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The Nazca Ship

Head back to Pacalon and talk to the
King. He will thank you for saving Mitula.
Talk to Frayja and he will go with you to
Moun. Exit the castle and Geshp will wait
there for you. He wants Frayja to open
the gate to Moun for his devils to attack
Paramecia. As Frayja runs, Geshp stops
him from doing so. He then calls Cameela
to get the Key, but she won't do it. He
then summons his devils to attack.
I have always hated this battle. Don't
ask why, but I have. Another good spot
for experience. Get everybody to 12-13
here. The battle really isn't too tough.
Nothing surprising here. Ignore those
2 jabronies to the right of the starting
space and make your way down. Work
as a group and you should not have any
problem. Kill the Devil Soldier at the
bottom to end the battle.
Head north from Pacalon and you will
begin another battle. This battle is a bit
wierd. Around the middle of the battle,
a member of the devil army (named Jaro)
will get mad and defect to the Force.
In this battle, he will be computerized, for
now. Level everybody up to 13-14. By
now, Karna should learn Aura. Use it in
battle to gain about 20 Exp. Kill the Bow
Master to end the battle. Jaro will say
that he is from Galam and joins the Force.
Head northwest to Moun. Frayja will
open the gate and he will find out that
a lot of people have died. He then joins
the Force and replaces whoever is #12
on the list. Egress and put in the member
you had, as Frayja is useless. Also, give
Bowie the Quick Ring. Head back to
battle. Level up to 14-15. Karna should
level up pretty fast now with Aura. Slowly
make your way to the Shaman and kill him
to end the battle.
Astral will search for survivors. Under the
rock is where all of the survivors are.
The man who saved them is Zynk. He
is from the past and is a robot. Makes
no sense, but follow him. Grab the
Running Pimento (hang onto it). Talk to
Gyan on the right side of the hideout.
He is from Ribble. He then joins the
Force. Gyan is strong, very strong. I
usually take out Chester here, as Rick is
a stronger Paladin. Put in Gyan.
After taking Gyan, go back out and talk
to Zynk. He will go with you to Grans.
Buy an Iron Knuckles for Sarah and give
the Brass Knuckles to Karna. Before you
leave through the west gate, talk around
and people will talk about the Arm of
Golem. Search around town (it may take
a while), until you find it (it is usually not
in the same place). Once you have it,
exit through the west gate and head north
west to the bird-like image in the sand.
When you enter, Cameela will be there.
Geshp appears and they get into a fight.
He then leaves and you must battle
Cameela. Keep a steady rank in the
checkerboard formation and make your
way up and left. Have Karna and Sarah
heal to gain more Exp. Level everybody
to 15-16 here. Don't worry if you don't
kill everything. Just aim for Cameela. As
always, Kazin's summons will be your
best attack. Kill Cameela to end this.
Cameela, admititing defeat, gives Bowie
the Sky Orb. As Cameel tells about
Geshp's Prism Flowers, Geshp gets mad
and burns her to death. Zynk says that
the Prism Flowers are ancient flowers.
Enter the small hole in the eye of the bird.
Grab the Nazca Cannon from the chest
once you enter (give it to Janet). Put the
Sky Orb into the Cockpit and the ship
will begin to move.
The ship begins to fly and Astral finally tells
his age (as seen in the pic). The scene
will then cut to Zeon talking to Geshp.
Geshp says that he will shoot them down
over the cape, but he needs to borrow
Odd Eye. Zeon say to take Red Baron,
as Odd Eye is still damaged from the
battle vs. Volcanon. Geshp then leaves
and Odd Eye shows up and talks to Zeon.
(does Odd Eye look familiar?)
Geshp then gets the Prism Flowers ready.
They then fire at the Nazca, knocking it
down onto the cape. When Astral comes
to, he tells everybody to evacuate the
ship, as Geshp might be coming. Exit the
ship. You are now back on Grans Island.
Almost time to confront Zeon, that is if
you can get past Geshp, Red Baron, and
Odd Eye.


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