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Port City of Minea
You begin the game in Minea's Port. After talking to Dogi, board the ship. Flair comes aboard, then tells you of his quest to find the Selceta Flower. After this you'll be in the town of Promarock.

Go into the town and meet Norton. Talk to the guy (can't remember his name) then you'll find yourself at the town square where Flair has talked a guy into taking you to Border Town of Casnan. If you want, you can go around the town, but the shops aren't open and you don't have any money (why doesn't Adol carry money?) The only thing of note is that a guy tells you about Deuren's information booth.

Border Town of Casnan
When you get to Casnan, you go into the inn. After you and Flair talk, you can explore the town. By the way, the item shop is at the inn. When you're done, try exiting the town or talking to one of the guards. You will get thrown in jail. Talk to the guy in the bed, who is Deuren. He'll offer you some information, but it costs 5000 gold. Just say yes and he'll tell you anyway. He'll tell you about the legend of the winged people and the golden castle. After that, check out the walls. One of them will move. Deuren will come and push the wall open and you'll be able to get out. When you go into the next room, Deuren will be there because of the guards. Try to go through and the guards will see you (duh!). The commander will come and take you to the inn. Deuren will take this chance and come with you. The commander will allow you to take whatever you want from the treasure store of the fort. Deuren and the commander will then leave. You and Flair will rest of the night. Meanwhile, you'll see an interesting cut scene of the commander talking to Gruder about the invasion of Selceta. Hmmm... In the morning go to the fort and get your loot. You'll get 500 gold, Roda Medicine and Herbs. Now, buy the leather equipment. Go outside and train until the exp. you get is 1. You should have enough money to upgrade to the middle equipment. If not, you'll get the chance to upgrade soon enough. Go outside, to the Border Ridge Path.

Border Ridge Path
Keep following the path, taking forks as you go, until you reach the Border Ridge Summit. Adol will comment on the nice view, and its back to the path. until you get to the Border Ridge Ruins.

A little Note
I won't give you the directions unless its really a hard or confusing dungeon. Also, fight all the monsters in a given place until they all give 1 exp. This will get you through the game with relative ease. Okay, back to the walkthrough.

Border Ridge Ruins
When you get to the ruins, you'll hear something in the back. You'll see Karna fighting of a couple of ogres. Whoa, what a strong girl! She'll tell you about the Wind village of Komodo. She'll go and leave you to go through the forest. If you already built up your levels in the Border ridge, you can build up here again here if you want. Don't go into the holes in the tree trunks, they'll take you to different places. Just follow the path and eventually you'll end up at Wind Village Komodo.

Wind Village of Komodo
Karna will be here and and take you to the Elder's house. He'll tell you about the disappearing people and about Selceta. Karna will ask you to go to the Great Elder. The item shop is at the floor with a tree trunk with a hole. Go all the way to the right of the floor and climb the ladder to get to the item shop. They sell the usual, herbs and antidote, but they also have Mirror Necklace and Holy Bracelet, which can be useful for the early gamer, but I never used items besides the herb and the antidote! During my first time too. But that's just because I'm an above average gamer. =p Continue on to the top-rightmost floor of the town to get access to the weapons and armor shops. If you have the 2nd set of equipment, ignore these. Continue on to the left of the village and exit.

Northern Forest
Build up in the forest, but be careful of those jelly-like creatures because they can poison you. Also, remember you can only stock 1 of each item, so wait until you can't use the auto-healing technique before healing yourself with the antidote. Continue on till you reach the Crater.

You can build up here, just go back to the bridge to auto heal. When you're ready, go to the whirlpools and go through them to continue. When you reach the blue and red flashing lights, you know that a boss fight will be next. Get ready for the boss fight of your life!

Boss Fight: Minotaur This one's pretty hard. Remember to keep moving to avoid his attacks. Make sure you avoid the fire, one hit will kill Adol. The crescents are pretty easy to avoid,stand still until they're both coming toward you, then go between the crescents to avoid them. Brush by his legs to damage him. Whittle him down and hopefully beat it. This boss was the hardest for me, even compared to the final boss!

Whoa, it's Lemnos! He's half demon and half man! Karna and a few others will come(why did they come just after you kill the boss?) and Lemnos tells you that someone turned him into this (duh). They'll take him away to the village and Karna tells you to be careful and stuff like that. Oh, and she'll also give you the Eye Of The Sun care of the village elder. Now, go up through the doorway and up to Plateu Village of Highland.

