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Mother 2

•Dar Har! Ver. 2.0
06.23.2005     Update by Hiryuu

NOW the Enemies page is _truly_ complete, and it wasn't just niggling stat details that were fixed. Thanks to PK Hack and yours truly, we now have an Enemies Page to be proud of, as well as an Experience Chart. Hopefully the rest of the shrine (especially the walkthrough) will be worked on in the not too distant future.

•Dar Har!
06.29.2002     Update by Merlin

Other than some niggling stat details, the EB shrine's Enemies page is _complete_! Hurray for me. I have also upgraded the EB Quotes page significantly. I have no idea when this shrine will be next updated, but believe you me one of my goals for the next year is to complete the walkthrough, we really need one.

•Enemies Page Redux
06.28.2002     Update by Merlin

Another hefty update has been made to the enemies page. Hopefully I can finish that and the quotes page by the end of the weekend, at which point my summer work on EB will be done. Enjoy them.

•Enemies Page
06.12.2002     Update by Merlin

I've added a slew of new pictures to the enemies page, it's now mostly complete all the up to Summers. I'll keep adding on to it. I also have a ton of new quotes to add to the quotes page, and that'll get done sooner or later, although I doubt I'll make an update about it until the quotes page is basically done (barring future quote donations).

•Quotes Page
06.09.2002     Update by Merlin

Man, this shrine hasn't been updated in almost a year ;_; Anyway, I'm working on a quotes page for EB as I play through the game, so I included it in the table of contents for your viewing pleasure. Also, I'm continuing to work on the enemies page and I hope to have all pictures at least captured if not edited within the week. And I really want to make a walkthrough for this excellent game but it may have to wait till this time next yet :( Anyways, happy 'Bounding.

•Enemy Pictures
08.02.2001     Update by Merlin

I've uploaded a few enemy pictures to the enemies page. I plan on adding more and more as time goes on. They really kickaft, I'm quite pleased with my work so go check them out!

•Address change and New Co-Maintainer
05.20.2001     Update by Mr. Saturn

If you have this page bookmarked, it's time to CHANGE YOUR BOOKMARKS. The sites address is Though I would just bookmark the RPGC main page at, myself... Also, Merlin will be taking duties as co-maintainer with a batch of Earthbound monster pics. I'd like to welcome Merlin on to the shrine.

•Me Mr. Saturn, B@iNg!, can do all for you
10.11.2000     Update by Mr. Saturn

It had to happen, didn't it? A site with a maintainer named "Mr. Saturn" that doesn't have an Earthbound shrine? Something's wrong here, isn't it... Not any longer. I'm Mr. Saturn, and I'm here to correct everything by presenting to you the RPGClassics Earthbound Shrine. Enjoy. z@@m!

Only in a game could a war that only 4 children knew about end up as a national newspaper headline. Well, not in most games by any means. Only in Earthbound.

Ah, Earthbound. Leave it to Nintendo and Shigesato Itoi to make fun of Enix's Dragon Warrior with class. The game used the play system made famous by Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior in the US) and added a comedic touch. The game is set in Eagleland (a parody of America), in the year 199X (A mere decade before Dr. Light created the Super Robot Megaman in 200X, but that's a different story). The game is about very normal kids from the heart of *ahem* Eagleland who end up on an... interesting journey. But don't spend all day reading about, go out and play it!


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Mr. Saturn

Earthbound and Mother 2 are and 1994, 1995
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