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Gauntlets and Rings
Much Clown Love
I. Introduction
II. Prologue
III. Baron to Mist
IV. Mist to Damcyan
V. Damcyan to Kaipo
VI. Kaipo to Fabul
VII. Fabul to Mt. Ordeals
VIII. Mt. Ordeals to Mysidia
IX. Mysidia to the Airship
X. The Airship to The Tower of Zot
XI. The Tower of Zot to Agart
XII. Agart to The Tower of Bab-il
XIII. The Tower of Bab-il to Baron
XIV. Baron to the Falcon
XV. Falcon to the Fixed Falcon (hmm...)
XVI. Fixed Falcon to Psycho Kain
XVII. Psycho Kain to Yang (Kinda)
XVIII. Yang to the Moon
XIX. The Moon to FuSoYa
XX. FuSoYa to Lunarian's Lair
XXI. Lunarian's Lair to The End
1. Extra #1: Land of Summoned Monsters
2. Extra #2: Yang and the Sylphs
3. Extra #3: Bahamut

I. Introduction.

Well, here we are, the 5th game in the original Final Fantasy series. Right now, most people are going, "What the Hell, it says Final Fantasy 2, what kind of drug is he on, getting 5 out of 2, what a moron." Well, it's Final Fantasy 2 in America, but in Japan (Which is the country it was made in, I might add) it's Final Fantasy 4 Easy-Type.

So be quite, the show is about to start.

*All Items are in Pots, Chests, Bookcases, or Grass unless otherwise noted.
II. Prologue.

The game begins with you in one of five airships. You are Cecil, a Dark Knight of the Kingdom Baron, and the Commander of the Red Wings. You are going to Mysidia to take the Crystal of Water from them. They give it up without a fight, but you kill all the wizards and whatever else stands in your way, anyway. You (Cecil) and the Crew are uncomfortable about looting innocent people and taking the Crystal. There is a small scene on the ship, and then you get into a battle.

You get into the castle, and go talk to the King. Cecil shows some discomfort about taking the Crystals from the Mysidians. The King dismisses Cecil for this. Then Kain shows up, defending his friend, and they both end up getting exhiled from the castle. The King the sends them on their last mission to deliver a package to the village of Mist.

You leave the King's Chamber and Kain leaves you until tomorrow (not before telling you how to move yourself, as if that isn't obvious). Look around the castle, finding items and information on various things. You are not allowed to get the items in the right of the castle, and you can't get into the right tower. Remember these places. When you go in the left door, Rosa comes and talks to you, says she will meet you later tonight (Now that's what I'm talkin' about, hehehe). Then you will meet Cid, the master mechanic. You tell him you were dismissed. He's not too happy about that. There's nobody to command the Red Wings.

You go to bed. The he will start talking to himself (hehe, he said snatch), and then Rosa shows up (as if on cue, hehehe).

She starts yelling at you because the Cecil she knows would never be such a pussy, and all that such rot we hear all the time.

Package from King
Tent Behind Guard
Cure1 Behind Guard
300GP Behind Guard
FloatEye Raven
III. Baron to Mist

Go to the city of Baron. Take Kain's advice. Get information. You can't get equipment, because the doors are locked. Check the swords at the back of the Inn. And unless you are the greatest Final Fantasy player in the world, I suggest going to the Training Rooms in all of the towns for great tips on playing the game.

Well, I guess you can leave the town. Southwest of Baron is the first Chocobo Forest. The cave that leads to Mist is northwest of Baron. The cave is really not that hard. Just go everywhere. Periodically you will hear a voice that tells you to go back. Don't listen to it.

Well, well, the voice was really a dragon that goes by the name D. Mist. And of course he is going to want to fight you.

