Black Dragon Fortress

     When you enter Pao, talking to the townsfolk will reveal that all is not well. Make your way to the southeast teepee and talk with Tempest. When you ask him about the Black Dragon, he tells you that his tribe is nomadic and that his people are the sworn defenders of the Black Dragon's Fortress. Alex hands the Black Dragon Pendant back to Tempest, and then Tempest suggests you leave the village...and then all hell breaks loose!!! An awful song bursts out sending Jessica and Mia twitching on the floor and then Fresca comes running into the teepee and announces that the Black Songstress is inside the Black Dragon's Fortress! Meep! After this, she passes out and Tempest runs off into the Fortress. When you try to follow him, the guards refuse to let you pass without the Elder's permission. So...walk due west and enter the Elder's tent and she gives you permission. Walk back and the guards let you pass. Walk through this cave and when you get to the exit you'll be in the Gosai Doragon Fortress (For you non-japanese speaking friends, that's my (horrible) attempt at saying Black Dragon Fortress :P).

     Once inside the Fortress, you need to pay close attention. A few of the chests in here have some very nasty traps (as in they drain HALF of your remaining MPs from EVERY character), so pay attention cause you'll need every last one of those MPs.

     From the entrance, head north into the next room. Go through the door on the west side of the room to get a chest holding a Dragon Bandanna for Nash, and then keep head north through the door in the main part of the room, and go east and head south through the door. You should now be in the room that has the steps going up to Floor 2. Pass them up for now and head south again and follow the corridor to get a chest holding a Dream Bow. Walk back to the stairs and go up.

     When you come out on Floor 2, head south and grab the chest for an Angel Ring and enter the next corridor. Do NOT open the chest to your right since it is one of those nasty little traps. Instead, go left to find Tempest. He once again marvels at your strength, and then he joins your party. (If you try to leave, he'll leave and you can find him in the same spot).

     Now that you have Mr. T in your party (:P), head northwest to find a chest containing a Silver Light just after the door to the next chamber. Just walk through the rooms in a clockwise manner and you'll come to the next set of steps. Pass up the chest you find on the way. It's another MP Drain trap.

     When you step out on the 3rd Floor, head south to enter the next room and head right to grab a chest holding another Silver Light, and then head west and take the first door you pass by. As soon as you do, the Black Dragon's Spirit appears above you because his body is already under Ghaleon's control. He wants you to destroy his body before the Black Songtress uses it in Ghaleon's evil plan. He also gives you the Black Dragon Armor, but you're not a Dragonmaster yet. You still need to prove the purity in your heart to pass the final Dragon Trial. His spirit fades, and Nall makes a few comments. Continue on to the next room which has 2 doors AFTER you make sure you have all the Dragon Armor EQUIPPED. Take the northeast door to nab Kyle the Dark Armor, and then head back to take the northwest door. Travel through the next room and you'll be in a room with another chest. Snag it to attain the Dark Sword for Kyle, and then walk south to the stairs going up. Once you take the stairs, stop and take the time to save your game and equip everyone with Healing Nuts and Silver Lights (make sure Nash's inventory is full since he is gonna be your healer), but DO NOT HEAL. Trust me, it will be O.K. Walk east and grab the chest for a Dragonfly Wing, and take the time to change your battle grid so everyone is lined up along the right side going top to bottom and are evenly spaced out. Save again before heading up the stairs into the Black Dragon's Lair.

     As you enter the Lair, you find out what you had already known in your heart: Luna is the Black Songstress. Tempest wants to move in for the kill, but Nall manages to keep him stalled long enough for Alex to get one chance to break Ghaleon's Spell on her. Alex's words don't do a damn thing, and Luna belts out a tune that causes everyone great pain and calls for Ghaleon to appear and save her. Sure enough, the head cheese himself appears and orders the Black Dragon's Body to attack you. Everyone becomes paralyzed and the Black Dragon blasts you over and over again. When it seems all hope is lost, Alex plays his Ocarina in desperation. As he begins to play, Luna becomes herself again and screams for Alex to save her!!! As this happens, the Dragon Armor begins to glow and an awesome animation show his transformation into the Dragonmaster!!! Your love for Luna has proven your purity passing the final Dragon Trial!!! YAY!!!

     Ghaleon of course gets SUPER pissed off and whines a bit before revamping his spell on Luna and then he sics the Black Dragon's Body on you yet again. Now this is the reason I told you not to heal up, since Alex's "coming out party" totally refilled your party's HP/MP!!! Rock on, and get ready for a somewhat hard fight.

----------------------------BOSS FIGHT: THE BLACK DRAGON----------------------------

Black Dragon
Hit Points
250 x AL
2 x AL
2 x AL
1 x AL
3 x AL
Mag End
1 x AL
# of Attacks
Exp Points

     The Black Dragon has some very nasty attacks, all of which start off by blowing your whole party to the right edge of the screen. The 1st attack, is Fire Breath, which nails one character for heavy damage. You can spot this attack when he is breathing calmly. The 2nd attack, can be identified when his body is sparking with lightning bolt. He spits out Thunder Breath at everyone for moderate damage. The 3rd Attack is Cold Breath and you should be ready for everyone to take moderate damage when he starts puffing cold air in and out of his mouth.

     This can definitely be a hard fight, but the fact that he blows everyone to the right side of the screen shouldn't matter now if you arranged your battle grid like I said before and it will also cut down on the damage everyone takes from the Thunder and Cold Breath Attacks. Here is the Strategy to use: Alex should use Vigor and then Sword Dance every round after like usual unless everyone is in danger if dying then you might consider a Blue Dragon Healing spell if Nash can't keep up. Kyle should use Power Up and then Power Slash every round after. Nash should keep everyone healthy, since his attacks flat out suck frankly. Tempest should use Flash Arrow since he doesn't have anything else :P.


     After you beat the Black Dragon, Ghaleon brings his body back to life and mocks you about how you are the Dragonmaster, and yet he controls the Dragons. *grrrr* He then flies off with Luna in tow and dares you to come to the Frontier if you want to fight him. Of course, you will, but your women are in need of being checked up on. Exit the Lair and use that Dragonfly Wing to return to the entrance of the Fortress. Walk back into Pao and head for Tempest's tent.

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