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Monstoru and Amos

Take the Divine Ship east of Gent. You'll notice this sign.

Now head north, and you'll reach the village of Monstoru.
Once in Monstoru, search the town to find a Piece of Cloth, 15 Gold, Antidote Herb, 3 Gold, a Scale Shield, and a Tiny Medal.
Talk to the people in the town to learn the situation. It seems every night there's an earthquake.
The local hero, Amos, seems to have fallen sick too. He sleeps all day.
Amos states that he really isn't a hero. He became sick after the beasts bit him, and now the townspeople take care of him. He'll tell you to stay at the inn tonight so you can talk about it tomorrow.
At the Inn, the Innkeeper will try to get you to stay at another village inn. Insist that you want to stay there, and he'll let you spend the night.
During the night, you'll be woken up by a loud shaking. The Innkeeper will not allow you to leave the inn so head up the stairs and onto the roof.
In the middle of the town is a large beast. Jump off the roof to start the battle.
This battle is very easy compared to your last battle with Mudo. Monstora mainly uses regular attacks but does have a stomping attack which can take 50 HP off everyone. Have Hassan use Spirit Punch while everyone else uses regular attacks. Chamoro and Muriel should heal others when needed.
Right before you kill the monster, the Innkeeper charges out to stop you.
Suddenly, the monster turns into Amos! The villagers all come and help take him back to his house to tend his wounds.
The next morning, the Innkeeper tells you not to let Amos know about this. Amos has been infliced with this curse ever since he saved the village, but the villagers have learned to deal with the problem. They don't want to kick him out because he saved the town. Now go talk to Amos.
Talk to Amos. Whatever you do, do NOT tell him about his illness. If you do, he will leave, and you won't be able to recruit him.
After talking to Amos, talk to the old lady in the house near the town entrance. She says that a similar problem happened to her husband, and he cured it by taking a seed from the Northern Mountain. Leave Monstoru.
Head north to the mountain.
Climb up the ladder and talk to the old man. He'll tell you the Seed of Reasoning is on this mountain. Enter the cave.
Head west then southwest and up the stairs.
Head south to get back outside.
Head north and up the ladder and enter the western cave.
Heast east and go up the stairs.
Open the chest for a Morning Star then head back down the stairs. And back outside onto the mountain.
Head to the far east and enter the cavern there.
Head north and go up the stairs. Then head south and leave then cavern.
Head up the ladders then walk west across the bridge. Enter the cavern.
Head west and then walk south and down through the exit.
Walk up the ladder and expamine the plant.
The plant will uh... tell you that there's a seed nearby, but it's not sure where.
Now walk 2 steps left of the plant and search the ground to find the seed. If you talk to the plant again, it'lll tell you that it will always be here for advice if you need it. Now return to Monstoru.
Go back to Amos's house and talk to him. The Hero will crush the Seed of Reasoning and rub it on Amos's head.
Suddenly, Amos transforms into the monster. Walk up and talk to him, and it'll appear a battle starts.
Amos is a real trickster. Now he can control his powers, and he'll transform back to normal.
He'll ask if he can join your party. Say yes, and Amos joins up.