After you kill the dragon, walk out the door. Go east to get to the town. Before you enter the town, unequip Kain, because he will be leaving soon. When you walk into Mist, the Package will open automatically open, burning the village and almost everybody in it. You will find a girl, Kain wants to kill her, but you talk him out of it. She is pissed, so she gets in a fight with you. After the fight you wake up, see that Kain is gone, and pick up Rydia and take her to the nearest town.

     In Baron
Cure1 by door of Inn
Cure1 x2 inside Inn
Heal inside Inn
Tent inside Inn
Cure1 by Rosa's House
Elixir in Rosa's house
Tent in Rosa's house
Heal x2 behind old lady
Tent x2 in the water
     In Cave
Cure1 x2 B1F
Heal B1F
Tent B1F
FloatEye SandMoth
SwordRat Eagle
Imp Sand Man
D. Mist
IV. Mist to Damcyan

The nearest town happens to be Kaipo, which is Northeast of were you are now. As soon as you walk into the town, you take her to the Inn. You go to sleep, and in the middle of the night, soldiers from Baron come and try to kill Rydia. You get in a fight with them. The officer runs away as soon as you kill the soldiers. If you kill the Officer first, the soldiers will commit suicide. After the fight, Rydia finally starts talking to you. And then Rydia the Caller officially joins you in your quest. In town, you learn that an old geezer named Tellah is blocking the way to Damcyan. You also learn that the Prince of Damcyan can sing as beautifully as a bard (what a most useless ability singing is, for a guy anyway). You find Rosa here, and learn that she can only be cured with the SandRuby, in the cave of the Antlion. You also learn that only Damcyan royalty can enter the cave. (that means that the bard joins you, Yippee-Rippin'). Leave the town. I really suggest that you stay in the desert and get Rydia's levels up (she will also learn more magic).

When you are ready, the cave to get to Damcyan is Northeast of the town.

This cave is pretty easy, too. Almost, if not all, of the enemies in this cave are weak against Thunder.You'll come across Tellah, who will tell you a little about himself, and tells you that a wicked bard seduced his daughter (I thought it was supposed to be the other way around, her seducing him, but I guess that his very sexy bard singing is just to much for her to deny). Then he will join your party. At the savespot, Tellah tells you more about Anna, his daughter. Go a little ways, then you pop out of the cave. Rest. Then go into the other cave. You fall in the waterfall. Then you come across Octomamm.

Beat him, and then go on to Damcyan.

     In Kaipo
Ether1 by weapon shop
     In 1st cave
Cure1 1F
Heal 1F
Tent 1F
120GP 1F
IronRing 1F
Cure1 B2F
Ether1 B2F
IceRod B2F
200GP B3F
Cure1 B3F
Cure1 B2F
Leather B2F
Ether1 x2 Watery Pass
Heal Watery Pass
Darkness Watery Pass
     In 2nd cave
Darkness B2F
Darkness B2F
Darkness Lake
Ether1 Lake
Officer Soldier
Sand Man SandMoth
TinyMage WaterHag
SwordRat Pike
CaveToad Mad Toad
EvilShel Aligator
WaterBug Larva
Zombie SandPede
Imp SandWorm
V. Damcyan to Kaipo

Whenever you come close to Damcyan, the red Wings come and bomb the place. Go on in. As soon as you get in the building, back up one step. Go around the right side of the building. There is a little room with some equipment and another set of stairs. Put the RubyRing on Rydia, because Tellah will be going away soon. Also give her the Leather helmet. Save the CrossBow and Arrows for Rosa. Then go into the castle. You find a lot of dead people. At this point, I suggest unequiping Tellah. Go to the top. Tellah finds Anna here, almost dead. He then starts beating the shit out of the "Spoony Bard." Anna tells Tellah that she loves that friggin' bard. Then find out that Golbez took their Crystal of Fire. And that Anna shielded the bard from the arrows. Tellah leaves, off to avenge Anna's death. The Rydia basically calls Edward a pussy (which is so very true). Prince Edward joined as a Bard (Yippee). He lends you his hovercraft ('bout the only good thing you get from him).

