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Attack of the Gizmo

You start off in your house. For the sake
of the walkthrough, I am calling the hero
Bowie (its defult name). Go down the
stairs and talk to Bowie's mother. She
advises you to go to school.
Head out of the house and right. Go up
the stairs and into the building. You will
meet Sarah and Chester there. Go down
the stairs and talk to Astral. Look in the
vase downstairs for a Medical Herb.
When you go back upstairs, Astral will
ask you what you thought of the storm.
Have a seat beside Chester and soon
a guard will come in and asks Astral to
come into the castle. He leaves and Sarah
recommends that they follow him. Agree
with her and she and Chester will join.
Head up to the castle and Sarah will
devise a plan to get into the castle. Once
in, go through the door to the left to get
3 chests containing a Medical Herb,
Angel Wing, and Antidote. Enter though
the main entrance and take the stairs to
the left. Enter the room and take the stairs
to the right.
You will see Astral examening the King.
He then notices that his students are there.
Astral talks to the minster again and he
says that the door to the ancient tower is
open. He says that he called you to help
investigate (liar). Follow him down the
stairs and talk to him. Go up the stairs
to the left and follow to the ancient tower
(don't forget to grab the Mithril). Enter
the tower.
Astral will search around and an evil
Gizmo will soon appear. The Gizmo can
possess people. It then splits into 6 parts
and attacks. Get ready for your first
This battle is pretty easy. I recommend
though using Egress a few times so that
you build up to Level 3. A good way to
level up Sarah is to cast Heal, even if no
one needs it. It can give her up to 20
Exp a pop. Keep up the HP and keep
attacking. When 1 is left, cast Egress and
go back and fight again. Go until everyone
is up to Level 3. The battle ends when
all 6 are killed.
Once the battle is over, the Gizmo runs
away to the Castle. Follow it. Go to
where you met Astral in the castle and
go upstairs from there. You will then
see a scene where Astral casts a spell
to remove the Gizmo from the King. The
Gizmo leaves the body and runs away.
Astral then faints due to the spell he
The Minister calls upon Soldiers of
Granseal to find and defeat the Gizmo
before it possesses again. They leave
and the Minister talks to the Force and
then the King comes down and tells them
that Astral awoke and has a bad feeling
about the opening of the tower. He then
mentions that a historian named Hawel
who lives in Yeel studies the tower. He
sends the Force to go find him.
Start to exit town and you will run into
another friend, Jaha. He joins the Force.
Enter the weapon shop and upgrade
the Force's equipment. Save at the
church and when ready, exit the town.


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