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Creed's Mansion

Go back to the Harpy Pool area and Elric
will move a rock to open the passage
to Creed's. There are no monsters here,
but there are 4 chests. By the exiting stairs,
there is a hidden door below it. Go down
it and follow right to another hidden door.
Go through it to 3 chests (including a
Brave Apple, which should be saved for
now). In the middle of the door going right
is a hidden path leading down to a piece
of Mithril. Exit through the stairs.
A battle will begin once you step out.
Your target is the Skeleton that guards
Creed's Mansion. Do not kill him until
you take the Protect Ring from the Dark
Madam next to him (make sure the killer
has an empty slot). If you didn't get
everybody up to level 3 last time, do so
now. Make sure you get the Protect Ring
or else. Kill the back Skeleton to go on.
Grab the Mithril on the northeast side of
Devil's Tail and enter Creed's Mansion.
Grab the Healing Rain from the chest on
the left. Enter the mansion. Mr. Creed
will talk with Fairy and leave while his
servant stops you from entering. When
you have control again, try to go through
the left door and you will be shrunk and
a part of the "collection". Goliath takes
and places Bowie on the Desktop
Kingdom. Here you will find Eric and
Karna. Karna suggests that you see King
Talk to the King and he will tell you that
he will let you to the Floor World if you
can defeat his Chess Army. Before
stepping on the board, you can talk to
each of the pieces from outside. Remember
what each of them say, as it could help
you out in the battle. Save you progress
and step onto the lower part of the chess
This battle is probably the toughest you
will be in for a while. The focus, like in
a chess game, is the King. But, unlike
chess, there are 3 queens to worry about.
This is a place for good experience, but
I wouldn't worry about it, as this battle
is too tough. If the King is in your range,
unleash everything you've got on it. Your
best attack during this whole fight will be
Dao (or Apollo) from Kazin, as it does
some heavy damage. Kill the King to end.
For winning the game, you will recieve a
Cotton Balloon. Save and head to the
bottom where a guard stands on a pen.
He will let you go to the Floor World now.
Walk to the end of the pen and use the
Cotton Balloon. If you go left, you will
see a guy trying to pick up a huge ring.
Remember this, as it is the 1 and only
Running Ring. Here you will meet Randolf
and Tyrin. Head right and up into a huge
hole in the wall. You will then meet some
Battle time again. This battle is pretty small,
but worth the EXP. Get everybody up to
Level 4 here. The Bubbling Oozes and
Rats hit hard, but not as hard as the
Willard. Since none of them use magic,
do not be afraid to gang up on them and
defeat them. Pay attention to HP, as it
is sure to fall low in this battle. Kill the
Willard to end the battle. Exit the rats
nest through the stairs. Follow to exit.
You will then see Creed yelling at Goliath
for not locking the magic door. Goliath
leaves to find the Force, but Peter then
speaks up to Creed. He then turns them
back to original size. Peter will ask about
Zeon, then Fairy will come in and talk.
They then talk about what has happened
as of late. Creed then leaves to talk to the
Evil Spirit. Follow him.
You will then see Evil Spirit. Creed will
ask to find Zeon and see what he is doing.
After a failed try, Bowie shows him the
2 Jewels. Evil Spirit then talks about the
Devils from the sky. He still cannot see
Zeon, though Zeon is not completely
recovered. As Evil Spirit is about to tell
about Zeon's Power, Zeon channels to
them and says that if Bowie brings the
Jewel of evil to Arc Valley, that he will
return Elis. Evil Spirit then explodes.
Follow Creed out. Talk to Fairy at the
door and she will follow. You can now
pick 1 person to join. I usually take Karna
and wait to make her a Master Monk.
Tyrin knows some strong magic himself.
Randolf is strong, but slow. Don't even
bother with Eric. For the sake of the
walkthrough, I am taking Karna. Make
sure to grab the Running Ring from behind
the chair in the room to the left.
As you leave Creed's Mansion, Creed
will run out and say that Oddler must stay.
Oddler agrees and he says his goodbyes.
Go outside and enter the Caravan. Take
out Luke and put in Karna. DO NOT
PROMOTE Karan! There is another
Vigor Ball. Let her gain levels by healing.
in this game. Though you might want to
give her the Protect Ring and give Sarah
the Running Ring.


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