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Volcanon's Abandonment

Head southeast from New Granseal and
you will soon enter another battle. This
is where you might want to use the
Checkboard strategy (put no 2 people
beside each other). The Vampire Bat
can cast Blaze 2, so make sure to keep
Kiwi away from it as well. Peter starts
at Level 9, and you cannot control him.
Level up to 12 and kill all of the monsters
to finish. Don't worry about Peter's level
just yet.
Head to Ribble. A man will think that
you are spies and will run to the Mayor.
Grab the Mithril in the Sandpit and go
see the Mayor. He will be rude to Bowie
until Peter steps in and tells them what
happened. They will then accept
Granseal as their ally. Buy Slade a
Dagger and check the entrance for a
female Centaur. She is May, and she
will join you. A good shooter if you have
her at high levels.
Exit and head south along the east side of
the river. Ignore the cave and follow the
river and you will see your next battle.
Nothing surprising about this battle. The
new monster is the Dark Dwarf, which
has a strong attack. The big thing here is
to have someone with an empty slot kill
the far Witch. This Witch carries a Power
Ring. If you do not get it, you can buy it
on special at a shop. Don't worry about
Levels and kill them all to continue.
If you got the Power Ring, equip it on
May. Head east to the river and follow
it up. Ignore the bridge on the way up.
Go up a scene and cross the bridge to the
left. Follow the mountain range all the
way to the Cavern of Darkness. Peter
says that you can go to Mt. Volcano
through this cave. But he says that it is
home to a Hobgoblin... which it is.
This battle is a little more difficult. You
have a limited sight here, which can make
this a real drag. The cave is pretty straight
forward, so no worries there. Get
everybody up to Level 13 here at least.
Take this level slow and kill the Hobgoblin
to continue. Don't forget to grab the Silver
Tank while you are in here. Exit the cave
and head to Polca Village.
Upgrade your equipment here, which
consists of a Long Sword and a Bronze
Rod. You will also meet Gerhalt in this
town, but he will not join yet. Head to
the north part of town and exit. The
volcano will erupt and a boy will come
out of the mountain. The mayor treats
him in his house. Check up on him and
then head to the mountain.
Start climbing and you will see some
monsters talking. They then see you as
Polcan kids, and attack. Whatever you
do, don't fight on the stairs. It will limit
how many people can fight that monster.
Don't worry about Levels here. Peter
will probably kill a lot of the enemies
anyways. Just be patient and finish the
battle by killing the Death Archer, who
will realize that who he is fighting is Bowie.
Head to Bedoe. Talk to the guards and
they will say that a Greater Devil has
attacked, but Volcanon has taken care
of it. Go inside. Go up the stairs and
update equipment again (Knife, Iron
Arrow, Steel Lance, and Middle Axe). Go
to the 3rd floor and look in the vase for
a Quick Ring (give it to Jaha). Go up the
stairs and talk with King Bedoe and Luke.
The will talk about Zeon, the King of the
Devils. Go up the stairs.
Go into the temple and talk to Volcanon.
He introduces Bowie and tells that he is
from Granseal. Volcanon gets mad
because he blames all of Grans people for
the unsealing of Zeon. Peter tries to
reason with him, but Volcanon said that
his protection to the people on the ground
is over, and that Bowie must fight the
Greater Devils on his own and to reseal
the Devil. He gives some last advice and
then Peter joins the Force officially.
Go back down to the bottom floor. Go
to the spot where Bowie is in the pic.
You will see a scene where a mother
bird and her baby are playing. The baby
falls down and lands on Bowie's head,
thus saving its life. The name of the baby
is Skreech. Remember it. It might help
you out later in the game.


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