The Antlion cave is east of the castle. In the second room, the first door you see goes to a charm harp for Edward. The door in the middle of the second room leads to the Antlion.

Edward, like a dumbass, goes right in between the Antlion's sharp little fangs. He jumps back, and you get in a fight with the Antlion.

The way to Kaipo is Southwest of the Damcyan.

     In Damcyan
Iron x20
     In Antlion Cave
190GP B1F
Cure1 x3 B1F
210GP B1F
Tent x2 B1F
Life B1F
Ether1 B1F
Life B2F
Charm B2F
Heal B2F
250GP B2F
SandRuby Antlion's Nest
Imp Imp Cap.
Turtle Basilisk
Cream Weeper
VI. Kaipo to Fabul

Equip Rosa with the CrossBow and whatever you took from Tellah. Leave town. The way to Fabul is northeast of Damcyan.

Go in the first door you see. It leads to a savespot and some items. In the next area, you find some white arrows. I suggest that you save those until you get the twins. Then you see Yang kickin' some butt. Then you join in the fight. Just beat the crap out of it, and it will turn into a bunch of little ones. After the fight, Yang officially joins your team. Then leave the mountain by the door that was behind Yang. Fabul is east of the mountain. Go to the Inn and rest, and then go to the weapons/armors dealer. Buy your favorite claw for Yang, and buy all of the black stuff for Cecil. Then go up the middle set of stairs.

At this time it is a good idea to unequip Rosa. Go to the King's Chamber. After some dialog, you go down to the entrance of the castle, and start getting into a long line of fights. All the while getting closer to the Crystal Room. You go into the Crystal Room, and Kain shows up. He doesn't look like he wants to be friends, though. You will more that likely lose. After the battle, Golbez makes his first appearance. Whole buncha stuff happens. Leave the Crystal Room, and go to the little button on the right side of the King's Chamber. Go through the door and get a Black shield.

    In Mt. Hobs
Tent West
Cure1 West
Heal West
350GP West
White Summit
    In Fabul
500GP Right Tower
Tent Right Tower
Cure1 x2 Left Tower
Heal Left Tower
Tent Left Tower
Cure1 x2 King's Chamber
Ether1 King's Chamber
Black King's Chamber
Black Kings Chamber
Bomb GrayBomb
Skeleton Gargoyle
Coctric Imp Cap.
Needler Spirit
General Fighter
VII. Fabul to Mt. Ordeals

Unequip everyone. Get on the boat. You're off to Baron. After a short while, Leviathan shows up. (A little information tidbit: Leviathan is, in the Real World, not in the game, one of the four princes of Hell, along with Satan, Lucifer, and Belial; interesting, isn't it?) The crew is running around like a bunch of idiots, and the Captain finally gets a hold of his sanity enough to tell them to settle down. They don't listen. You wake up alone, right next to the town of Mysidia. (Remember that place, I bet they're really happy to have you there) Go in the town. All of the people have rude things to say to you, and a few will work there magic on you. Go in the temple-like thing in the center of the town. Talk to the dude in black. He also tells these two little farts to go with you, and they go by the names Palom and Porom. Go equip them with armor. Get the Flame rod and Cure staff for now, but before you go to Mt. Ordeals, equip them with CrossBows and White Arrows, because everybody on the Mountain is weak against arrows or sacred power. I highly recommend staying around the town to get their levels up. When you are ready, go to Mt. Ordeals. All you have to do is follow the land-path (sort of like following the yellow brick road, but not near as corny).