Plateu Village of Highland
In this village, everybody hates you! Wonder why... Well, you can't leave the village, so just explore the town. In the northwestern-most house is a little girl. She'll notice your letter in a bottle and ask where you got it. She'll be surprised when you say you found it in the shores of Esteria. She'll discourage you from continuing, but knowing Adol, you know what Adol's going to do. Now you can leave. Before you go, you may want to consider upgrading to the 3rd set of equipment which costs 1500 each. If you don't have enough money, the next area will provide gold.

Divine Area of Thunderstorms
Build up here again if you want, then keep going north until you reach 4 trees in a diamond pattern. Adol will go to the middle of the trees and he gets hit by lightning. Adol comes to in the Divine Area Castle.

Divine Area Castle
Walk up to the wall where you will see the three big bosses of the game. Guruda, Bammy and Gadeis. They'll talk for a while then Eldeil(a winged being) appears. He destroys the wall you're hiding behind and leaves the three guys to kill you. Adol's helpless in this fight so don't even try. After a while, Leeza comes and finds Adol, then brings him back to her house where he recuperates. Leeza again discourages you from going near the castle. When you're recovered, head out again to the Divine Area of Thunderstorms.

Divine Area of Thunderstorms
Keep going west, just walk west until you exit into the Divine Castle. There's nothing for you to do so just go back outside. You did this for something more important later on. Now keep going north until you see a cave. Before you enter the cave, go west from the entrance to find the Topaz Jewel. Now go inside the cave.

Ice Cave
The enemies here are pretty hard. Aren't you glad you built up your levels? Anyway, just level up here until the enemies give 1 exp. then move on. You should go through every doorway because you will get the Flame shield, Flame Armor,Flame Sword, Sapphire Jewel, Ice Key 1 and 2. Not necessarily in that order, and I'm not sure if that's all. =) When you see the blinking lights, it's time for the boss.

Boss Fight:Ice Golem
This is really easy. Just avoid his attacks then attack him while he turns blue. Don't worry about your own HP, just keep attacking him, his HP will fall faster than yours.

When you're done, go up and down the staircase to proceed to the Temple of the Earth. Don't miss the chest at the end of the hallway!

Temple of the Earth
You can auto-heal while here. Go inside the temple and talk to the old man. His name is Gazok and he's doing research on the Eyes. You know, the eyes of the sun, moon and earth. Anyway, he'll tell you to go to his house to check out the river turning crimson. He'll give you a pickaxe to clear the path.

Now exit the temple and go down the stairs and hang a right. You'll notice some rocks. Go near it and Adol will use the pickaxe. Continue on in this short dungeon, don't bother to level up, you'll get the chance later on. Keep going until you see a bridge and cross it and you'll get to his home. His wife is sick. She'll tell you to go to his husband.

Temple of the Earth
Gazok has now found the Eye of the Earth! But he ran out of medicine. Guess who has to get some. He'll instruct you to go to Selrey and buy a Selceta Flower. It cures all illnesses. It's also the flower Flair was looking for. Anyway, he'll give you a bomb to clear the left side path.

Southern Forest
Another forest! At least this one doesn't have those poisonous jelly creatures. Before you get to the forest, you'll pick up the Thunder sword and Shield. In the forest, don't miss the treasure chests which contain the Thunder Armor and 1000 Gold. Get them now because you won't be able to later... Just follow the path and you'll arrive at Riverside Village of Selrey.

Riverside Village of Selrei
Go to the Selrey Marketplace and talk to the merchants until you get one who offers to sell you to Selcetan flower. Buy it of course. Now, go all the way back to the Temple of Earth and Gazok will take you to his home and cure his wife. He'll give you the Eye of the Earth as a reward and his wife will heal you everytime you visit. Yay! Anyway, go back to Selrei and you'll find Flair waiting for you. He'll take you to the Elder. The Elder tells you you can't meet the Great Elder unless you have the three eyes with you. Now go outside. Flair will ask you to take the Selceta Medicine to Kraig. He's in the hospital. Seems Minea's been overrun by demons! Buy some weapons and armors, its highly recommended, also if you want you can buy an Elixir from the man in the marketplace for 15000 gold! You can also reattach the Topaz Jewel to your Thunder Sword by means of the blacksmith in the southeastern-most house in the town. It'll raise the magic power of your sword for 5,000 Gold. I recommend you just upgrade your equipment. When you're ready, go to the port to go to Minea.

