Hidden Cities - 11 (!)
Treasures - 2

This is a very difficult map. There are more hidden cities here than even in the Kastolatian Sea. The enemy has only one route of advance, but the enemies here are truly difficult to beat, especially at night. If you've got a lot of Sunshine items, consider yourself lucky.

Send the absolutely strongest unit you have (the one with the best and most magicians) west of your base across some rivers to Inohngo, a city with a shop, and stay there. Send as many fast, high-flying, high-ALI scouts as you can get north across the mountains. There are eleven hidden cities and Temples in this area. Search every clearing in between trees and mountains. Search small islands as well. Refer to the map in the Maps section for help, but know that unfortunately, the Antanjyl map was the hardest to scan for me and came out the worst of them all. If you're pressed, you can buy an item in Inohngo that will reveal one random hidden city/Temple on the map. It's expensive, but know that that option is there.

Your unit at Inohngo (and sometimes your main base, so keep two or so units around your base) will be subjected to constant assault from the strongest evil enemies imaginable. Can you say two Tiamats at a time? Worse, can you say 2 Zombie Dragons at a time?!? 3 Vampyres at a time? 3 Werewolves at a time? Evil Ones, Angels (for some reason there are Angels here), and Liches?!?! Use Sunshines frequently. Daytime neutralizes the Vampyres and the Werewolves, making them pathetically weak (at least some good news). It also makes the evil armies miss more often in general. You'll face many Undead headed by Liches. Hopefully you've got some of your own Liches by now and a lot of Judgment cards. Evil Ones and Demons will have a mean physical attack, but compared to Werewolves at night they're tame. Vampyres will confuse your spellcasters, making them devastate their own unit. This is why you need to find all those hidden cities as fast as possible, before the enemy gets the idea to head north and re-take them and before you get slaughtered by these forces. Your unit at Inohngo will gain big levels from fending off all those very strong enemies, which is another reason to take the time to liberate everything. If you don't want to, just send your army on to the enemy base from the start, but I believe that this lowers your game score which determines which ending you get.

The second you find the last, 11th hidden city/Temple, send whoever is in Inohngo west into the enemy base. You'll find Galf, an evil, evil, evil Devil.

Boss: Galf
HP: 206 | STR: 164 | AGI: 153 | INT: 177 | CHA: 72 | ALI: 15 | LUK: 53
P: 53 | F: 42 | I: 52 | E: 48 | B: 86 | W: 4

galf.gif (23371 bytes)Galf is a legendary Devil who was thought to have been sealed for good. He commands the legions of the evil and undead. Take the bastard down.

Those four near-invincible Phantoms he's got will cause you a lot of heartache, unless you've got a Shaman or Monk with you, in which case they'll all die in the first few seconds. If you don't, use a Judgment card, which will accomplish much the same thing. Galf himself uses the attack Meteor, the ultimate Black attack. He uses it only once, but it does around 80-90 damage to everyone in your unit. Fight him during the day to have a better chance of dodging it.

Cherubim or Seraphim will waste this guy. His White affinity is 4. That amounts to, oh, 100+ damage per cast of Banish, the Angels' back-row attack. If you don't have any in your unit, use a Judgment card even if you killed all the Phantoms with a Monk. It will soften him up quite a bit, allowing your magicians and melee fighters to take him out. I played two Judgment cards during this battle (I had 5 total) and that left him with a whole 30 HP.

Now, here's the deal: if your reputation is high and you want a good ending, rejoice, since Galf is dead. If your reputation is very, very, very low and you want a terrible ending, you will get the chance to offer the Holy Sword Brunhild to Galf for his services (the ultimate sacrilege). This means that you had to have a high reputation in the Kastolatian Sea stage (to get the sword) and greatly lower it by and by. Galf is extremely powerful, and his presence will allow you to get lots of evil goodies in the cities of this stage if you revisit it, such as Undead Rings and Staffs. But if you want a good ending, too bad. I don't recommend slashing your reputation just for the sake of getting Galf. Besides, all those Vampyres and Liches he sent pissed me off.