No Items
No Bosses
No New Enemies
VIII. Mt. Ordeals to Mysidia

There is a Chocobo forest southwest of Mt. Ordeals. Equip the twins with the CrossBow & White arrows as soon as you get into the mountain. Just keep going up and kill anything that moves (Except Tellah, of course). After awhile you come upon Tellah. Sage Tellah joins your party. Equip him with a set of bow & arrows, if you have them. Then you come to a fork in the road. (Ohh, no!) Go left to get the treasure, and the go to the right and up. Something hisses. (Eeek!) I recommend saving right here, because there is a chance that this boss isn't as easy as all the others. Something hisses again. (Ohh my gosh!) Prepare to fight... Milon. (Who would've guess, huh?) After the fight, go back and save. Change the rows that your people are in, because you will get attacked from behind. That is one ugly mother... The same strategy ought to work against this guy too. (After all, it is the same monster, just, like, different) Go back and save again, and then go into the door. This light gives Cecil the power to overcome his past self, and accept the light into his heart. (Reminds me of a certain "religion") Just stay alive and you will win. That friggin' light called me Son! Master Tellah recalls all of his old spells, and he also learns a new spell; Meteo. Go save, and then work your way back down the mountain. (Exit doesn't work) Then follow the yellow brick road (Again). Back to Mysidia.

    Mt. Ordeals
Ether1 x2 7th Section
Legend at the top
Cloth at the top
Lilith Soul
RedBone Zombie
Ghoul Revenant
Milon Milon-Z
IX. Mysidia to the Airship

Go talk to the Elder. You must go to Baron via the Serpent Road. The Elder will stay up in the tower and pray for your success. Go to the Serpent Road, and we're off to Baron. Go to the Inn. You will find Yang and some guards. He doesn't seem to be happy to see you. Just beat the crap out of the Guards and then beat Yang within an inch of his life. He's back to normal. He was hypnotized. Yang joins the party. Yang has the key to Baron. Open the Armor place and buy some armor for Yang. Equip everyone with something that attacks with Thunder, except Cecil. Then open the door right under Cid's house. Go right and get the treasure chest. Then go down the stairs. Get the chests, go up, and leave the exit. Go down, get the chest, go down, go up, get the chest, go right, go right, go up, get the chest, go right and up to the door. Turn left, go in the door. There's a savespot and a useless Sword. Then go right and up, and viola, you are behind the castle of Baron. Go around the left side, and go in the right door. Go up the stairs, down the stairs, and to your right. You see Baigan. Chief Guard of Baron, Baigan joins your party. (Yeah, and I believe in an all-knowing being named God) Then the twins say, "It smells like a monster." (Hmm, I don't smell anything, do you?) Now Baigan attacks.  Go to the King's Chambers. There he is, the King (Yeah, right). Oh no, it's the Fiend of Water, Kainazzo. Have Cecil attack, the twins use Twin, Tellah use Lit3, and Yang attack. Cid comes in yellin' at something that isn't even here anymore. The he sees you and shuts up. Cid leads you to the airship, but not before you lose a couple o' people. Meanwhile... another one of those. We are out of Baron, and here comes Kain to deliver the good news (*Snicker, snicker*)

Baron From Yang
1000GP Old Water-way
Cure2 Old Water-way
Ether1 Old Water-way
Life Old Water-way
500GP B3F
Life B3F
Ether1 B2F
Ancient B1F
Ether1 x5 Right Tower
Cure2 x3 Right Tower
Life x4 Right Tower
Cure1 Right Tower
Tent x2 Right Tower
Elixir Right Tower
Guard Crocdile
ElecFish Piranha
EvilShel Hydra
Baigan Kainazzo
X. The AirShip to The Tower of Zot

I figure that now that you have the airship, you will want to explore. Be my guest. When you are done, Toria is northwest of Baron. In Toria you learn that you cannot fight in the Dark Elf's cave with metal weapons. I say that you should keep your strongest equipment on, and run from every fight. That saves you money, and gets you through the cave faster. But if you need the fights, go ahead and buy the crappy equipment. In Toria castle, you will find Edward. Get out of the castle, go straight up to get a Black Chocobo, and then go East to get to the cave. Be sure that you take the silver ring off of Yang (if you even got it), or any metal on Yang (his claws are ok). Make sure to keep one person without metal on. Also, make sure you get the harp from Edward.