Port City of Minea
Here, level up on the headless demons running around. Drop off the potion at the hospital so you can leave the town. Level up if you want at the Minea Plains, when you're finished go to the black hole thing near the north side of the plains for a boss fight!

Boss Fight:Centaur then floating halfman thing(we call floating half men "mananangal" ) ) The first part is easy enough. Ignore those black ball things and attack the boss right away by going back and forth on its legs. If you do this quickly enough, he won't transform into a mananangal. If he transforms, he'll have full health and all new attacks that will kill you easily. Hopefully you built up your levels and bought the equipment at Selrey. Defeat the second form the same way as the first.
Just continue over the bridge to Zepic Village. There's no weapon and armors in Minea. If you want, you can buy the Selceta Medicine in the hospital for 40,000 gold. The normal item shop is also in the hospital.

Zepic Village
There's nothing here, just continue on.

Lance Mountain Shrine
Talk to the guard here, he's someone from the past Ys games, I'm not familiar with those. He'll tell you to go to Lilia in Lance village. Take the path to the right. On the way is a house, but you can't enter yet. Go into the tree trunk into Lance Village.

Lance Village
Talk to all of the people here, the sage Luta is here and some other characters I'm not familiar with, also a guy who can change into a demon! When you're done, go into the southeastern-most house, which is Lilia's. Nobody's home, so go outside. Luta and some other guy will have a long talk with you, something about the Silver Citadel and the two goddesses, but it all boils down to Lilia and her mother Banoa going off somewhere. Leave the village and go to Goban's house.

Goban's Home
At first no one's home, but then Goban bursts in and gives you the Wing item. Go outside and use the Wing to go to Wind Village of Komodo. Or if you want, go back to Promarock and buy the 10000 gold equipment there, it's the best you'll ever buy.

Wind Village Of Komodo
When you arrive, you will talk to Lemnos, who is now a human, and he tells you about a young girl they found. Sounds like Lilia... Hmm.. You and Lemnos check out the hut where the girl is in when Eldeil bursts in and kidnaps Lilia! Lemnos' all enraged as Eldeil's the one who turned him into a demon. But Eldeil flies away :( and takes Lilia with him. When you exit, the soldiers from Casnan have invaded Komodo! They challenge you to fight in the town square. It's the tree with a hole in it. Go in and be prepared for this is a boss fight!

Boss Fight:Army vs. Adol! Actually, this is pathetic. The soldiers are just like normal monsters, just attack them as you would monsters, just be careful you don't get stormed.
Okay, go to the Elder's hut and he'll tell you that Karna and a few warriors are storming the Divine Area. Now head on over to Plateu Village of Highland.

Plateu Village of Highland
Here you will witness a sequence where Karna and Leeze fight. After the cutscene, buy the equipment if you still didn't and proceed to the Divine Area by wing(that's why I had you walk there before. :) )

Divine Area
Level up on those headless things, you'll get plenty of exp. before they start giving 1 exp.

When you're ready, go inside and keep following the path until you reach the throne room. Now, take the right doorway (not the path, the doorway) and check out the rooms for a Roda Medicine. Take the left doorway to the dungeon and to see Karna tied up. You'll fight a few monsters and then Karna will be released. Continue on and you will see Lilia locked up. Then, the boss shows up before you can release her.

Boss Strategy:Jailer
Just keep attacking and you'll prevail, taking into account you've built up that is.

After the battle, Adol will appear to be consumed by flames but when he comes to he'll be okay but Lilia will be gone. Check out the cell to recieve the Eye of the Moon. When you go out you'll meet Karna who'll tell you to return to the Highland. When you reach the terrace-thingy you can use the wing to get out. When you get there proceed to the Elder's house and he will talk for a bit. Go out and you will meet, guess who? Deuren! He'll ask you if you know the latest, but Adol already knows, so Deuren gives you some info on the Golden Pedestal, he has it in his possession, but its not with him, so he tells you to go to his Informantion Booth. We'll get to that later, for now let's get to the Great Elder, shall we?

