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Inferia Arena

The Inferia Arena is accessible throughout the entire game (at least, so long as you an get to Inferia) at Inferia City. However it's extremely hard. It'd only advise trying it after reaching, at least, Balir's Castle on Disc 3. These enemies are tough. Level 60-tough.

Always use your strongest techs. Since you're healed at the end of every round, don't worry about TP expenditure. A win with 1HP left is as good as one with full HP. It is strongly advised you get the Omega Demon Chaos skill before you attempt these.

City Championship
Squire (2)
Nothing too hard. Work your way through the Squires or jump over them using Spiral Attack and take out the Sage first.
10,000 Gald,
Potion Set
Kraken (2)
Toriton (2)
Use Volt weapons and take out the Krakens first. If you have Omega Demon Chaos, use it here. One of the Toriton's attacks can cause your TP to drop rapidly, so kill fast. You still shouldn't have much trouble though.
Beast Ogre (2)
Fire Cloud
Use Water weapons against the Fire Cloud, then take out the Ogres. If you've been to Sunken Ship, the Vorpal Sword if perfect.

National Championship
Revenant (2)
Mega Death
Get out Excalibur, equip the Mumbane armour, and hack away with Omega Demon Chaos. It's really that simple.
30,000 Gald
Large Gel Set
Mythril Golem (2)
Sky Keeper
Equip a good Volt weapon. Block and wait until they've done their mini-charge attack, then strike back. Ignore the Sky Keeper until last.
Evil Ripper (2)
Tentacles (2)
Watch the shadows on the floor, as this is where the Evil Rippers are. Wait until they've attacked (it shouldn't do that much damage if you block) and then attack. Kill the Tentacles last.

World Championship
Wizard (2)
If you have Rising Phoenix (and you should) use this to bypass the Duelist and kill the Wizards first, otherwise run and jump over said Duelist. Either way, make sure the Wizards die first and you shouldn't have too much trouble Omega Demon Chaos-ing the other guy.
80,000 Gald
Super Surprise Package
Phoenix (2)
Equip the Mystic Sword first. Now, block, and wait for the Phoenixes to pass through you, and then turn around the hit them with the ODC. Don't use Rising Phoenix here, for obvious reasons. Three ODC's should dispose of the Hellkites, and a couple more should take care of the Phoenixes. If you are surrounded, guard until you see a chance to get out, probably under one of the birds.
Hellkite (2)
Red Dragon
Holy crap.
Get the Mystic Sword and ODC as much as you think you can get away with.
Now, remember you can run under the Red Dragon. Use this to your advantage, as under the beast is the safest spot. ODC the Hellkites as you can, and then quickly run back under the Dragon and Guard. Once you've defeated the two smaller ones, the big brute isn't actually that tough.
And remember, you can block their attacks! It's not magic they use!

Secret Challenger