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Welcome fellow gamers. You have reached your one stop shop for anything pertaining to Mobile Suit Gundam Cross Dimension 0079. Cross Dimension is a Strategy RPG similar to Front Mission that was based upon the Gundam Movie Trilogy. Only instead of Wanzers you get Mobile Suits. This is another game that never saw US shores. Enjoy!


07.10.2005 4:09AM EST
I scanned my manual of Cross Dimension a couple months ago, and I decided to upload it. Get it at the Downloads page. This will probably be my last update, as well. I'm not really feeling up to doing the work for the shrine that I'd like to see be done. Cheers.

06.01.2004 12:29AM EST
RedComet update (you're probably asking yourself if Crotanks does ANYTHING around here, I know I am :p) and do I have a treat for you! Over the past few months I've been working hard to rework various parts of the shrine that I felt were lacking. As a result about 80-90% of the shrine has been redone. Lets get started shall we?

First up, the Characters page has received new information for every character in the game except for the 0080 characters, who's descriptions have been rewrote to reduce any confusion to a minimum. Next we'll move on to the Downloads page, there you will noticed the Soundtrack is back up for download, and EdgeEmu has been removed from the links. A couple Game Genie Codes have been added as well. The Savestate Hacking page has been reuploaded (it seems I uploaded Z Gundam's hacking page by mistake a coule months ago). The Mission Maps have had a cool little feature added to them that is in one of the game's Japanese Guide books that I own. Also on the maps, the maps have been redone so they are of a higher quality than before.

On to the Mobile Suits page, the information for the majority of the mobile suits has been changed, and a list of armaments was added as well. The Prime Point System and the Special Attacks pages have been reworked from the ground up. As for the Walkthrough, the information has, for the most part, been rewritten to be more descriptive. Unfortunately, the blurry screenshots are still up because I'm holding off on taking new screenshots until AGTP releases its English patch for the rom. The Weapons & Items have been rewrote and reorganized. Finally, I have added a new section, the General Information page, there you will be able to find basic information regarded the gameplay and even a couple strategies for dealing with the enemies.

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