Just go through the cave. It's pretty short. When you get to the Dark Elf, he talks in ALL CAPS (wonder why, maybe he's got a stick up his ass?). For the first fight, you will come close to dying. Then Edward talks to you with his harp. It destroys the elf's metallic barrier. If you took my advice earlier, just run up to him and start the fight. If you didn't, equip yourselves, and then go up and fight him. In his first form, he just uses some crappy attack. But when "ME CHANGE," he does D. Breath, and that sucks. Whenever you win (assuming that you will), you will get the Crystal. Leave the Crystal Room, and then use Exit. take the Crystal to Toroia. Kain tells you to take the crystal out to your airship. Go to the treasure room and get all of the treasures. Now go to the Airship.

1000GP behind sunbather
Cure2 behind sunbather
Ether1 behind sunbather
Ether2 behind sunbather
     Tororian Castle
Ether1 x5 B1F
Tent x2 B1F
Cure2 x4 B1F
RubyRing x2 B1F
Heal x2 B1F
Ether2 x2 B1F
Elixer x2 B1F
20000GP B1F
GreatBow B1F
Fire x20
Lit x10
Ice x10
Treant Cannibal
Python CaveNaga
Cave Bat Ogre
Panther VampGirl
Dark Elf
XI. The Tower of Zot to Agart

This is a big place. On the first floor, in the upper-left corner is Fire Armor, the door is in the upper right.

On the second floor, a Fire Sword is in the upper left, guarded by a FlameDog, along with the door.

On the third, the door is right above the one you came in.

On the forth floor, there are three doors in the center of the room. Go in all of them. You should find: a Poison Claw, a Fire Shield, an Earth Wrench, and a Wizard Tunic.

On the fifth, there is a savespot and the delta sisters. They are probably the hardest required boss there is. After the battle, go back and save. Unequip Tellah, as he will die. (or blink away, whatever you prefer) Tellah will get into a fight with Golbez, killing himself in the process. Go talk to Kain. You will rush off to save Rosa. Both of them now join your party. Equip them. Now go down and fight Valvalis. When you win, the tower will fall, but Rosa uses Exit just in time. It puts you right back at your old bedroom. Kain gives you a key to the underground. Go into the right tower and get all the treasures. Leave the castle. Go south and land at the first island you see; Agart.

     Tower of Zot
Fire 1F
Fire 2F
Poison 5F
Fire 5F
Earth 5F
Wizard 5F
Slime IceBeast
Marion Puppet
SwordMan EpeeGirl
Gremlin Carapace
Ice Liz  
Sandy Cindy
Mindy Valvalis
XII. Agart to the Tower of Ba-bil

Ok, you are in Agart. Go straight up and throw the key into the well. Good. Now go out of the town, get in your airship, and fly into the hole you made. When you are underground, you will fly into the middle of a battle. Then you will land right next to the Castle of Giott. Unequip Cid. Go in, and go to the King's Chambers. Then Cid will leave, off to fix the airship. Ohh no, it's a little doll. Six of them! You fight them. Battle's over, in comes Golbez, he just beats the living shit out of you, then Rydia shows up, and you get to repay the favor. Back out in the castle you are told to go to the Tower of Bab-il. This is a big Castle, with lots of treasure. When you are done, take their special path out to the (under)world. The tower is north-west of Giott.

     Left Tower
500GP 4F
Cure2 5F
Bl. Belt 5F
Ether1 5F
Elixer 5F
     Right Tower
Ether1 5F
Elixer 5F
Strength 5F
Ether2 5F
Carrot x3 B1F
Cabin x3 B2F
Dark Imp Armadilo
Tortoise BlackLiz
Cal Brena
XIII. Tower of Ba-bil to Baron

On the first floor you should find 20 Ice Arrows and an Ether1. Equip Rosa with those arrows.

