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The Bonus Dungeon

Things probably didn't seem to be adding up- you only have 99 Small Medals, and Terry found something strange in the ending. What does this mean? Well, if you did an all natural save before killing Deathtamoor, you can now uncover the Bonus Dungeon. See the item Terry saw in the ending? Well that cave is the Amoru Cave in the Dream World.

Head right there, and search where Terry was exploring to find the Book of Babbles which opens up the last job- Metal Babble.
This is the class- very nice defense, low HP and Attack. Get the Metal Babble class to level 5 then return to the Dharma Shrine.
If you have every job at at least level 5 between the members of your party, you can break the seal in the torch room in Dharma Shrine.
A door will appear in the back of the room. Head inside and go down the stairs.
Welcome to the Bonus Dungeon. The Bonus Dungeon is made up entirely of rooms from previous dungeons and is chock full of the nastiest monsters in the game. In this first room, you'll find the exit in the southwestern corner and a chest with the 100th Small Medal is on the eastern side.
Head south then west on the next floor.
Grab the chest for a Strength Seed then head on south.
Follow the path and grab the chest for a Defense Seed. Then head back down and west and head down the stairs.
Once on the next floor, head south then take the southeastern path and follow it until you reach a 4-way junction.
At the junction, head west, north, then west and follow the path until it leads you to some stairs leading back up. Head up those stairs.
On the next floor, first head east and grab the chest to get Mystic Armor. Head back across the bridge to the west and head north.
Now head all the way north and through the cavern exit.
On this floor, just head all the way north and through the large cavern to exit.
You'll appear in... Lifecod?
The Elder comes out and thanks you for bringing him the Spirit Crown and says he has to prepare for the ceremony (from way back at the beginning of the game). Something's very wrong here. Search around town to find 4 Gold, Small Medal x2, and an Echoing Hat.
This place is a bad mix of the Dream and Real World Lifecods. The Bazaar and Spirit Crown don't exist in the real world, but you were found wounded on the cliff and taken in by Tania like in the Real World.
Head to your house since you can't really go anywhere else and talk to the woman there. Answer yes.
She'll show you the real appearance of this village- that of one populated entirely by monsters!
You are now in Deathcod. Pleasant place.
Talk to the demon upstairs in the pub. It'll tell you that it buried its treasure in Calcado and tell you how to find it. Unless you talk to the demon, you won't have access to the treasure.
Taloon sure has gotten older since Dragon Warrior IV.
Yet another Dragon Warrior IV reference. If only they made unique sprites for them too.
In the basement of the elder's house, you'll find Sancho, and the 1st Hero's kids. They're searching for their parents who have been turned to stone and have a staff to return them to normal. That's that for the Dragon Quest V reference. Search the well to leave Deathcod. Also note, you can now cast Return to reach Deathcod so you won't have to go through the 1st half of the dungeon anymore. On another side note, you can buy some Books of Dragons here for 30000 Gold each. A bit steep, but it's worth it.
In the next floor, head all the way north and through the cavern.

The next room is just like Mudo's dungeon all over again. If you head all the way north, you'll reach the 2nd part of the room.

Heading west then down will get you a chest that's a Mimic.
Heading all the way north and entering the small room will get you a chest with a Shield of Strength inside.
Take any of the stairs except for the one in the northeastern corner up. Walk all the way north then down the stairs.
You'll find this small room. Head to the northern corner.
You'll find a Ruby of Power on this tombstone.
To continue on, head to the northeastern corner of the first floor in the second room. Head east and go up the stairs.
Head all the way south and go up the stairs.
In the next floor, head north until you reach this junction. Head west.
Head north and go through the cavern.
Head north, and you'll reach this junction. First, head east.
Head east and search the skeleton for a Small Medal. Head back west to the junction.
Now this time, head north and go up the stairs.
Now you'll be in the summoning room from Castle Grace. Before heading through the double doors, head east.
Go through the door to grab the Angel's Leotard. Now head through the double doors. Make sure you're healed up before continuing.
Head north and onto the platiform and meditate.
Dark Dream, the one that destroyed Castle Grace will appear. He says that no one controls him and attacks. Your level should be in the low 70's before trying this.
Dark Dream:
If you want to truly win this battle, you have to do it in less than 20 rounds. Dark Dream can attack up to 3 times a round and with brutal attacks. He can hit everyone for about 200 damage with some of his attacks and up to 300 on a single person. He'll frequently use Grand Cross and Wind Attack to do quite a bit of damage. The trick to this is having the Echoing Hat equipped on your healer so every round you can cast HealUs twice a round. You could also have a Healer or Lamp Demon cast HealUsAll every round. Use the Bikill-PowerUp-Spirit Punch technique to do a whole lot of damage. Bring in anyone with Madante to do a lot of damage quickly.
After beating him, Drak Dream will be very impressed by your power. He'll offer to do a job for you- one that you'll appreciate. Also, in the new ending, if anyone can tell me if what Terry is doing is of any significance, I'd appreciate it.