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The Achilles Sword

Talk to the King Bedoe again. Agree to
what he has to say and he will tell you to
go see Creed, a former Greater Devil who
retired. He says to go ask the Mayor of
Polca to help by building a raft which
you need to get to to Devil's Tail. He then
tells Luke to leave to tell them. Go back to
the bottom (rescue Skreech if you haven't
already). Head back to Polca and watch
some Devils attack Luke. They ask for the
Boy. Gerhalt then appears and joins.
They knock out Luke and the battle
begins. This battle can be tough. Now
that you have control of Peter, I would
advise to level up to Level 15 at this
point. I even give him the Power Ring
so that he levels up quicker. Keep things
slow so that Gerhalt won't end up in back.
Kill the Master Mage to finish the battle.
Luke recovers and he tells Bowie to see
the Mayor. Talk to him a few times and
he will come to his senses. He says that
if he gave Oddler to the Devils, that they
would do nothing, so they sent Luke in
his place. Luke forgives him, if they build
a Raft for Bowie. They get the raft ready.
Try to exit town and the Mayor will return
and request that you take Oddler with
you. Either way, he will come with you.
Exit town and Luke will join the Force.
Track back to Bedoe and buy Luke a
Long Sword. Go back to the raft and
go down. You should be below Ribble.
Take the first path going right and follow
until you reach a chain of mountains like
the one in the pic. Go around to the
desert and begin a battle.
The desert is probably the hardest place to
fight in. Not many new monsters, just
Golems. Focus getting Bowie, Slade,
Peter, Gerhalt, and Kiwi up to Level 18.
Don't worry about the rest for now, just
get them to 16. It may take you a few tries
to do so, but believe me, in a couple of
fights, you will thank me for this. If Sarah
reaches level 20 by now, do not promote
her yet. I'll let you know when to promote
her. Kill all of the monsters to continue.
Enter the cave to the east and talk to the
old man. He says that his grandson, Petro,
stole the Sky Orb to get something to
work in Grans. Talk to him again and
he will say that there is a tunnel to Grans
on this island below Ribble. The old man
leaves with Bowie. Grab the Steel Sword
and give it to Luke, but do not sell the
Long Sword. Head back via raft to the
cave just below Ribble. The old man
will open the door, and a battle will start.
This is where you want to do most of
your leveling up. Get Bowie, Peter, Slade,
Kiwi, and Gerhalt to Level 20 here, and
the rest at least to 18. If Kazin and Sarah
get to 20, do not promote them just yet.
If Jaha gets to Level 20, use the Warrior's
Pride and make him a Baron. Golems
are worth little experience here, so have
the level 20 people attack them. The rest
are worth good experience. Kill all of the
monsters to advance.
After the battle, the Old man will say that
the tunnel to Grans is sealed. He then
leaves. There are 2 chest in this tunnel.
The one to the left contains a Power
Water. The one up top contains a
Wooden Panel. Make sure to get that.
Promote everyone who got it. Do not
use any of the Stat items yet. Wait till
you get to Hassan for that.
Head back to Ribble and place the
Wooden Panel into the hollow of the
tree (use A). Venture inside and grab
the Achilles Sword from the chest. Give
it to Bowie and his Long Sword to Slade.
Now you are ready for the task ahead.
Be warned, the next fight you encounter
will be difficult. With Kiwi as a Monster,
it makes this next battle easier.


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