2F, a Bandanna right by the door. A Blizzard Spear in the first door, an IceBrand in the door to the right, and the middle door leads to 3F.

3F, a CatClaw right next to the door, an Ether1 to the right of the door, an Elixir right next to the left door to 4F. There are two doors that lead to 4F.

The right door leads to: Archer Bow, and a Life.

The left door leads to: a savespot, an Ice Shield, Ice Armor, and the door is in the upper left corner.

5F, Cure2, savespot, Ether2.

6F, leads to Dr. and Balnab. Fight them. Unequip Yang, and then go to the locked door on 5F. Yang will go away. Leave. You will enter a chase scene and Cid will leave closing the way to the underground. Go up to Baron.

Ice x20 1F
Ether1 1F
Bandanna 2F
Blizzard 2F
IceBrand 2F
CatClaw 3F
Ether1 3F
Elixer 3F
Archer 4F
Life 4F
Ice 4F
Ice 4F
Cure2 5F
Ether2 5F
EvilDoll Alert
FlameMan FlameDog
Chimera Tofu
Naga Medusa
Dr. Lugae(1) Balnab
Dr. Lugae(2) Balnab-Z
XIV. Baron to the Falcon

You're in Baron. Go talk to Cid's workers. The hovercraft is more than likely by Mt. Hobbs, which is northeast of Baron. Pick it up, then go southwest to Eblan. Go into the cave, go right, get treasure, go right and down to the treasure chest, go up to the bridge, go left then down then left, then go in the door. You are in a town. Leave the town, go left and up, get treasure, go down, get treasure, go back up and out the door. go up and right, then up, get treasure, go down, go through wall, get treasure, go out, go through door, go down, right, up through the door. Go in the door to your right, save, get the Drain Sword. Leave door, go up, find Edge. (He's a real ladies man.)

Tower of Bab-il. You are on the outside of the tower. Edge pushes you through the the wall, somehow.

B1F, there is a cure3 right when you enter. and a cure3 after the door to B2F.

B2F, there's an ogre axe in the center of the floor, guarded by 4 mad ogres.

B3F, 2000GP

B4F, Middle

At the top, you will fight Edge's parents, don't worry about using up MP or HP, because Rubicant will cure you before you fight him. Just keep people alive. Go through the door and you will fall. Walk a little ways and you will find an airship. Edge names it Falcon.

Cure3 x2 B1F
Ogre B2F
2000GP B3F
Middle B4F
IronBack GiantBat
BlackCat Mad Ogre
Sorcerer BladeMan
Balloon Grudger
Green D. Q. Lamia
K. Eblan Q. Eblan
XV. Falcon to the fixed Falcon

Ok, pop outa' the tower and into the Falcon. Go to the castle of Giott. Go to the King's Chambers. He will give you Luca's necklace. Then go see Cid. He's in the dwarf infirmary. "Henpecked, boy?" That's #@*&ing funny! (Ooops, got a little too excite, hehehe) And he's off to upgrade the Falcon. And just like that, he falls asleep (but not before he fixes it.) Ta-da! Get in the airship, and you can do one of two things:

Continue on to XVI


Begin the Extra #1

No Items
No Enemies
No Bosses
XVI. Fixed Falcon to Psycho Kain

Go to the Sealed Cave. It is south of the cave to the Land of Summoned Monsters, and southwest of Giott. TrapDoors Really suck. On the second room of B1F, the first and second door have nothing in them. On B2F the first door door has nothing in it. The second door has the Light Sword in it. The third has and Elixer, a Ninja Star, and 5000GP. Nothing in the fourth door. Fifth door has a savespot. Sixth has a Ninja Helm and a Long Sword. The very last door on B2F has nothing in it. The first door you see on B3F has nothing. The second door has an Ether2 and a Cure3. On B5F, after you fight another door and get the crystal, there is a very EvilWall. Really Hard. After you fight the wall, go back to the bottom of the cave. Ohh My!!!

