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    - Direction Pad: move character (you can't do it diagonally)
    - A button: talk, open, search
    - X button: Menu screen
    - Start button: Settings menu
      * Sound (Stereo/Mono)
      * Message Speed (1-9)

  Notes about Message Speed: 1 is the fastest speed while 9 is the slowest, where you have to pass each text manually.


    - Direction Pad: select option
    - A button: confirm selection
    - B button: cancel last selection

    - Item: Use this option to enter your inventory. You can use your items if possible, drop or sort them. You can use the L and R buttons to
         see other item pages.
    - Equip: With this option you'll be able to change each character equipment.
    - Status: Here you can see all about your characters; HP, Level, Experience, Stats, Equipment, etc.

  Attack: Power + Weapon bonus + Other bonus
  Defense: Strength + Armor bonus + Other bonus

    - Save: With this option you can save your progress in the game and continue later.


    - Direction Pad: select option
    - A button: confirm selection
    - B button: cancel last selection
    - X button: rumble

  Rumble: This option causes a normal battle to finish randomly, depending on the characters.

    - Attack: Use this option to attack an enemy.
    - Special: Shows each character special. The specials in grey or red colour can't be used.
    - Item: Shows the Item you have, and you can select one to use.
    - Defend: Using this option, your character will receive less damage in one turn.
    - Flee: With this option your characters will try to run away from a normal battle.


HP: This is the life of each character, and there is a special case:
    - HP = 0: Your characters faint, and you won't be able to do anything with them in that fight. You can revive them by using some items,
        and if a battle ends your character will restore with 1 HP. If all your characters faint the game is over.

Ki: This is what Specials use... you only know the amount of it used subjectively... there are several ways of recovering it:
    - Defending: during a fight.
    - Using some items: during a fight or at the map.
    - Sleeping: in the villages you'll find inns to sleep.
    - Getting a Level Up: your Ki will be restored.

Level Up: When you gain a certain ammount of Experience points you'll get a Level Up, your stats will be increased and your HP and Ki will be
   refilled. Actually, in this game you can't know the Experience needed to the next level.

Dungeons: When you beat the boss of each dungeon there won't be fights in there anymore.

Critical Hit: Sometimes, during an attack, there are possibilities of doing a Critical Hit, when this occur the screen will flash, and you'll do
   the double of your normal damage. The enemies can have Critical Hits too.

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