Dalmuhd Desert

Hidden Cities - 2
Treasures - 4

The Desert is an easy stage, however it contains one hidden city that is essential to your getting the best ending. It's Aliabard, and it's in the northeast. The northeast is just an open desert with no landmarks, so in order to find it you'll have to do this: beat the stage Antanjyl (it's optional) and buy Crystals (which reveal a random hidden city in the stage) in the shop there.

Other than that, the stage is very easy. You'll need three strong units. Send them all northeast of your base along the winding river. Have one unit cross the river to the west and liberate the nearest city there (Bandapp) when you're about halfway to the big lake. Send the other two further northwest and have one liberate the city there (Kahrngar). Have the other liberate the Temple north of it.

That's it. Now just stay there and let the enemy come to you. The enemy includes Demons, Ninjas, Undead, and Zombie Dragons, although the last are rare and not too hard to kill because they don't come too often. Now use a scout to liberate the city southwest of Bandapp (Chabahau), the two north of your base (Majaira and Hilzabar) and Aliabard, the hidden city in the northeast. Now send whoever was in Bandapp northwest of it to a small, easy-to-miss oasis. Adjacent to it from the northwest is the other hidden city, Sidabard. Now liberate the city north of Kahrngar and wait until the enemy runs out of money. Attack the enemy base.

Boss: Prochon
HP: 231 | STR: 183 | AGI: 216 | INT: 187 | CHA: 56 | ALI: 22 | LUK: 56
P: 47 | F: 52 | I: 46 | E: 45 | B: 68 | W: 2

prochon.gif (23490 bytes)Ha ha ha ha ha! What a pathetic boss! Look at that White Magic stat and tell me it's not pathetic!

Erhm...anyways, Prochon should not be a problem. He gets one rather strong area-attack spell, but that's all, and it has a tendency to miss. The two Ninjas in the back get two single-target spells, which likewise miss a lot, and the front-row Ninja attacks aren't even worth discussing.

As you can see, I have a Princess as the new leader of my unit. This is because Princess leaders make everyone get one extra attack, hence my Sorcerer will cast 3 spells, not 2, and my Lich will cast 4 spells, not 3. The Princess herself will get 2 area-attack White spells, which by themselves should bring Prochon close to death. If you don't have the item necessary to turn an Amazon into a Princess (Royal Crown), one can be found in the city of Chilfa in the Muspelm stage (provided you have a very high reputation). Even if you don't have a Princess, two Sorcerers or a Sorcerer and a Lich can kill Prochon and his tag-team of buffoons in record time by themselves.