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Last Minute Stuff & Mountainous Area

Head to Mercator and talk to Arthur in the Throne
Room. He talks a bit and gives Nigel a Casino
Ticket. This is just something to make money on,
but the Casino is in the Well by the Castle. Inside
you can play Roulette, Chicken Race, or Chicken
Toss. Also note that the monsters in the jail are gone
and inside are Kayla, her 2 goons, and Pockets.
The only ones in the race for the treasure are Nigel
and the Duke.
Head to Massan and cut down the trees there. This
part is pretty confusing. Jump down the hole and
go around to the ladder. Go up and at the top,
press the button and jump down the hole again. Go
to the ladder and you will notice that the block is
down. Press the button on that side and climb the
ladder again. Go down the hole and try to land
on land before going down to the bottom. Go up
the stairs and press the button. Fall down the hole
and press the button. Go back up, fall back down,
and press the last button on the ledge.
Walk through the door and kill the Blue Lizardmen.
Continue on and down the stairs for 2 treasures,
and the Fire-Proof Boots. These will surely come
in handy. Grab what is left and exit. The Fire-Proof
Boots may not seem like much now compared to
the Healing Boots, but they will come in handy
Head to the entrance of Greenmaze. Cut down the
2 Sacred Trees there and go into the Mountainous
Area. The Area is pretty straight forward. After
a while, you will come to the last big tree. This will
warp Nigel to the tree between Mercator, Mir's
Tower, and Verla. This place is pretty confusing
and frustrating. Make your way to the area left-up
from there. Go as far to the left edge as you can get
(fall down the edge far up and climb stairs). Exit.
If you followed the instructions, you should be at a
Lifestock over a cave. Enter the cave and go behind
the first wall to find the hidden path to the Moon
Stone. Head all the way right-down past the
Goddess Statue. Go down until you reach the
2nd pathway on the left from the bottom. Now
from the area with the big tree, head to the far side
and the 2nd path from the bottom. Make your way
to the upper-right side and walk up the ramp and
You will now be on the huge bridge at the top. In
the middle, Zak will appear and challenge Nigel to
a fight, but Friday gets in the way and challenges
Zak to fight fair and on the ground. Zak says to go
to the plain ground just north of here. Continue
in the direction you WERE going in. Take either
path and climb the hill to the top. Meet Zak there.
Use a Golden Statue to give yourself the upper hand
and make quick work of Zak. He will keep flying
and divebombing Nigel. Avoid this and slash away
at a distance with the Sword of Ice.
After a while, Zak will just give up and give Nigel
Gola's Eye. Use it at this statue at the bottom in the
same area as the bridge. The statue will move back
and reveal a plate. Step on it and you will warp to
King Nole's Cave (remember, the first level?) This
time in the cave, there are Monsters. Kill the Grim
Reapers to open the door. Continue along the same
path you took at the beginning. When you get to the
boulder part, the door there will be unlocked and
the boulder will act as a bridge to a Lifestock. Enter
the door.
Kill the Lizardmen and take the door to the
right-down. You will now be at the river. Kill the
Golems and Silver Golems. Go on and kill the 4
Golems to open the 2 doors. Take the left one and
it will lead you to the Duke! He has Lara with her.
He threatens to kill her if she does not sing the song
that will lead him to the treasures. She refuses, and
the Duke makes another threat, one with a frog
down her dress. That makes her sing. The Duke
warps to the treasures, Lara and Friday get into a
fight, and step on the plate to warp to the Duke.
You will arrive in a strange area. This is the town
that the dwarves live in that helped build King Nole's
Palace. The town is called Kazalt. There is an Inn,
a Shop, and a Church here. Do what you have to
do. Stock up on supplies and head to the bottom
and into King Nole's Labyrinth.