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Chapter 9: Enter Jade & Tyr


          After being rescued by the Mole People, leave Scande and head for Agua. Head all the way up to the top floor. On the top floor, if you haven't already been here, open the door using Karn and follow the path until you come a set of steps. If you came here earlier, go up the steps, if not, grab the chest to get a FlameSH first.

          When you come up the steps, you find a large Dragon Shrine. Enter it and you'll find Altars for all of the Goddess Keys and Sara. She babbles as if she is two different people. Follow her up the steps to find Jade. He taunts you and leaves via a warp tile. Follow him.

          The Warp Tile brings you to Tyr's Tower (it is on the island where you found the TriRang). Tyr's Tower isn't too big for a goddess in my opinion. It only has three floors between the 2 towers, so it is only 6 rooms big. The navigation isn't too hard. Just be wary of the enemies in this board if Ryu is below Level 30. Hopefully by this time, Nina has learned the CuraX Spell and if you need it, the ZomX Spell. Both are very important from now on, especially CuraX. About 3/4 through the Tower, you will meet bump into some kind of Shield mechanism. Sara will then let you pass by. Make sure you heal. All party members except for Bleu lose all but 1 HP. Very mean indeed. Just as you are about to walk down the stairs, Sara challenges you to a fight!


Boss Alert: Sara

          Ryu's sister is no pushover. She has near 15000 HP and very strong attacks. The only way to win this fight is to use Agni, unless you get very very very lucky. Just stay healed using the Cure Item and you will win. She has no second wind.


          Once you defeat Sara, she is free from Jade's control, but she is also dead. Sad as it is, continue down the stairs and across the bridge to Healing Spring. From here, walk west then south. You will see a hole in the floor. Don't go in it. Instead, walk  dead east from the right side of the hole and you can then take the set of stairs on the top wall. Upon emerging, you find yourself in an outerspace type room. Walk over the platform and head South along the path and follow it to a floating platform. You could go North instead, but then the floors dissappear on you (cause of the switches in the floor) and it is much harder to find your way around. Ride the floating platform and continue South along the path until you come to the steps. On this floor take the floating platform to meet Jade. He tells you it is too late and he is All-Powerful. Jade then destroys the Tower and you awaken in Drogen.



          Upon awakening in Drogen, you find that you were unconscious for 3 days!!! You also find out that Jade has also finished ressurecting Obelisk, a flying fortress! You must stop him! The party leaves Drogen and hops on Nina (LOL) as she turns into the Great Bird. Obelisk is where Scande once stood. Fly there and you'll find you cannot enter because Mogu cannot dig through the crack in the floor. Leave and go to Gramor and talk with the Master Digger. He tells you about the I.Claw. You can also find out some more info in Prima.

          You'll find that an Old Woman has the I.Claw. She is on a small island North of Auria. Talk with her and you'll have to start a messanger service between the Man east of Gant and the Woman. Eventually, you get something called the Wtzit which is the I.Claw. Continue this service, until you get the I.Claw from the Old Man. Head back to Gramor and the Master Digger shows Mogu how to use it. Hopefullt Mogu understands, cause it can only be used once! Save, stock up on Cures and Acorns, then head back to Obelisk.



          At Obelisk, Have Mogu dig and sure enough, he got it right!!! Cool! Once inside, ride the floating platforms to move around. It is not to hard to figure out. On the Second floor, you only have once choice on platforms to ride when you enter. Ride it North and then take the Platform on the Bottom of right leg. (The floor looks like a funny shaped person). You will eventually meet Goda who warns you to leave. Follow him and prepare to fight!


Boss Alert: Goda

          If you use Agni, he is no problem. He has a small second wind.


          Continue on. In the next room you will have to ride the platforms and walk on the raised areas to reach the stairway down. Watch out for Ruga. He is a meaner version of RugaX. Also beware of Gargoyles. The path here is very straightforward. Take the stairs down, ride the platform and go down another set of stairs and meet Jade. Refuse his offer and get ready to rumble.


Boss Alert: Jade

          The only differance between the fight with Jade and Goda is that Jade knows the Shock spell which he really likes to use, so be ready to bring the Hero back to life a time or two. His second wind is fairly small. 3 hits from Agni will do the  job.


          Don't worry about healing up before meeting Tyr. Trust me (She'll actually heal you if you pay attention). I won't tell you what to do or spoil the ending for you, but I will say this. Listen to Sara when she shows up. When Tyr reveals her true form, unload on her with Agni. It will take about 30-40 hits to beat her.

bn.gif (1K) Congratulations on beating an extremely hard RPG!!! Kick back and enjoy the ending Sequence!!!

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