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After the intro, you start at the entrance of Redmont ( Sarina in Genesis Version ) with Dogi. He will talk with the gate guard. You will visit the town with Dogi until you arrive at the Inn. You'll meet Elena, a childhood friend of Dogi. Enter the inn with Dogi. You'll talk with him during a minute. Now you are free to wander in the town. Here's a plan of Redmont to help you



       5   4   3   2   1  Entrance


1 - Weapon / Armor Shop
2 - Item Shop
3 - Old Lady's House
4 - Mayor's House ( empty at the beginning )
5 - Inn

Buy a Wood Shield, a Short Sword, a Leather Armor and a herb. Now you don't have any cash.
When you exit the town, you'll see an injured miner from Tigray Quarry ( Tigre Mine in Genesis Version ). You'll learn that the mayor, Edgar, is missing. Head for Tigray Quarry.

Tigray Quarry

Start by leveling up until level 3. Then, head foward until you come up with a screen with bridges. Head down and left to get the Power ring. Don't bother trying to open the door, you'll come back later for this. Head completly right and up. You're now supposed to be in a screen with Blue Slimes. Be very carefull not to touch them. You'll find a chest at the end with Robert's Pendant. Head down the stairs and you'll see Chester and a miner. Talk the the miner. He'll give you the Warehouse key. Now go back to Redmont.


Get your Ring Power recharge for 100 GP and go to the Old Lady's house. When you talk to her, she reconizes the pendant you found as her son's. She'll give you the Shield Ring. Buy a herb if you don't have any left. Time to go back at Tigray Quarray.

Tigray Quarry

Go foward until the bridges screen. Now, instead of going down, head foward until you see a door. Now equip the Power ring and save. You'll fight your first boss, Dulan. He's pretty easy, just watch out for his swords. When the battle is over, you'll earn the Long sword. Now go back where you met with the miner and head down the waterfall. Now, prepare for the second boss, 'cause he's no nice guy. Equip the power ring and hit him by jumping. There's no real strategy to kill him. Just watch out for its laser attack. If you still can't beat him after a couple of times, use the game genie code for invincibility. When defeated, you'll get the Sunset Statue. Go foward one screen and you'll encounter Chester having a beautiful conversation with Mayor Edgar. When he leaves, talk the Edgar and you'll authomatically get out of Tigray Quarry. The mayor and the miner will thank you.


The Gate Guard will tell you that Dogi's looking for you. So go at the inn. You can also buy some new equipement if you have enough money. At the inn, you'll notice that Elena has returned and she'll ask you to inspect Ilvern Ruins for. She'll also tell you to find there Clerric Pierre and her brother, Chester!

Ilvern Ruins

First thing, leveling up! I suggest you boost until around Level 7. Now head foward, down and foward until you're outside. Now watch out, you'll get attacked by a bunch of birds all the way until you get back inside. Don't lose any time trying to beat those birds. When you get back inside, you'll have the choice between two paths. First go down to get the Small Shield. Now head back for the intersection and continue foward until you see Clerrics Pierre getting caught by Chester, who will by the way see you, capture you and throw you in a lava pit. What a cool brother Elena has.

Lava Pit

Okay, this part is pretty difficult. The first thing you should do is go left until you get to a screen with no monster. Climb the little mountain and get a Herb. Now, if you want, you can boost your levels. The Herb on the clift returns when you leave the scene. Continue foward. When you arrive at a large screen with no monster, run! A lava flow will follow you until the end of the screen. You'll next face Gilan, a fire dragon that hides in the rocks. Wait until it comes out and hit its head. When he's dead, you'll get the Firedragon's Amulet. Now get back to the screen where you first arrive and go right until the Lavafall. You'll automatically use the Firedragon's Amulet that will freeze the lava. Continue right a few screens and you'll get back to the surface. There, you'll met with Elena. After the conversation with Chester and the odd guy, press the sphere that will open a secret passage. Enter the door. Head right a few screen and you'll battle the Wyvern, guardian of the Star Statue. Try to hit hits head by staying on a cliff and jumping to hit it. Finish it and earn the Statue. Head back. Chester will see you, but Elena will save you. Back to Redmont.


Elena will tell you that she has a couple of things to take care of and leaves. Pass the gate and Dogi will tell you that he's heading for his master's house in the mountains. Recharge your ring power, get a herb and other stuff and go talk the Edgar, Redmont's Mayor. He'll ask you to join forces with him. Of course, answer yes and he'll give you the time ring. Now it's time to go back to Tigray Quarry!

