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Aya Brea
Aya Brea, formerly of the NYPD, now works for the FBI in Los Angeles.  She is part of a secretive and elite force, MIST (Mitochondrion Investigation and Suppression Team), which tracks down Neo-Mitochondrion Creatures and Artificial Neo-Mitochondrion Creatures and investigates their origins. 
Pierce Carradine
Pierce Carradine is a co-worker of Aya's.  He is a technical genius and can do nearly anything with a computer, but he is woefully lacking in practical ability.  Loading a weapon with the correct ammunition is a stumper for Pierce.  He is very fond of Aya, however, and will face anything to protect her.
Rupert Broderick
Rupert Broderick is, like Aya, a Hunter, but he takes it very personally.  Having lost a family member to an NMC attack, Rupert hunts the creatures with vengeance.  He is very good at his job, but sometimes his feelings overrule his professional expertise, causing him to make rash decisions.
Jodie Bouquet
Jodie Bouquet runs the armory at the MIST headquarters.  She has a rather smart mouth, but you can count on her when it really matters.  She pokes fun at Pierce on a regular basis, but his eccentricities don't prevent her having feelings for him.  She is very protective of Pierce, and worries about him when he has to face dangerous situations in the real world. 
Kyle Madigan
Kyle Madigan is purportedly a private investigator from LA.  He and Aya meet in Dryfield, and begin working together.  He likes Aya very much, and proves to be a helpful and reliable companion.  Both he and Aya seem to hope that he can be much more than that.
Gary Douglas
Save one, Gary Douglas is Dryfield's only remaining resident when Aya arrives.  He is tough fellow with a pegleg and his own personal armory.  He has been trying to keep Dryfield safe, and Aya is a big help to him.  In return, he has made a deal with MIST to supply Aya with weapons and armor. 
Gary's dog, Flint, is Dryfield's other resident.  He is a prince among dogs - smart, loyal, intuitive, and brave.  More than once, he will provide Aya with assistance.  When Flint indicates that something is wrong, he should always be heeded. 
Eve is a little girl living in the shelter.  She looks remarkably like Aya....apparently with good reason.  Despite the way she has been raised, she is sweet and loving, with a pure heart.  Aya would protect Eve with her life.
No. 9 No. 9 is a golem who plagues Aya throughout the game.  He is a unique character, and his strong personality makes it difficult to believe he was manufactured. 
Eric "Hal" Baldwin
Eric Baldwin is Aya's superior, and has earned the nickname "Hal" due to his personality.  His employees were quick to notice how similar his manner was to that of the computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey.  He recognizes Aya's ability, but deplores her reluctance to follow orders.