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I will list the names as shown in your inventory, followed by the selling price, followed by a description.

You can buy these items in trade cities or find them after winning a battle. They are inexpensive and you will not run out of money buying them. They are however very useful, so stock 'em up.

For a list of scenario items (Zodiac Stones and the like), go here.

Item Price Details
AGI POT 17000 AGI+6
ALI POT 10000 ALI+6
All Heal 2000 All members of a unit recover 100 HP
Bell 2000 Returns one unit to base
Boots 3000 Moves any one unit to any liberated city
CHA POT 10000 CHA+6
Cure 400 Recover 40 HP
Heal 700 Recover 100 HP
HP POT 20000 Max HP increases
INT POT 15000 INT+6
Joker 2000 Using this nets you a random Tarot card
LUK POT 21000 LUK+6
Moonbeam 4000 Advances the clock to midnight
Promote 13600 Advances to the next level (???)
STR POT 15000 STR+6
Summons 3000 Calls all deployed units to Lord's location
Sunshine 4000 Advances the clock to high noon