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Jypta Ruins & the Waterfall Shrine

Landstalker, one of the most advanced graphical
games in the early 90's. The controls were confusing
to learn, but once you learned them, Landstalker
would become one of the funnest, toughest, and best
RPG's anyone would play. Note the introduction
as Nigel steals the Statue of Jypta. This is what the
game is like, and you are in for a LONG ride if you
play this game. Strap in and enjoy the walkthrough
After Nigel shows you some of his moves while
stealing the Statue of Jypta, he takes it to an old
man who pays 2000 Gold for it. Nigel is then
visited by a wood nymph named Friday. You will
get to know her better later. She explains her
situation and Nigel agrees to go with her, to find
the treasures of King Nole. After losing the enemy
to the chase, Friday finds Nigel a huge bird to take
him to the Island of Mercator, where the treasures
are located.
You land near the entrance to the cave of King Nole.
Havine spent all his earnings, Nigel is a bit upset.
You then take control of Nigel. Take this time to
try to get used to the controls, as it is quite difficult
to learn. When you are ready, head into the cave.
There are no monsters in the cave, so take your time
and explore everything. When you get to a ledge you
cannot reach, pick up the box and move it over to
the side. Jump on it and continue.
When you get to here, the orange button you press
when you step on it will release a giant boulder. Did
someone call for Harison Ford? Run from the
boulder until you reach the end. Try to jump over
and you will miss. You have no choice but to jump.
You will land on a raft that will carry you down the
stream and over the waterfall at the end, where a
furry, bear-like girl finds Nigel out cold. She runs
to tell her grandfather. Nigel awakens in a nearby
village. Friday gets Nigel up and tells him that they
must continue their hunt.
In town there are 2 Ekeekes and 3 Lifestocks to be
found. People say that Nigel should see the sage at
the Waterfall Shrine. Head outside of town and a
Massan Soldier will say that the People of Gumi
smashed the bridge. Keep going. Make sure to enter
the big tree past the first bridge (just enter then exit).
Go to the next scene and go up the hill when you get
to the broken bridge. Do not enter the cave, but
keep going. You will eventually reach an entrance
that is marked by 2 pillars. Enter it.
Go down the first hall and into the next room. Fight
the Gray Bubbles (pretty easy), and climb the stairs.
Jump across the hole and to the chest to where the
Key is. Go back down and into the next room. Here,
you must jump on the moving platform to the other
side of the pit. If you fall, just climb back up the
stairs. On the other side, kill the bubbles and go
down the stairs and unlock the door (use the Key
under the inventory menu). Go down the left side
and press the button. Go back to the room with the
large pit, and press the button there.
Go down the stairs it reveals and follow the path
up another stairs. Once you get there, you are
attacked by Orcs. Stand at where the gate is and
let them come to you. Slash the daylights out of them
and the door will open. Go in and talk to Prospero.
He tells what little he knows about King Nole's
Treasures. He says to stop by later and he might
know more. Exit the Waterfall Shrine.
As you go back to Massan, you will notice that the
Bridge is fixed. But it is blocked for now. Head back
to Massan and the Mayor will come running out,
telling the once the bridge was fixed, the Gumi tribe
came across and kidnapped Fara, his granddaughter.
He asks that Nigel help save Fara. Rest up at the
Inn if you need it and head across the bridge.

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