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Destruction/Rebuilding of Granseal

Save and Exit Galam. You will be stopped
by some Galam Soldiers. Slade tries the
same tactic Sarah used to get into the
castle, but it doesn't work. A battle
begins. Don't worry about leveling up too
much. Just get Slade up to level 9. To do
this, let Slade have the kills. You can
still have Sarah heal, just long enough for
her to learn Blast. Kill all of the monsters
to advance.
Enter Granseal and you will see that
Galam has already left its mark. Enter
the house on the far east side and you
will see a baby turtle. Offer to name him
(defult is Kiwi) and Kiwi will join the
Force. HP is low as low can get, but
if you decide to level him up, he can
become valuable. Enter the castle.
Go inside and you will see an argument
between Astral and Lemon. Astral tells
Lemon that Galam is possessed by a
devil. Princess Elis then screams from
a distance, and Lemon and Astral decide
to go into the Ancient Tower. Follow them
and the King and the Minister will follow.
Go and you will see Lemon nearly dead.
Go inside and follow down the stairs.
You will now see a fight between Astral
and King Galam (notice the change of
face). They will both knock each other
down. Astral tells Elin to run away, but
a Galam Mage stops her, and thus a
fight. Not too tough. Try to get everyone
up to level 10 (even Kiwi). Egress when
needed. Watch out for the Dark Smoke,
as its attack is high. Kill all of the monsters
to end the battle.
King Galam wakes up and takes Elis
hostage. He opens up the gate to the
Evil World. Just as he is about to escape,
the Minister and Astral throw Bowie up
there to try to stop him. Bowie hangs
on to Galam by the Jewel of Evil. Bowie's
Jewel then flares and the Jewel of Evil
fuses to Bowie's Neck and fuse together.
Galam goes into the Evil World, but wants
his jewel back.
Just then, an Earthquake occurs. Escape
the tower and the castle. Outside, 2
soldiers tell them to head for the Ship.
They then fall into a chasm that appears.
Head east (don't forget the Mithril, as it
is your only chance to get this piece).
Head through Astral's school to the
harbor. Enter the boat and before taking
off, search the barrels to the right for a
Quick Chicken. Talk to the old man to
ship out.
You make it out just in time to escape the
Large Chasm that swallows Granseal
whole. They decide to sail to Paramecia
and build a new home their. They crash
land on the shores and start to tear the
ship appart for Lumber. Take the piece
of plank up to the deck. Just then,
someone runs in and says that a friend of
his had not returned from the North Cliff.
The captain then sends Bowie up to the
North Cliff.
The man's friend is laying down and a
whole new group of monsters appear,
starting a battle. There are a whole new
breed of monsters here. Each of them
are much stronger than before. Level up
to 11 here. Keep Kiwi away from the
out. Kill all of the monsters to finish
the battle. Rescue the man and you will
head back to the newly built New
One year passes. Astral tells the soldiers
that they are missing trade. Head to the
training room (back right). Grab the
Warrior's Pride from the shield in back.
Grab the Cheerful Bread from the barrel
and exit the Castle. See what all the
commotion is about with a rare animal.
The minister comes out to stop this.
He takes the bird to the castle. Follow
Astral will start to talk to the bird. It
happens to be a Phoenix. His name is
Peter. They talk about Volcanon a bit.
Astral decides to have Peter join the
Force and go to Mt. Volcano. You can't
control Peter yet, but Peter is the best
member of the Force you will ever get.
The Minister gives Bowie 100 Gold.
Upgrade your equipment here, as you
will need it.


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