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Mercator & the Crypt

From the crossroads, head towards Mercator.
At the bend, go up-left and continue until you reach
Mercator. You can get in with the Safety Pass. The
guard will ask for a fee of 200 Gold though. You
can pay it or not, but the info he gives for paying is
just about Greenpea's, which can make Nigel a
rich man. Check out one of Tibor's Trees next to the
castle and then enter.
There is a lot in this town, and half of it is very
unimportant. Although Greenpea's is very helpful.
If you feel lucky, and are good enough, go to
Greenpea's and make up to 400 Gold at a time. If
you make 1600 Gold from him, he will get mad and
not stop Nigel from playing it anymore. Make around
480 Gold. Go to the Discount Shop and buy the
Steel Breast, which offers more protection than the
Leather Breast. Also, if you have a chance, purchace
the Bell. The Bell will ring when there is a Life Stock
in the scene.
Talk to the castle guards and they will not let Nigel
inside unless he has been invited by the Duke. Head
back to the entrance area and talk to this boy in the
pic staring into the window. Then talk to the girl right
beside the building. Go inside and talk to the man
with the eyepatch. He will not let you into Madam
Yard's and asks Nigel to leave. Exit and follow the
moat to the lower right part to the outside castle.
Meet a little girl there. Talk to here and you will see
2 men exit the castle, the one in red saying that he is
going to Madam Yard's.
Head back to Madam Yard's. The clerk will get
mad again. Talk to one of the women and she will
say to go to the Fortune Teller. Go there and she
will change you to look older. You will now look
exactly like Pockets?! Anyways, enter Madam
Yard's. Talk to the Clerk and he will give Nigel
a 1 day free membership. One of the women takes
him upstairs, where Friday gets mad and changes
Nigel back to himself. The woman then says that this
is a Ballet Studio. Friday then appologizes. Exit the
Once you get out, the knight in red comes out and
pulls Nigel to his room. He challenges Nigel to a
duel. Press any button to swing the sword. It will
hit Arther and he will give up. He says that he will
invite Nigel to the castle to keep the secret safe.
He says that the Duke has been looking for good
mercanaries. Head to the castle. When you enter,
go left-up to the next scene. Go near the wall and
jump on the tree and Friday will say that she sees
something falling. It is a Blue Ribbon. Nigel will grab
Go back and enter the castle. The butler will take
Nigel to mee with the Duke. 2 other men are there,
Dexter and Zak. He talks of a banquet tonight and
will tell them of their assignment. He then leaves.
Exit and a maid will escourt Nigel to his room. The
castle is really not worth exploring, though there is
a Life Stock in the kitchen. Go to the entrance hall
and go down-right. Climb the stairs and talk to
Arthur. Go to the kitch and talk to the woman at the
door. She says that the party is ready and to go to
the banquet room.
Go to the banquet room. Nigel will be seated and the
Duke will talk about an evil magician. He talks about
him a bit and then says that they are to put a stop
to him. Just then, Mr. Ludwig comes in and plays
the Piano (a nice tune might I add). When he is done,
he asks questions, which gets the Duke mad and
throws him out. The Duke then leaves. Go and talk
to Arthur again. He will say that in order to enter
Mir's Tower, you have to get the Armlet from the
cript beside the church. Go back to your room and
sleep for the night. Friday will talk a bit then quiet up.
Save at the church and head to the house beside
it. Go down the stairs and into the crypt. Enter the
first door you see and read the riddle. The
cryptmaster will come out and explain what Nigel
has to do. He must solve 8 riddles correctly. When
a riddle is solved, the torch will go out. This part at
first took me a long time to complete, but it really
isn't that hard to figure out. This next part will tell you
the answers to all 8 riddles.
#1 Betsy Ross: Kill Bubbles, White, Red, Yellow
#2 Ruby Silent: Just stand and wait a while
#3 Jack Skywalker: Jump up stairs at lower right and
walk right until hear sound.
#4 Maria Hysterica: Kill the monster with a boulder.
#5 Jim Bright: Move button beside torch and press.
#6 Larson E: Just stand and wait a while
#7 Dirk the Dark: Kill dark Skeleton
#8 Whodini: Move box to grave. Jump on grave and
walk forward into wall.
After completing all 8, head to the raft. The mummy
then says that there are more riddles on the other
side. Enter the room 'Dead and End'. Dexter is there
and is killed by a fireball. Read the riddle and then
try to navigate the fireball to the doorway to open it.
Inside is a Mummy. You cannot hurt it physically.
If you attack to the right side of the Mummy, you
can attack its spirit. Keep attacking it quickly and it
will die and will leave the Armlet behind. Go out
and take the raft back to town. Now you are ready
to go to Mir's Tower.
But before you head to Mir's Tower, find the shop
that went out of business. Talk to the man and he
will ask Nigel if he should open a drugstore, or a
variety store. Tell him to open a drugstore. The
variety store sells lots of useless crap, while the
drugstore sells items that can really help you in the
game. He gives Nigel a Buyer's Card. Go to the
Harbor and to the warehouse. Pick up the items and
take them to the counter. When all are gone, go to
the newly opened Drug Store. Buy what you need.

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