancÚ. Sheela then decides to
join the Force.
Get rid of Gyan and put in Sheela. Also,
promote Karna to a Master Monk with
the Vigor Ball and give her the Brass
Knuckles I told you to hang onto. Now
with 3 Master Monks, this could be an
easy finish to the game. Also, now give
Karna's Protect Ring to Sheela. Also
make sure to grab the Mithril here (last
piece!) Save and exit. Head northwest
and Geshp will be ready to attack.
This battle isn't too hard, but like the
Force, the Devils will be grouped together.
Take your time going down. Have Sarah
and Sheela cast Heal 1 to level up and
Karna cast Aura 1 for a quick level up.
Get everybody to 16-17 here. After a
while, Mud Men will appear. To end the
battle, kill the Bow Rider.
Head southwest along the coast to the
town of Roft. Don't bother upgrading
your equipment here, it is a waste of
money. Go up the stairs and into a house
where Petro lay in bed, dying. After he
dies, exit the house and Zynk will be filled
with anger towards the devils. Zynk then
joins. Zynk is a good fighter, but his MOV
is only 4. I usually leave him out.
Head south from Roft. Follow the bridges
that leads to the Cave. Get the Arm of
Golem ready and enter the cave. Take
the warp to the next section. Check out
the Golem in the middle. Give him the Arm
and he will have his power back. The
Golem, Claude, then joins the Force. Like
Zynk, his MOV is 4, so just keep him in
the Caravan. Step on the panel at the
bottom and follow up the stairs and out.
You are back in Paramecia! Now with
the tunnel open, you can go back and
forth as needed. Head to Creed's. His
house will be torn apart. Talk to Goliath
and he will say that Oddler regained his
memory and went berserk. Creed fell
into the sea to stop Oddler, and is
presumed dead. But now, you can take
the other 3 people you didn't take before.
By now, they are usless, but take them
Head back to the Elven Town. This may
be a good point in the game to try out
the Fairy Woods Battle Stage. To get
there, go to where you got the Vigor Ball
and go clockwise and when you see an
opening to the right, go there. The only
thing here is some experience and a
Healing Rain. To get the Healing Rain,
go as far up as you can to the Bubbling
Ooze and a Blue Shaman will appear.
Defeat it to get it.
While in Paramecia, find a battle and
have your 3 healers just use up their
magic to heal and gain a few levels that
way. Sarah should have all of her magic
by now, Karna should have Aura 2, and
Sheela should have Heal 3. Head back
to Grans and west from Roft. Go to the
clearing and Geshp will be waiting again.
This time he has his Prism Flowers ready.
The Prism Flowers are nothing to worry
about. They can't move and their attack
is weak. Though they attack everything
in a straight line, and I mean, everything.
This can work out to your advantage, as
they also attack their own memebers.
Level everybody to 17-18 here. Kill the
Prism Flowers ASAP because they are
annoying. Make your way to the bottom
and kill the Executioner to continue.
Geshp says that he will make you pay
for killing his Prism Flowers. Go outside
and he is waiting there with Red Baron.
He leaves and you fight again. Take your
time with this battle. Don't worry about
Levels, just as long as you are near 18.
Make sure to save up on MP here,
because you will need it. When you get
close to Red Baron, attack him with all
you have. Red Baron can use DeSoul with
his Sword. Defeat him to finish the battle.
Peter says that the Red Baron is crying.
Astral then reconizes the style of fighting.
They take off the mask and the Red Baron
turns out to be Lemon! Lemon tells about
his nightmare, but when Astral it wasn't
a dream, Lemon goes off to try to kill
himself. Astral then says that Lemon is
an Immortal Vampire, so he cannot die
very easily.


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