Riverside Village of Selrey
Head up into the Elder's house, he'll be surprised you actually did it, and he takes you up the mountain and into the Great Elder's house. The Great Elder tells you that to talk to Lefance's spirit, you'll need the hero's sword. He tells you that it's located near Gazok's home in the Flame Mountain. So, proceed to Lakeshore.

Talk to Gazok and he'll call his wife who will recount her tale of seeing a cave in the waterfall east of the house. So let's go check it out!

Flame Mountain
Build up here,then go through every area to grab the chests. You should get the Ice shield and plate, and the Ruby Jewel. You'll know you're in the path to the Temple of the Moon when you see a gap in the rightmost part of the room and there's a fork in the middle. Go right for the Ruby, go left for the Temple. Proceed to the temple and get the Ice wind Sword. Now, go back to the previous room and proceed to the gap. The Ice Wind Sword will respond to something and it'll form a bridge. Cross it for a boss fight!

Boss Fight:Dragons!
Fight this battle like the Army battle.

After you defeat them, go right to get the Hero's Sword. Head back to the Temple of the Moon so you can warp out. If you want, you can brag to Gazok about your new toy,then proceed to the Great Elder's home!

Lord Lefance's Tomb
Here you'll talk with Lefance about the ancient winged civilization. To break it's seal, you'll need the Gold Pedestal. Could it be the item Deuren was talking about? Proceed to his information booth in Minea.

Deuren's Information Booth
Go to the Northwestern-most house in Minea and talk to the clerk inside and he'll sell you the Gold Pedestal for 3000 GP. Now that you have it, where should you use it? Maybe that block in the Border Ridge Summit? Go there and see.

Border Ridge Summit
Go to the pedestal and Adol will put the Gold Pedestal on it and Lefance will tell you to run it through. The sword in the distance will become a city! Where could it be? Go to Selrei.

Riverside Village of Selrei
The people here will talk about a the ancient city reappearing in the forest, so go there. However, if you check out your wing, you'll notice a few different things. The Temple of the Moon is gone, and Gazok's home is gone too, but you'll find it sooner or later...

Bronze District A and B
Cross the bridge, but the forest has disappeared! Continue on until you see many doors. Enter to the one nearest to your left. Follow the path and go south to another door. Head through the hallway with those flying things until you go outside again. Now follow the path until you reach a large area with a pond and a door nearby. Enter the door and flip the switch then enter the newly formed staircase for a boss fight.

Boss Fight:Gadeis
This fight is easy if you built up in the Bronze District. Just hit him when he's spinning his axe, it'll hurt at any other time. Enter the doorway and you'll be in Silver Citadel A.

Silver Citadel A through D
The enemies here give great EXP. so don't forget to level up. Go to the doorway above the one to your right when you first come out. You should eventuall come outside again in a floor above. Ignore the door to your south and go south yet and you'll see 2 doors. Take the left door which will eventually lead to an herb. Take the right door for Silver Citadel B. When you get outside again you'll find many doors. Take the one to the northern-most door of where you come from. Here's an image.

Continue on and you will be in a fork. Take the left which will lead you to the Temple of the Sun.

Temple of the Sun
Here, you'll encounter the 5 disciples of Lefance. They'll tell you to get the Hero equipment, about the war of the winged beings and the humans, and how the Mask of the Sun was stolen. After the chat go through the west doorway.

Silver Citadel C
Continue on until you reach 3 doors. The first contains an herb. Take the leftmost one for the exit. When you get to the fork outside, go right and go down the stairs and go south and take the southmost doorway. When you exit, take the stairs to the right and go north to the door and follow the path. When you get to the three doors, take the left-most one and you'll get to a room with red carpeting. Go forward and you will see Lilia and Bammy. When she asks you to give her the eyes, say yes. Now go down the stairs but before you go out the door, and go right. Go up the staircase and enter the door. Follow the path and you will see an unconscious Lilia. Go back down and return to the carpeted room. Now go left and you will see another doorway and go up. Follow the path and you will see Leeza. She'll give you the Necklace of Radiance which Eldeil used to revive her. Now go to Lilia and pick her up. Go outside and use the Wing to warp to Silver Citadel B. From where you land, go south until you hit the wall and go to the door to your right. Follow the path and when you have a choice between two doors, go left. After that, you'll get a 3 way fork, left, up and down. Go up and Lilia will be revived. When shes's okay, return to the fork and go left. Keep walking and eventually you and Lilia will fall into a pit. Dogi rescues you and he and Lilia will leave. When you go out you will see Karna and Lemnos and a few other guys trying to break down a door. Karna explains that they think that it leads to the Iris Tower. Anyway Karna gives you the key to the Iris Tower. Warp back to Silver Citadel D. If you haven't been here yet, go to the bottom right door and get the Hero's Shield. When you're done, go to the place where you and Leeza met. Go through the path and go left to a closed door. It leads to the Iris Tower.