    Sealed Cave
Life B1F
Long B1F
Ether1 x2 B1F
Cure2 B1F
Life x2 B2F
Light B2F
Elixer B2F
Ninja B2F
Ninja B2F
Long B2F
Ether1 x2 B2F
Cure2 B2F
Life B3F
Ether2 B3F
Cure3 B3F
VampLady Were Bat
TrapDoor Screamer
HugeNaga MantCore
XVII. Psycho Kain to Yang (Kinda)

HaHa! A drill!!! Now use it. Go up where you came down the first time. Now go get the old airship (Next to the top of the Tower of Bab-il). Pick up the HoverCraft. Now go to a little strip of islands northeast of the Tower. Go into the cave, give the short man your tail, and he will give you a piece of adamant. Go up to Fabul. Go up the left tower and talk to Yang's wife 3 times. She will give you a pan. Go back and get the Falcon. Go down the hole you just drilled. Go straight down and go in the house. Go up the stairs and give the old man the adamant.

Now go to the Land of Summoned Monsters.



No Items
No Enemies
No Bosses
XVIII. Yang to the Moon

Go to Mysidia. It is west of The Great Hole. (The one that takes you to the Underworld/Overworld). Hey, look at that. It's the Legend. Look at all the pretty colors! The Big Whale!! Now, go back to the underground smithy. I (Excalibur) am done! Great sword, man!! Go back to The Big Whale. It's got a Fat Chocobo and beds. Yes!! Talk to the crystal in the middle. And we're off to the moon!!

No Items
No Enemies
No Bosses
XIX. The Moon to FuSoYa

Go to a cave southeast of were you land. It is just west of the castle. There is an Elixer guarded by 2 Procyote and 2 Juclyote. Then you go outside. Search a little but and you will find another Lunar Path. Nothing in it. Then you go outside. Search a little bit, and you will find the entrance to the castle. FuSoYa!! He joined. Go back to The Big Whale.

If you have been to the land of Summoned Monsters Go get Bahamut.



Procyote Juclyote
MoonCell Pudding
Balloon Grenade
Red Worm  
No Bosses
XX. FuSoYa to Lunarian's Lair

Back to earth. WTF is that?! The Dwarves! Yang and the Sylphs! Cid! Palom and Porom! Edward! Into the mouth?! Neck, chest, stomach. Passage?! There is an Elixer guarded by a Last Arm. Lung. Ahhh, the Elementals! But, they heal you. Beat them. Go back and save. Go up. CPU! WTF?! Ok, back on the moon. Go to the Lunarian's Lair.

Shuriken Chest
Cure2 Chest
Ether1 Chest
Cabin Chest
Life x2 Stomach
Elixer Passage
No Enemies
No Enemies
XXI. Lunarian's Lair to The End

Into the Core. Go in the left passage. In the lefft passage, you can get a Life staff and the Murasame. In the right, a Ninja Tunic. Then go in the bottom passage. On Subbterainean Level 6, go down the left stairs and then go left really far. WOW!!! Ain't it cool?

Sorry there is not much navigational info, but I am Really Friggin' Tired.

The End

Life L2
Murasame L3
Ninja L1
Flame L2
Dragoon L2
Dragoon L3
Dragoon L3
Dragoon L3
Artemis x10 L4
Elixer L4
Cure3 x2 L4
Stardust L4
Crystal L5
Protect L5
Crystal L5
Crystal L5
White L5
Crystal L5
Artemis x10 L6
Ninja L6
Life L6
Protect L6
Crystal L4
Heroine L6
Ribbon x2 L6
Ninja x2 L6
Masamune L6
Elixer L6
Whistle L6
Warlock Kary
RedGiant D. Bone
King-Ryu Ging-Ryu
Behemoth Red D.
Blue D. D. Fossil
FatalEye EvilMask
Pale Dim D. Lunar
Plague Wyvern
Ogopogo Zeromus
Extra # 1

