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Picture Characters HP Str Def Agl Mana Equip Notes
Human M 59 6 0 5 3 Long
Generally speaking, humans become powerful by fighting in battles. Such qualities as strength, defense, agility, and mana will upgrade depending on the weapons, armors, and magic books that have been used in the battles. HP (Hit Point level), however, goes up regardless of the items and equipment used. While fighting the enemy increases the various characters' HP, their growth rate will not at all be equal. The stronger the enemy is, the more powerful the characters become. Since the humans do not possess any special skill, they need to depend on the items they carry. The humans can use any items they wish and can possess eight such items.
Human F 52 5 0 6 4 Rapier Bronze
Mutant M 52 5 0 4 6 Hammer
The basic system of growth for mutants is equivalent to that for humans, but the rate of growth is a little slower. However, they possess a higher level of mana and can acquire various special skills by fighting battles. Mutants can possess up to eight items, of which a maximum of four can be special skills that can be acquired. Mutants can acquire these skills if there is room on the item list. If their capacity is full, the newly acquired special skill is exchanged with the last one on the list. It's best to let them become powerful by using a lot of special skills and upgrade their mana. It's also a good idea not to give them too many weapons since they acquire different special skills as they become more powerful.
Mutant F 45 4 0 5 6 Bow
Robot 60 0 6 5 0 Colt
Robots don't become powerful as a result of fighting in the battles. They can raise the HP and the values of ablilities by equipping the weapons and armors. In other words, the more weapons and armors acquired, the stronger they become. They can equip themselves with any available items with different degrees of power. You are reminded, however, that every time they put on or take off their items, the number of times you can potentially use these items will be decreased by half. When the robots have used up their weapons, don't throw them away. If the robots are staying in the inn, such weapons will restore the capacity to fifty percent of the maximum number that can be used. However, the operating level of the skill items will not decrease but they will not be restored at the inn, either. It is recommended that the robots be equipped with as many powerful weapons and armors as possible.
Slime 52 5 5 2 6 Dissolve
Monsters don't become powerful by themselves. They can transform themselves into another monster by eating the enemy monster's meat, which may occasionally be available after the battle. Whether or not they become stronger depends on the meat they eat. Basicaly, they need to eat the meat of a strong monster to become stronger. They should not miss the meat of the boss monster when it's available. They may become weaker, however, by eating the meat of a weak monster. Once the monsters become strong, they should not eat the monster's meat unless you are sure that it's the meat of a very strong monster.
Baby-D 45 5 5 2 6 Nail
Imp 31 5 5 5 6 Nail


Picture Characters Notes
One human, one mutant, one robot and one monster With this suggested selection, all the characters are represented in the group and there is a good balance of abilities. You can also enjoy these very distinctive characters.
Two humans and two mutants This group consists of members who can become powerful by fighting battles. It might require time for all the members to become powerful but their balanced abilities are very stable.
Two mutants and two robots This is an excellent team to fight the battles and may also be the quickest group to complete the game. This is the costliest group, however, as they require the procurement of weapons and armors.

Not Recommended

Picture Characters Notes
Four monsters These members have no chance to become powerful except by transforming themselves into other monsters. There is no way of knowing when and how strong they will become. Another negative factor is their inability to possess any items. In the earlier stage during the game you will advance easily. As you proceeed in the game, however, the lack of strong monster's meat will become an increasing problem.
Four robots This team must depend totally on the items because the members can't become powerful at all. Lack of money will be their main problem. As you proceed through the game, it will be more and more difficult to purchase new weapons. They also lack quick movement and, half way into the game, they tend to be defeated more easily by the enemy monsters.