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Taros & The Caravan

Hop on the raft and follow south. When
you come to a path going south, the raft
will stop and a huge monster will appear.
The Kraken is tough. Try to stay away
from the 2 arms, as they are much
stronger. Peter should attack out alone,
while Luke and Kiwi hold together. Kiwi
is a big help as now he can walk on the
water. The Head can do some big damage
to the Force. Lure him to the raft and hit
him with everything you've got.
Once the Kraken is dead, go to Hassan.
Upgrade your equipment and promote
any new Force members. Remember that
Slade can no longer use Knives, but can
use Swords.Get the 2 Mithrils here and
the Running Pimento from the Bar (make
sure to immediatly use it on Gerhalt.)
Head to the south house and talk to Dr.
Rhode. Since you have the Achilles
Sword, Rhode will offer to join to help
get the Caravan in the Taros Shrine.
Head west into the desert and a battle
will begin. This is where you get everyone
up to Level 20 and promote them (except
for Kazin and Sarah). Make Jaha a Baron
when you promote him, as it adds 1 to
his MOV. Gerhalt will be a better fighter
with the Running Pimento. Don't even
bother to try to Level up Kiwi. Just have
him attack the Golems. Kill all of the
monsters to advance.
Head west to the shrine. Rhode says that
Taros is guarding the Caravan. Taros then
starts a battle. Keep in mind that only the
Achilles Sword can harm him, so only
Bowie can attack him. Do not worry about
levels. Just clear a path to Taros and with
Bowie at full HP, have him attack and to
heal when needed. Taros will not move,
but does have a Bolt spell with his sword.
Use the Power Ring on Bowie to raise
his attack.
Once you defeat Taros, Rhode takes the
Caravan. You can now store items into
it. To do so, walk on top of the Caravan
and press A or C. Store your Mithril,
grab the Healing Water in the chest and
head back to Hassan. Talk to the Centaur
at the entrance and Rick will join the
Force. Upgrade your equipment with the
man standing by the entrance (give Sarah
a Leather Glove to hold and Jaha a Broad
Enter the Hassan Desert and go up to the
dried river. Head west (visit the cave with
the the Sick Dwarf and get the Dry Stone).
Continue and look for the trees with a
shade of green. Enter the Elven Town.
Enter the house in the middle and go up
the stairs. Search a bookshelf for a Secret
Book. Enter the woods at the northwest
corner and find a Vigor Ball. Now it is
time to Promote Sarah to a Master Monk
and Kazin to a Sorcerer.
Equip Sarah with the Leather Glove.
Now that all is promoted, take this time
to use up the stat items. A Powerful Wine
to Gerhalt and Bowie (Power Ring to
Peter), Protect Milk to May, Bright Honey
to Sarah, Cheerful Bread to May, and
Quick Chicken to Slade (Quick Ring to
Jaha). Now that you are ready, head back
to where you got the Vigor Ball. Go right
and around and down to the Mithril. Keep
in mind that left of the mithril is a Fairy
Woods battle, but you are too weak.
Go outside and start heading west. A
battle will start. This one is not too tough.
Rick only needs 1 level to be promoted,
so work on that. The monsters are a bit
tougher, but tough enough to level
everybody up to 2. I usually put Kiwi
in the Caravan at this point, as he has
served his usefulness against the Kraken.
Keep Sarah casting Heal to level her
up quick. Kill all of the monsters to
Head west to that opening. Oddler will
hear somebody cry for help. An elven
boy is stuck in the pond, but as you go
to rescue him, Harpies show up. This
battle is quite short. Don't worry about
levels here, though try to level up to 3.
Kill the 2 Harpies above you them work
your way down. Kill all of the monsters
and the Elf, Elric, will join with his archer
abilities. Trake back to Hassan and
promote him to a Sniper. Buy a Robin's
Arrow for him.


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