Tigray Quarry

Remember the locked door next to the Power Ring Chest location? Well that's where you have to go. Enter the door and go left. Be carefull not to get hit by the Rowbals ( ground plants ) You can level up if you want. Wlak all the way left to get the Cristal Ball ( with this ball, you can get Brocia's Secret Medecine that recovers your ring power ). Turn back and head down. Now be very carefull not to get hit by the plantes. You'll find three miners around a loked chest. Open it ( you need the crsital ball ) and get the Mission's Tablet. When two of the miners leave, the remaining one will tell you the legend of Galbalan. Continue left and obtain the Plate Mail. Then go down. At the end you'll fighht the boss. Okay, that boss is one of the most difficult to beat. The only strategy to kill him is to pray. You need to hit the living brain that hides in the rocks. Now, watch out for all the stuff he trows at you. After his defeat, you get the Flash Statue! Now head back to the village.


Go to Edgar's house. When you arrive, you hear a conversation between Lord McGaya and Mayor Edgar. Edgar will after explain a stroy about the land. He'll give you Edgar's Letter. Now you have to give it to Dogi's Master, who lives in Eldan Mountains. Recharge your ring and buy new equippement.

Eldan Mountains

Very easy area. Walk right until you find the house. Dogi's Master will talk about the statues and give you the fourth sword, the Banded Sword. Get out of the house and head right ( don't mind the statue )until you face a Wing Bird. Pretty easy. You have to hit itd head by using the Power Ring. When defeated, you get the Judgment Staff. Return to the demon statue. The judgment staff will destroy it and open a secret passage. Before jumping in it, return recharge your ring power. Now, jump in it and head right until you face the ice dragon. You should be at least Level 13. You have to use the Power Ring to defeat it. Hit its head when he stops spitting his Ice Energy Balls. You'll get the Dark Statue when he dies. Chester finds you, but the curse of Galgalan will cause a cave-in. Dogi will save you and you'll get back to Redmont.


When you arrive, you learn that the townpeople have been kidnapped by the soldiers of Ballacetine Castle. Dogi will give the Healing Ring. Talk to Edga. Now, prepare yoursef and head for the castle.

Ballacetine Castle

You'll meet Elena at the entrance of the castle. Enter. The fisrt part is totally easy. Go foward all the time until you come up at an intersection where you can go foward or climb some stairs. You can't go foward because a barrier blocks the way. So go up, take the Battle Shield on the way before facind the first boss. That guy is easy. Hit its head before it attacks you. You'll get Garnet's Bracelet after its defeat. Use it in front of the barrier to destroy it. Go foward and face the Fire Wolf. Just hit it before and after it blasts you with the Fire Blast. Continue right and Elena will warn you about Garland who will reveal a secret door. Enter. This part is as straight foward as the first one. You'll come up next a prison door. Someone will tell you to beat the Blue Knight. Continue, climb the staris and beat the Blue Knight. That guy is the easiest boss of the game. Don't get near its barrier. You'll get the prison key. Unlock the prison door. Talk to all the people. One will give you the Blue Bracelet. Go the Bell Tower.

Bell Tower

There's only one way to get to the top and its up! Don't miss the chest with the Flame Sword, near the end of the tower. At the end, you'll challenge Garland, servant of Galgalan ( remember the guy with Chester and the one that tried to attack you ? ) He's not easy, but not very difficult. Attack him after or before he does his mega attack of lightning. When he dies, King McGaya will admit defeat and will give you the Evil Night Statue. When you leave, you'll see Elena getting kidnapped. Go back to Redmont.


Everyone in town is grateful for your actions. Go see Edgar. He'll give you the Ogre's Ball of Fire. Now, there's only one thing to do: Galbalan's Island!!!

Final Dongeon: Galbalan's Island

This place is full of strong Skeletons. I don't have the stats and you shoudn't need them because you should now be at the maximum experience level ( if not, good luck ). Watch out, you'll easily walk in circle. Us the Ogre Ball to see the way. If you're playing on ZNES, disable the Background 1. You'll see everything instead of just a moving line. Now, head foward and take the first elevator until you reach the ground. Continue foward until you can jump in a hole. You'll change screen. Stay close the the left wall: There's a passage. Continue all the way, which is straigh-foward. When you hear the boss music, save your game. You'll face Garland for a second time. He is the same as the one you fought in Ballacetine Castle. He shoots electric balls and has a deadly lighting storm. You can kill him with the Power Ring and go back to the village to recharge your ring power. Continue foward, pass the tower. After the scene with Chester and Elena, you'll fight Galbalan. That guy's a dangerous one. First, destroy its arms, without using the Power Ring. He will only shoot you energy balls. When its both arms are destroyed, you'll be able to hit him, but only when he opens its heart in the middle of its body. Be carefull, because this time, he throws energy balls that stay on the ground five seconds and goes down on you with electricity. Try to use the Power ring wisely and try to not get touch too. He does a lot of damage.

After you finish him, enjoy the ending :)