Iris Tower
In this tower is the ideal place to level up to 31 as this is the last enemy area, the last area only has bosses! Just keep following the path. On the 2nd floor you'll get the Hero's Armor. When you get to the mirror place, talk to the demon and she'll tell you that there's a switch that will make the teleporter mirrors operational. Go back to the 3 way fork(the one where west leads to the trapdoor, north leads to the revival altar and south is the switch. Activate it and head back to the mirrors. Go through the right mirror and keep following the path. You will finally reach the limit. On this floor you will fight Bammy.

Boss Fight:Bammy
Answer no to her questions, if you say yes she will turn you into a cute little demon ^O^. If by some mistake of nature you do, go to the guy who can change into a demon (I think, I've never been stupid enough to answer yes) he'll change you back. The key to fighting Bammy is that you are properly leveled up. Fight her at a low level and you'll get nowhere. I fought her at 31 and did okay. Hit her when she is about to cast that lightning spell with her feet ON THE GROUND. Any other time is death.

After the fight go north to get the Wings of Valor. When you get to a room with 3 floor portals and to the south are 3 mirrors. Go to the left mirror and you will recieve the last shield. Go back and go through the middle mirror for the last armor. Now just go follow the path. Somewhere along the way is the last sword. When you get to the big mirror room, go through the mirror which is south of the room with 3 wall mirrors. You know its the right one because a little chest hiding in the wall will attack you. Continue on and eventually you will go out of a tree.

Gazok's Home
Yeah! Go inside and Gazok will tell you that the Wings of Valor will work only if the person is courageous. The woman will also heal you. When you're ready go to the right of the house and Adol will jump down. You'll land at the Golden Temple.

Golden Temple
If you don't have it now, purchase the Selceta Medicine, an Herb, and Elixir. Also be at Level 31. Now go inside and just go through until you get to Gruda. Gruda tells you that he was the one who corrupted Eldeil and he wants the power of the Black Pearl. If I have this right, its the evil power which destroyed the Ys civilization. I think its also from the past Ys games. After the chat prepare for a boss fight!

Boss Fight:Gruda
For his first form its easy, just go back and forth on his legs. Conserve your HP as his 2nd form is harder...
Now go directly at his belly. When your HP gets low use an Herb. If you did it right, he should be at half health. Fill your life. Now wait until he fires the red beam. After he fires it, go at him again and hopefully you'll kill him. I don't know if this works for you, it did for me! ^_^
Now, make sure you are fully stocked with healing items then continue on till you encounter Eldeil. I won't bother to recount every inch of dialogue, on to the strategy!

Last Boss:Eldeil
Eldeil begins by casting a bolt of energy which chases Adol in clockwise or counter clockwise fashion run in the appropriate direction. Just keep avoiding him until Adol realizes to use the Necklace. Use it and now you'll be able to hurt Eldeil, except he's flying. Just brush across his legs to hurt him. When the feathers are launched, dodge them like this:
/ / / /Feathers
Go to where the feathers can't touch you because you are beyond their arc of fire. It's simple to avoid really. When you hurt him enough, he'll change into Armored Eldeil!

Boss Fight:Armored Eldeil
You can't hurt him. Just avoid him and sooner or later the five disciples will blast the armor off of him, it's time for the 3rd form, Wimpy Eldeil!

Boss Fight:Eldeil the Wimp!
HAHAHA! Just look at that outfit! He's not really that dangerous, defeat it just like the first flying form, but watch out when he does his Black Hole Attack, to avoid it, just run into a direction away from him. When the floor tiles reappear, that's a good time to hit him.
Wooo! You did it! Just watch the great ending.

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