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Alex's Harp Alex starts with this item

Only used twice.
Use #1: Used to get to Damon's Spire.
Use #2: Play before ascending the ramp to free Luna after beating the Magic Emperor's 2nd form

Chest Key Alex's House in Burg Used to open the chest in the basement of Alex's house Try to open the chest. Then talk to Alex's father.
Old Ring Ramus' House in Burg Use to melt the ice barrier in the White Dragon's Cave Visit the cave and try to get in. Then go back to Ramus' house and search the cabinet in the NorthWest corner.
Dragon Ring White Dragon's Cave Used to dissapate the force field in the Silver Spire in Vane Quark's Gift
Dragon Diamond White Dragon's Cave Sell to Dross in Merbia Quark's Gift
Woodcutter Axe In a shed in the Weird Woods Give to the Logger and he fixes the bridge for travel to Saith Enter the shed and take the axe.
Father's Letter Alex's house in Burg Give to dockmaster in Saith for passage to Meribia Talk to Alex's father after returning the Woodcutter's Axe.
Water Cane In Nash's possesion when you meet him Exchange with the Old Hag for the Sea Chart Talk to Nash until he joins your party. (It can be used as a weapon until traded)
Sea Chart Old Hag's House Give to the Sea Captain in exchange for the Flint Talk to the Old Hag and trade the Water Cane for the chart.
Flint In possesion of the Boat Captain in Saith Use it to restore the lighthouse fire beacon Talk with the captain while you have the Sea Chart until he gives it to you
Prison Key In Mia's possesion when you she frees you. Use it open the jail cells and talk with the prisoners. One of them cannot be opened... Talk with Lemia and she jails you. Mia will rescue you and give you the key
Althena's Mirror In a chest at the top of the Silver Spire Used to reveal the reason for Lemia's crankiness at the top of the crystal tower Open the chest in the Silver Spire that contains the Mirror
Thief's Crest In a chest in the corner of the Reza Tavern Used to enter the Thieves' Bazaar Try to enter the Bazaar and you get turned down. Talk with the barkeep who tells you to open the chest.
Rain Cloud In the Thieves' Bazaar Used to enter the Red Dragon Cave Buy it in the Bazaar for 500 Silver
Giant Root Eastern Desert Give to the hot air balloon inventor in Iluk so he can finish the balloon Battle Man Eating Plants in the Eastern Desert until you receive one after battle. (You can fight and gain more of them to sell for 500 Silver a piece)
Spire Key Damon's Spire (Floor B1) Used to open the door on the 4th Floor of the Spire Open the chest the key rests in
Goddess' Seal Grimzol's Cave (Floor B3) Use it to cure the sick villagers in Pao by giving to the village Elder Battle and defeat the Inca God at the bottom of the cave
Mirage Potion In possesion of Pao's Village Elder Use it to activate the Transmission Spring near Meryod Given to you after the villagers of Pao are cured.
Hero's Crest Cadin Black Dragon Cave Show to the village elder in Marke so he opens the passage into the Black Dragon Cave there Talk to the man at the bottom of this cave and tell him you're trying to become the Dragonmaster
Key to Ruid Girl in Marke Village Used to enter the town of Ruid Defeat the Black Dragon and return to speak with the girl in the Elder's house
Tower Key In a chest in Ghaleon's Palace on Floor 7 Used to unlock the door on the 9th Floor Open the chest that holds the key