Forbidden Forest

     When you enter Tempest's dwelling, you find that Jessica, Mia and Fresca are not only in fine shape, but they are also planning to go look for you. You relate the story to them about Luna and her being under Ghaleon's control, etc. Just then, Laike walks into the teepee and says hello! You find that Laike knows Tempest quite well and they marvel over your new appearance! (^_^) Once Tempest sits down, talk to him to receive a VERY awesome gift, the Master Sword! Laike also mentions that the Balloon is finished, so you'll be heading to Myght's Tower soon, but not quite yet...

     Exit Tempest's home, and then warp to Meribia and talk with Ramus. He'll give you the Rememberizer for FREE (if you would have bought it, you would have shelled out a hefty 65000 S)!!!! This nifty item lets you view ANY animation sequence you have SEEN in the game whenever you want! Very cool! (^_^) Once he coughs that up, warp to Lann and talk with the Mayor who wants to make you an honorary citizen. Choose "Of course!" and everyone parties away, but more importantly, you have set the stage up yet once more to receive a kick-ass secret item a tad later. Now, warp to Meryod of all places and cross the bridge and leave town to enter the Stadius Zone. Make your way to the Forbidden Forest. *evil grin*

     Now that you have the Dragon Armor, you can use the Black Dragon Grief spell. The only hitch is, you don't get any Experience for the enemies, but hey, they ALL dissappear. The Forest itself is really small, but get through it as FAST AS POSSIBLE. Your new spell uses up MP like crazy, so make sure while you aren't in battle, you are using that nice little dash feature instead of walking. To get through the forest, do this:

     From the entrance, follow the path until you can go northeast or southeast. Go northeast into the next section, where you again have the same choice. Go southeast this time. Don't take any of the side paths and you should come to a point where you can go northeast or continue southeast. If you are feeling brave, you can go northeast to nab a chest for 5000 S, but I would wait for now. Just go southeast still and the path splits into a top and bottom southeast path. Take the top one and run like hell to the exit.

     Now, before you do ANYTHING (except maybe heal at the Althena's Statue inside the small bath house), SAVE YOUR GAME. You had better hope to God that you have at least 2 bars of Soap. There are two bath scenes; one for Jessica and one for Mia. Bathe once and save your game. Bathe again and see if you get the other one. If you get the same one, reload your save file until you get the other and then save again once you have seen both scenes. The scenes appear in totally random sequences, so it may take a few tries. If you want to get the chest with 5000 S go get that now (if you haven't done so), otherwise, warp to Myght's Tower.

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