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Saving Goddess Mitula

Head North from Pacalon and you will
start another battle. Another good place
to gain some levels. Get up to Level 9-10
during this battle. Not too tough of a
battle. There is a lot ot space here, so take
your time. Remember to keep Karna and
Sarah healing to boost their levels quicker.
Be careful as the Wyverns can breath
fire at you. Defeat all of the monsters to
continue. Now use the Cheerful Bread
on Slade.
Head northeast to a bridge. You will
see a bunch of worms eating th bridge
and a girl stuck in the middle with a hurt
ankle. You then start a fight. If you are not
at Level 10 yet, get there during this
battle. The bridge is too narrow to try
to gain levels off from. Beware of the
MasterMonk. Strong attack, but it also
has Heal 4, which can completely restore
HP. Kill it quick. Kill the Wizard to end
the battle.
After the battle, Astral will take the girl
on his back and start for Tristan. But the
problem is, the girl turns into Cameela,
a leader of the Devil Army. She demands
the Jewel of Evil in exchange for Astral's
life. Astral then attacks her and she
retreats. She says to beware of Geshp
and Zalbard, 2 other Greater Devils.
She then jumps into the canyon. Astral
says that they are acting on their own and
ignoring Zeon. Continue to Tristan.
Again, upgrade your equipment in town.
Head up the stairs all the way and take
the top door to the Caverns. Grab the
Protect Milk and hang onto it for now.
Go down the stairs and up the middle.
A priest will be there blocking your
entrance to the shrine. Astral says that
they MUST see the storytellers. The
priest then turns into a devil and many
more appear.
Another battle will start (you have been
having a lot of these lately). This field
is pretty small. If you get to Level 11,
consider yourself lucky. I usually just try
to get through the battle. The battle isn't
really tough, but it is so small that every
time you turn around, a monster is there
to gang up on you. Kill the Dark Knight
to continue. Go to the door and Zalbard,
one of the greater devils will greet you.
He will talk about Odd Eye, another devil.
Stock up on Healing Drops before you
enter. Inside, Zalbard attacks. This
battle is pretty tough. Don't try to do any
leveling up, just give it your all. Your
target is of course Zalbard. He knows
Bolt 2, so beware of it. To make this
battle quicker, equip Chester and Rick
with a Javelin. Clear a path to Zalbard.
When you get to him, have Bowie, Peter,
Gerhalt, and Jaha attack near, Chester,
Janet, May, and Rick from afar, Slade and
Kazin attack. Karan and Sarah heal.
Another thing is to have Peter use the
Power Ring and Karna cast Boost 2. This
will ensure quick death. Kazin's Neptune
will be your best attack though. After you
defeat him (a few deaths are insured).
He drops the Ground Orb dies. Mitula
shows up and takes back the Orb. She
goes on to say that Zeon's power is in
the Jewel of Evil, but if he stays long
enough in Arc Valley, he will revive. She
says to find the Holy Sword in Grans.
She then disappears. Go left. Grab the
Critical Sword and revive Taya in the
room. She will say that Mitula has ordered
her to go with Bowie to fight for them.
Taya is a good Sorcerer, but Kazin is
better, so just keep Taya in the Caravan.
Grab the Power Water and use it on
Slade. Go back out and go to the right
room (grab the Mithril in the chest).
This is the Storytellers Room. Go
clockwise from the upper left one. They
will tell a story of the battle for the King
of Devils between Dark Sol (SitD), Dark
Dragon (SF1) and Zeon. Zeon wins and
is named the King of the Devils, but the
other 2 got mad and sealed Zeon's powers
in the Jewel of Evil. The God of Wisdom
then created the Jewel of Light, who
would choose a man to take the Holy
Sword. Well, read the rest of it for
Exit the shrine and start to exit Tristan.
If you saved Skreech like I told you to do
in Bedoe, he will show up, all grown up
and ready to fight. He joins the Force.
He is a lot like Luke. He can fly and fight.
But like Luke, his defense is low. Just
keep him in the Caravan and sell his
Great Sword.


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