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Tomb of Aifread


Star Shield
Mythril Bracelet (2)
Red Savory
Captain's Hat
13579 Gald
Moon Robe
Red Bellebane
Losagne's Dress

Head to 88, 64 on Inferia. Land on the moon-shaped island and enter the Tomb.

Go down the stairs and into the main hall. Go through the bottom-left door first. Take the left door at the turning. Cross the swordsmen and cook/heal afterwards, 'cause for sure you'll be near death. Go through the bottom door and get the Star Shield and a Mythril Bracelet past those bloody swordsmen. Go back and take the right door. Get the Red Savory. Now go back through the first set of swordsmen and take the upper door you passed. Check the chest on the left for a Lens, then cross the bridge (you must win this fight to proceed), then go right. Push the woman (don't ask) onto the small wooden platform for a little event. Now go back one screen. See those stones? Cross them to enter the now-open semi-hidden door. Continue on and get the Captain's Hat and Aifread's Bread. Take the right exit.

Now go through the door behind the statue. Cross the bridges and go through the door. Walk forwards to fall into the trap (don't worry). Goright and get the Mythril Bracelet, then go up and get the All-Divide, and then continue to the left. Here, cross the lava very fast, else the rocks will sink and you have to start again. Grab the Elixer and Gald, then head out by the right. Talk to the statues here for various phrases and shop (!) then go through the door. Stop the flames here by firing your Freeze Ring continuousl and then go down. Examine the statue here to get Aifread's Hat. Go back to the main room (you won't fall through this time) and give Aifread his hat back.

Head to the room on the right. Continue along the corridor and dodge the guillotines. The chest is a fake, so don't get it. Go down the stairs, into the next room and head left for a Moon Robe. Go down the stairs in this room. Use the Freeze Ring on the guy here to continue. Make a female character the first in your party using the 'Formation > Switch' menus, then go through the teeth-door. Dodge the bombs and get the Red Bellebane in the chest. Go up the stairs and head into the next room. In the room with the coffins, get Aifread's Clothes from the open one, and get the semi-hidden chest for Losagne's Dress. Leave through the bottom and put Aifread's clothes on the statue.

Finally, go down the stairs and get the Light Sphere from the right. If you went to Shizel's Castle and got the Dark Sphere before this, then go to the Conversion Dock in the Relay Point and insert both spheres.