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I will list the names as shown in your inventory, followed by the selling price, followed by either a description or the location where it is received. In the latter case, I'll write the name of the town, followed by the name of the stage. (Example: Goyas, Pogrom's Forest)

Zodiac Stones are indicated by a Z in parentheses. You must have the Tablet of Yaru in order to receive any. If you need a high reputation to receive an item, that is indicated by an H in parentheses. An L in parentheses means that you need a low reputation.

For a list of usable items (potions and the like), go here.

Item Price Details
ALL GEM (Z) 10 The 13th Zodiac Symbol
Amatsu 187000 Esquinto, Fort Allamoot
Amethyst (Z) 10 Found in Dalmuhd Desert
Aqua (Z) 10 Ajan, Diaspola
Armband (H) 10 Fort Shulaman (w/ Tristan)
Beast 13100 Mohnso, The Tundra
Beehive 70000 Temple, Diaspola
Bell 10 Balmorian Ruins
Blood (L) 62000 Antanjyl or Temple Shalina
Bones 28700 Salamander's Bone
Book 42000 Slums of Zenobia (w/ Tristan)
Bough 50000 Raloshel, Diaspola
Box 171300 Ohbia, Organa
Cake 8400 Organa (need Tablet of Yaru)
Cameo 135400 Lon Lo Qu, Shrine of Kulyn
Cape 124000 A dandy knight's cape
Carving 189000 Fort Allamoot
Carving (L) 156000 Bosetyn, Kalbian Peninsula
Censer (L) 29300 Vyer, Pogrom Forest
Chest 178000 Antanjyl (w/out Galf)
Chime (H) 680 Temple Shalina
Coin (L) 133600 Harmhell, Rhyan Sea
Crown (H) 48000 Need a high reputation
Crystal 36000 Finds one hidden town or temple
Demon 13300 Found in many places
Diamond (Z) 10 Temple, Ruined City
Doun 42000 Bring Mercury to Aliabard
Dowser 25000 Reveals one hidden item on a map
Dragos 20000 Anglem, Diaspola
Emerald (Z) 10 Temple, Island Avalon
Fireseal 655350 Bring four swords to Ruined City
Folio 100000 Mislata, Zeteginea
Font (L) 219600 Fort Allamoot
Foultome 198000 Gibbot, Antanjyl (w/out Galf)
Fragment 132800 Pirallel, Fort Allamoot
Fullmoon 3600 Ochiwalo, Fort Shulaman
Fur 144000 Laseive, Fort Allamoot
Garnet (Z) 10 Slums of Zenobia
Gem (L) 36200 Bel Chel, City of Malano
Goblet 163000 Stun Cre, Fort Allamoot
Goddess (H) 168700 Orappa, Fort Shulaman
Goldcoin (H) 172000 Kalbian Peninsula
Grail (H) 10 Shrine of Kulyn
Herbs 123900 Bosetyn, Kalbian Peninsula
Herostar 10 Temple, Sharom
Jewel 100 Dallu Sa, Ruined City
Key 240 Kal Robs, Slums of Zenobia
Lexicon 175000 Muspelm, City of Malano
Lotus (H) 89000 Fort Allamoot
Map 195000 Plinspor, Fort Allamoot (w/ Amatsu)
Medal (H) 135000 Balmorian Ruins
Merchant 10 Call Jack
Moonrose 200 Lenikan, Sharom
Nugget 80000 Falsalla, Sharom
Opal (Z) 10 Temple, Lake Jannenia
Orb 9900 Pogrom Forest (w/ Doun)
Orc Fur (L) 133000 Dalmuhd Desert
Pearl 10 Bring Cake to Somyul, Diaspola
Pearl 82000 Valparin, Deneb's Garden
Pendant (H) 54000 Bosetyn, Kalbian Peninsula
Peridot (Z) 10 Temple, Muspelm
Promote 13600 Advance to the next level
Pumpkin 10 Valparin, Deneb's Garden (w/ Bough)
Pumpkin+ 10 Baljib, Deneb's Garden
Relief (L) 168200 Valhalla, The Tundra
Ruby (Z) 10 Sanbelna, Malano
Sablefur (L) 149300 Orappa, Fort Shulaman
Sapphire 10 Temple, Shangril
Shell 131350 Esquinto, Fort Allamoot (w/ Amatsu)
Silver (H) 21300 Para, Pogrom Forest
Staff 16800 Found in many places (w/ Demon)
Statue (H) 13300 Tekshiga, Fort Allamoot
Tablet 3000 Shangril (w/ Orb, Doun, True Gem)
Termites 100 Eat through castle walls
The Saga 417900 Matagalp, Fort Allamoot (w/ Map)
Tome 158000 Sanbelna, City of Malano
Topaz (Z) 10 Temple, Rhyan Sea
Trophy 241000 Bujunbul, Ruined City
True Gem 2100 Rhyan Sea (w/ Doun, Orb)
Turquoise (Z) 10 Temple, The Tundra
Undead 30000 Exchange Foultome or Jewel
Wing 21000 Temple, Sharom