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Galam Attacks

Once you exit Granseal, a battle will
begin outside. Try to Level everybody
up to 5. Remember the trick to use to
Get Sarah's level really high. Just have
her cast Heal alot and she will get her
level up there. The battle isn't too tough.
Chester can now attack from 2 squares
out with a Short Spear. Egress and
keep going until you reach Level 5. The
battle ends when all the monsters are
Before going into town, go south and
into the Force Sword Cave (make sure
to get the Mithril before entering). Go
in and down the stairs. Grab the Power
Water from the chest (don't use it just
yet, wait for a promotion). Head out
and go to Yeel. Not much here. Meet
Kazin at the end of town and he will
escourt you to his master.
As you step onto the field, you will start
another battle. The only difference is the
Huge Bat, which can hit hard. Level
everybody up to 7 at this fight (shouldn't
be too tough). Remember to keep Sarah
healing. The battle ends when all monsters
are dead. After the battle, head up to
Hawel's house.
Kazin will escort you in. Inside, you will
see 2 Galam Soldiers killing Hawel. After
Kazin chases them away, Hawel uses his
last breath to tell the Force about Ground
Seal. Bowie then tells Kazin that someone
has already opened the seal. He then
mentions that the tower holds a terrible
devil. He then tells about the 2 jewels.
Hawel then dies and Kazin joins the party.
Check the 2 chests and exit the house.
When you exit the house, you will run
into some Galam Soldiers and a Red
Baron. He will tell his archer to capture
them alive. The battles here get harder.
Level everybody up to level 8 here. It
might take a while for Kazin to get that
high, but have him use Blaze and he should
do alright. Egress when needed, and kill
all of the monsters to end the battle.
After the battle, the Red Baron will knock
out Bowie and take him to the Galam
Prison. He wakes up to a conversation
about the 2 jewels and Ground Seal.
Just then, a ratman (the one who stole
the jewels if you saw the opening) wakes
up and starts to tell them what happened.
As they try to escape, the rat opens the
door for them. He is the great thief, Slade.
Sarah then realizes that it was Slade who
stole the jewels and starts to blame him.
Try to exit the jail and Slade will tell you
to follow him. He opens a hole in the floor
and asks if he can come along. Go down
the hole (don't forget to get the Mithril).
Follow out and up the stairs. Save your
game at the priest and go left. You will
soon see a scene where King Galam is
leading the charge against Granseal with
the Red Baron, Lemon, commanding the
troops. Follow and you will see a scene
where a Galam Knight has a jewel.
A battle begins. There are now 2 new
things to worry about. Galam Knights
(there is only 1), and Galam Mages.
Galam Mages can cast Blaze 1, so try to
kill them quick. Take this time to level up
to 9. Egress when needed and kill the
Galam Knight to end the battle.
After you defeat the Galam Knight, Slade
will take back the Jewel of Light. He
asks for the other but King Galam has it.
Slade gives the Jewel to Bowie, and it
magically fuses to his neck. Slade then
joins the Force. Though weak at first,
Slade is quite good as a Ninja, so hang
in there. Get Chester a Bronze Lance
(but keep the throwing weapon), Kazin
and Sarah a Short Rod, and grab the 2
chests in the back of the item shop.


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