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Thieve's Hideout & Tibor

When you come to the crossroads by the beach
(make sure to check both huge trees), go south to
Ryuma. The monsters are going to get stronger here,
so make sure you have your Magic Sword ready.
Head south and continue until you reach town.
In Ryuma, there is nothing much. Talk around and
you will hear about the Thieves. Find the Mayor's
house and to the left of it is a small passage. Go
down it and talk to the man who jumps. He says that
the Mayor has been killed. Enter the Mayor's house.
Talk to the men and they will ask Nigel to check
out the Thieve's Hideout. Head down the side and
to the port. As you are about the get on the raft,
Kayla, Wally, and Ink (the 3 goons from the
beginning), will show up and try to take Friday
away, but they drift away. Get on the raft.
Once in, start going up. Climb the ladder at top.
Continue and read the sign. If you want an Ekeeke,
take the upper route. Though the lower one is safer.
Go through the door, and through the next one. Kill
the Blue Bubbles to move on, then kill the Orcs to
move on. Cross the bridge, and move on up to the
next room. Kill the Orcs in the hallway and continue.
This room is a tough one. Small boulders come down
the stairs. 2 at a time, one after the other. You have
to go from one side to the other and back in order
to get to the top. On the top, there are 2 Ekeekes.
Use them if you need it. Keep going and you will
be in a similar room, only with spiked balls that go
towards and away from the wall. Time it right and
make your way up the stairs. Go down the hallway
and into the room with the Godess Statue. Heal
yourself on the healing plate and jump onto the
Statue in order to dam up the water.
Head back down to the first floor. The chest contains
an Ekeeke. Go through the door and down the
hallway. At the end, you will fight a Knight. These
are pretty strong. And they can defend themselves
from Nigel's Sword. Just keep slashing at him and
avoid his attacks and it will die, opening the doors.
On the other side is a Key and a Lifestock. Pockets
(you might have met him, and you will meet him
again) is there as well. Get out and head back up to
the 3rd floor.
You should be here. Go through and follow to the
locked door. Unlock it and continue. Climb the
stairs. The door right beside the one you are in
right now is optional, and just leads to an Ekeeke
and a Statue of Gaia. You want to take the east path.
You will be in a huge room with a bunch of moving
platforms. This can get tough, as they also ascend
and descend. Go to the next room. The yellowish
platforms will fall, so when you jump on them, be
quick. Make your way to the next room and kill
the monster. Take the east path.
Kill the Knight and the floor within the white line
will be removed. Fall down the hole and grab the
Ekeeke and Key. Go back out. Hope from one ride
to the next and ride the elevating platform up. Take
the north pathway. Watch for the boulders. Move
around them and make your way to the door.
Unlock the door at the end and slash the silver statue
in the next room to open the door. Grab the treasure
and climb up the vine. At the top is a Silver Knight.
Kill it the same way and the door will open.
Inside is the Mayor. He asks Nigel to visit him when
he gets done. The Mayor and the rest then run off.
Check all of the treasures. When you find the
Lithograph, Friday and Nigel will take a look at it.
It is a picture of Gola's body. If you look at it closely,
Gola's body looks like the Island of Mercator. The
5 jewels on the Lithograph tell where each jewel is
located. Just then, Kayla and her goons come in and
grab Friday. She commands Nigel to give her the
Lithograph and she will release Friday. Nigel has no
choice but to give it to her. Head back out to town.
Talk to the Mayor. He will give Nigel a Safety Pass
and 100 Gold for saving him. The Safety Pass will
allow Nigel to enter Mercator. Rest if needed, and
save. Now head back to the crossroads near the
beach. Head over to the huge tree (the bigger of the
The tree will finally open its mouth. It asks Nigel
to help him. Monsters are inside and are eating
away at him. The part is optional, but doesn't take
too long to do. Go in and kill the Ghost Creator first
thing. Take the lift up. Kill the Ghosts and climb the
stairs. Kill the Ghosts again and climb the nearby
stairs, and then the one after it. Go under the block
and hop on the lift. Press the button and go back
down. Go back down the 2 stairs and into the 2nd
Ghost room. Go around and take the lift down kill
the ghosts, up the stairs, and go around to the stairs.
You should now be here. Kill the Ghost Creator
and grab the 2 treasures. Climb the stairs. Go around
and kill the Ghosts. Once you are ready, press the
button and hurry to the other side before the block
comes back up. Climb the stairs. Jump across,
avoiding the spike balls. Make your way to the
lift, making sure to press the button on the way.
Keep going, and kill the Ghost Creator along the
way. Climb the stairs and jump down to the arena,
where a Gold Knight awaits. Kill it. Tibor thanks
Nigel and tells him about his Children. Listen. Exit.

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