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Greenmaze & the Witch's Hut

Once you are ready, head here. Enter and follow
out to Greenmaze. Go around and soon you will see
the Keeper. Get some tips from him and check out
the big tree. Head up-left from the Keeper, through
the gap. When you reach the end, take the path on
the furthest right. Go around and enter the cave. Go
down the stairs and go left-up. Climb the stairs and
Continue a bit and you will find a wounded dog.
Friday will ask for an Ekeeke. Give one to her and
she will revive the dog. The dog then calls for
Nigel and Friday to follow him. Follow him and you
will arrive at their home. The Cutter knows their
names because his dog told him. The Cutter gives
Nigel the Einstein Whistle, which will allow Nigel to
talk to dogs. Head back to the entrance of this
scene and start climbing and jumping. Follow to the
cave and take the warp. Climb the ladder and the
vine at the end and exit.
Kill the Red Orcs. Climb the ledge with the platform
and jump to the other side. Go to the next area and
jump down and follow behind the trees to the next
area. Climb the vine and go down to the cave by
taking the lift. Enter and go down the stairs. Grab
the Dahl and Life Stock before going too far down.
Climb up the other set of stairs and exit. Jump on
the rotating block and then onto the lift. Go around
and down the vine. Continue and you will see Kayla
and her 2 goons.
Jump the gap and you should be in the center of
Greenmaze. It says so right on the sign. Climb up
the mountain and fall in the hole. Press the button and
enter the door closest to you. Take the warp. You
should be by a waterfall now. Go behind it and
up the stairs outside. Kill the Red Orcs and go until
you see the first pathway off. Take it.
Make your way up and jump the gap. A Gnome will
appear and push Nigel off the edge. Go up-left and
exit. Make your way left and now you are
backtracked back 2 places. Jump down to the
bottom part and make your way around the trees
into the area with the lifts and rotating platforms.
Go back to the center of Greenmaze. Make your
way back and the Gnome will tell you a secret about
the vine (there is one right to your down-right). Go
down it and jump to the other side and exit.
Follow past the cave and Friday will see the Sun
Stone. The only thing is that the trees are in the way.
Use Einstein's Whistle to summon the Cutter, who
will cut down the trees. Grab the Sun Stone and
exit via Tree Warp. This will take you back to the
Keeper. If you did not see the big tree, then you
have to make your way back. Go back to Mercator
and exit. Head back to Ryuma, but before you turn
the corner, go up-right and make your way to the
top (use the pot on the platform on the 2nd part).
Talk to the dog in the house (something about a bell).
Go back to Ryuma and up the Lighthouse. The
Keeper will take the stone and restore the lighthouse.
Grab the Life Stock and head to Massan (this next
step is optional, but recommended). Talk to the dog
there. Her name is Bell. She explains why she is a
dog, though she is a girl. It is because of the witch,
Helga (the one with the dog that talks about Bell).
The curse will remain until Helga dies. Return to
that house on top of the hill. Enter and Helga will
turn Nigel into a dog and then retreat into the
basement. Follow her.
Go through the door and fall down each hole. There
is only one way you can go. Follow until you reach
where the picture is. This level has a lot of puzzles
to solve. Push the first button and keep pushing
each one. One will soon appear beside the main
button. Press it and hear the bell. Go back up to the
top and the block will be down. Follow the next
part and you will be in a room with Light Switches
and fast moving boulders. Press one, and ride over
to the other one via boulder. Press it, and ride again.
Continue and when all are pressed, head back up.
Take the next road past the block and follow to the
bottom. Press one button, head over to the platform
and jump over to the next button. Do this until the
end and go back to the top and take the next path.
At the end is a place with falling platforms. Take the
inside track and jump from platform to platform
until you reach the button. Jump on it and head back
to the top.
The last block is down. Go down to the bottom and
into the room. Helga will be there. She says that
she will kill you as soon as she presses the button,
but she cannot remember which button. She presses
the wrong one and his killed by a huge spiked ball.
Nigel, Marty, and Bell are now returned back into
human form. Grab the Lifestock and head back up.
In the room before you take the last stairs, there is
the Saturn Stone. Move the box nearby to jump to
get it. Now to go after the Duke. Head back to
Head to the Harbor and talk to the man by the port.
He will let Nigel ride for free because of what he
did to the Lighthouse. Once you are ready, get on
board. The ship will sail, the overworld music will
change, and they will drop Nigel off by the town of

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