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Unpromoted Classes

Japanese Class
English Class
Swordsman The Swordsman excels in nearly every area, but never gains the highest statistics in any area. For safety purposes, always leave the Swordsman with about 8 MP to cast Egress in case of the need of an emergency retreat. Ian
Knight The Knight excels in movement, can often attack from a range of 2 spaces from the enemy, and deals considerable amounts of damage with their high statistics. A Knight in your force always remains vulnerable to physically and magically strong enemies, however, so no Knight in your force should be considered a tank. Mead
Soldier The Soldier has a high amount of Attack and Defense powers, but has low Agility, Movement, and HP. This makes them ideal for melee attacks on all but magic-using enemies, so consider using them in battles against physically-strong enemy units. Paige
Mage Your Mage grows quickly when it comes to MP, but that's about it. Their minimal HP, Attack, Defense, and Movement receives compensation easily by their ability to devistate groups of enemies at a time with high magic damage. Hawel
Archer The Archer is a truly valuable and unique class when compared to the rest of your force members. They can never hit from melee range, but can always hit from either 2 or 3 spaces away from the enemy, making them perfect for support characters against melee enemies. While your Archer's Defense and HP are fairly average, she can fall quickly if not properly guarded. Sonette
Monk The Monk functions primarily as a healer but can often cause significant damage to your enemies when properly placed. While at first slow to grow, the Monk gains an average amount of points in each area and overall has more MP than your Healer. Knuckles
Healer In a radical variation from the typical Healers of Shining Force games, your Healer can do a high amount of physical damage and can use a variety of useful spells at the same time. As a consequence to her boost in Attack, the Healer's MP, HP, and Defense are pitiful and need proper compensation almost constantly throughout your battles. Cynthia
Thief For the first time in the Shining Force series, the Thief can obtain weapons that attack from a distance throughout the entire game. This in combination with their high Attack rating makes the Thief perfect for support for melee characters. Don't let them take too many hits, however, as doing so could cause them to be defeated quickly. Ruburan
Bird(wo)man The main advantage of your flying characters is their ability to completely ignore terrain during battles. This makes them ideal for hitting enemies next to obstacles that other characters can't reach or obtaining treasure chests in obscure locations, but they can also function pretty well as fighters (and often do later on in the game). Kiddo

Promoted Classes

Japanese Class
English Class
Hero The Hero is an upgraded version of the Swordsman and, frankly, little more. As a Heroes, your characters can use more advanced weapons and learn better spells, but that's about it. Ian
Paladin The Paladin can use more advanced weapons and has a standard boost in statistics in comparison to the Knight. Paladins best function as front-row offensive units for the force due to their high movement, but can be easily replaced by Warriors. Mead
Warrior Warriors excel greatly in Defense and Attack, so using them still as front-row units would be the most advisable strategy. As always, don't let them receive too much damage from the enemies' magical attacks. Paige
Wizard The best and most notable part of your Mage's promotion to a Wizard is his wardrobe change; Hawel gets a robe with stars and some strange-looking hood. Wardrobe aside, however, your Wizards are nearly identical to your Mages with the exception of more advanced spells and higher of the same statistics. Hawel
Sniper The Sniper and the Archer are virtually identical (Is there a noticable pattern yet?) except for the use of better weapons. Don't let Sonette's high Attack and Range fool you, though: she can be defeated quickly if not properly placed on the battlefield. Sonette
Master Monk The Master Monk has the unique ability to both heal and destroy anything in its path, making them far superior in almost every way to your Priest. Keep them near your characters to cast the Heal spell whenever significant damage is taken. Knuckles
Priest Your Priest, ironically, can deal a lot of physical damage, but still lacks in Defense, MP, HP, and Movement. The only saving grace of your Priest will be the Aura spells that allow her to heal various members of the force in a single turn. Always keep her armed with healing items as a backup. Cynthia
Ninja In addition to being able to destroy enemies with their strong weapons and Attack ratings, both of your Ninjas will now learn offensive spells that allow them to attack for unconditional damage to enemies. This adds an entirely different element to your strategy and could even make your Wizards useless. Ruburan
Bird Battler Kiddo and Julia seem to switch colors when they receive their promotions, but it's clear which of the two you should be using and which you shouldn't based on the huge difference in damage dealt; Julia can withstand physical attacks and can't deal them effectively and vice versa for Kiddo. You will still want to use these characters in order to gain the flying advantages ultimately. Kiddo
Dragonman Your Dragonman becomes useful early on due to his ability to equip powerful swords, but he loses the 10-level advantage of your unpromoted characters. His main advantage, flying over obstacle-ridden terrain, allows him to be useful in at least some way throughout the entire game, though. Dragonman
Samurai Your single Samurai functions exceptionally well as a fighter during battles, having high statistics in almost every category (except MP, of course). He comes with his strongest weapon and grows fairly quickly, so consider using him as a fighter in replacement of the many others. Kojirou
Greater Devil Regardless of your party's placement, you must use Oddeye for the last two battles of the game. His statistics are high enough for him to be useful, however, and the Greater Devil randomly fires a laser that inflicts magical damage upon the enemies. Since you have him as an additional character anyway, you might as well make him useful, right? Oddeye

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