1st thing's first. Southwest of Giott is a dwarf town. (Tomra) Go there. Buy weapons and armor. Go to the castle that is on an island in the middle of the magma. (It's to the northwest) Before you walk on the floor, have Rosa cast Float. Oh, yeah, make sure that Rosa learns Wall before you reach the end of this cave. AHHH, DAMNIT!! Don't forget to cast Float after you go down or up stairs! Pretty easy cave. On B3F, there is a treasure chest at the top that is guarded by 5 warriors. You have been warned!! When you reach B4F, you are in the Land of Summoned Monsters. At the top of B4F, there is a teleporter. Go in it. And then go in it again. Go Down and get the rat tail. You give it to a small person later, and in return, he gives you a piece of adamant, which you give to the blacksmith so he can make me!?! (Excalibur) And on the same floor, there is a hidden teleporter straight up from the chest that contains 3000 GP. And right below the teleporter (after you teleport) is another one that takes you outside. Don't use that one yet. Now go to the teleporter at the top. Buy stuff. (Very expensive shit!!) Go in the library last. (The one with the chocobo in front of it) Go down the stairs, and go into the teleporter, and talk to the Queen. (But make sure you are ready for a battle... A big battle) Take her test. You will succeed if you follow my orders. After you beat her, challenge the King. (Be prepared for another battle) Remember that teleporter that took you outside? Use it. Get in the airship.

470GP House in top left
Cure2 x2 House in top left
490GP House in top left
Cabin House in top left
480GP House in top left
     Cave to LoSM
Cure2 B1F
Life B1F
Ether1 B1F
Cabin B2F
Cure2 B2F
Cure3 B3F
Ninja B3F
Poison B3F
Cure2 B3F
Defense B3F
Ether1 B4F
2000GP x2 B4F
Rat B4F
3000GP B4F
Samurai B4F
Samurai B4F
Elixer B4F
Ether2 B4F<      LoSM
Hooligan Arachne
Red Eye Clapper
Conjurer RockMoth
Warrior Fiend
Asura Leviatan
Extra # 2

Go in the cave. USE FLOAT!! On B1F (the second room), there is a different set of stairs right above the ones you came out of. Follow all the hidden paths, and then fall down a hole, then go into a teleporter, you will come to a room with 6 treasure chests and a teleporter. All the treasure chests are guarded.

The whole upper row are guarded by 6 ghosts and have an elixer in each.

The lower left is guarded by 2 DarkTrees and 2 Molbols and has a FullMoon in it.

The lower middle is guarded by 2 Molbols and has an avenger sword in it.

The lower right is guarded by 2 CentPedes and has 10 Medusa arrows in it. and the teleporter takes you outside.

Back into the cave, and on B2F, there is a mute knife guarded by 6 TinyToads and a ToadLady. On B2F, there are two sets of steps, one goes to B3F, and one goes to B1F. Go in the first one. Get some stuff, then go in the second one.  It's B3F, and it houses...Yang! and some Sylphs. Yang wants to come with you, but the Sylphs come as Calls instead. Go up the steps, and go on that little platform. Ta-Da!! You are now outside.

Charm B1F
Cure2 B1F
Cabin B1F
1000GP B1F
ElvenBow B1F
Mute B2F
Ether1 B1F
Cure2 B1F
Lit B1F
Ice B1F
Fire B1F
Elixer B3F
Cure2 B3F
Heal B3F
Charm B3F
ToadLady TinyToad
Ghost DarkTree
RocLarva CentPede
TrapRose Molbol
Extra # 3 Bahamut

His cave is on the moon, south of where you are when you first go to the moon. When ever you get into the cave, go down, get the treasure, then go back up and to your right, then continue. Watch out for Behemoth. He's difficult and at set spots. Go up to the person thing in between the pillars. (Be prepared for a big ass fight) After the fight, go back to The Big Whale.

No Enemies