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To North Paramecia

Head back to the Dwarf's Cave. Fairy
will heal the sick dwarf and the Dwarves
will repay her by giving Bowie a Cannon,
which can blow open the way to North
Paramecia. But the only thing is that you
need some explosives. Since you are
going to North Paramecia, stop into New
Granseal on the way there.
Head to the castle and meet with Astral
and the rest. Astral knows about Zeon
and Volcanon abandoning the ground.
Peter then explains that Elis is alive.
The King then says that they must defeat
Zeon. Astral decides to go with the Force
this time as an adviser. Exit and see the
man next to the weapon shop for some
Dynamite. Try to leave town and Elric's
girlfriend, Janet will show up and request
that she go with you.
Promote Janet to a Sniper and get rid of
Elric for her. Janet is stronger and faster
than Elric. Giver her Elric's Robin Arrow.
Head back to the North Cliff and another
battle will start. Level Janet up to 4 here
and just keep everybody at 6. Sarah and
Karn should heal every move to level up.
A Dark Bishop holds a Blizzard, which
is a handy battle item. Egress when needed
and kill all of the monsters to advance.
Head to the cave and Astral will tell
Rhode to blow up the blocked cave with
the Cannon. Rhode does so and then
decides to use the cannon as a weapon
during battle. He then joins as a Brass
Gunner. Just leave him in the Caravan,
as though he may be strong, he is slow
and his MOV is low. Give his Assult Shell
to Janet and enter the Cave.
Upon entering, a battle will engage. This
fight is just like the Dark Cave, but only
tougher. Since it is too dark in here to
actually see anything, just concentrate
on getting through the battle. Slowly make
your way through the cave to the Dark
Soldier. Kill it to end the battle. After
the battle, grab the Fairy Tear from the
chest and exit the cave and head to the
nearby town of Ketto.
A lot has closed down in Ketto because
of the Devils. Go to the empty weapon
shop and work your way around to the
north end of town to shop owner. He
will return to shop. Go back and upgrade
your equipment. Buy Kazin the Guardian
Staff. Though weaker, attacks are useless
to spell casters, and defense is important.
Also, find the Bright Honey and use it
on Sarah. To save, the Priest is to the
left of the church. Exit and head east.
You will see a Paladin trying to go to
South Paramecia to ask for help. But a
greater devil caught him. Higins (the
Paladin) is possessed and knocked out.
Astral then speaks up and you fight. This
is where you start to build the levels. This
might take some time, but build everybody
up to level 8-9 (28-29 for Karna). Your
target is the Lizardman (don't forget the
Black Ring carried by the Dark Bishop).
Kill the Lizardman to end the battle.
Astral will remove the devil that his
possessed in Higgins. Higins asks that
you go to Pacalon with him. He then
joins the Force. Don't bother with Higgins.
He is old, slow, and has a low defense.
Just leave him in the Caravan. Most of the
people you will meet from now on (with
2 acceptions) will probably remain in the
Caravan. Sell Higins' weapon for some
Head east around the lake and dried river
to the Centaur town of Pacalon. There
are 2 new weapons in Pacalon, a Great
Sword and Great Shot. Upgrade to that.
Head to the castle. Grab the Pegasus Wing
and the Mithril in here before talking to the
King. He asks to go to Tristan and save
Mitula. Talk to the man to his left. This is
Frayja. He talks about his sin of leaving
Moun to protect Paramecia. Leave the
castle and grab the Cheerful Bread in a
vase inside a house. Exit town.


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