Stolen Dragon Wings!

     When you are ready to leave Vane, you have the choicce of walking to Nanza or warping there with the White Dragon Wings. The only difference is that if you use the Wings, Jessica will make a snide comment about your maturity, but hey...her temper is what makes her sexy. ohh...hurts so good, hehe. Anyway, regardless, get your aft to Nanza.

      Once you arrive and enter the fort, a scene breaks lose as Xenobia and her cronies are in the action of abducting another singer. However, when they attack ther singing gal, she easily shakes them off. Xenobia, stunned, tell them to try again with the same ending. The singer then reveals, that she is actually a he, and that he is Kyle. Prepare to kick some booty.

-------------------------------BOSS FIGHT: SCYTHE MASTERS-------------------------------

Scythe Master
Hit Points
Mag End
# of Attacks
Exp Points

     The Scythe Masters are a relatively easy fight this time around since Kyle is one tough mofo.

     You have to fight as Kyle, and alone at that. Here is what to do: For round one, just defend. This will draw the Scythe Masters in towards Kyle. He'll take some damage, but this is good because pain is pleasure. ^^ On round two, simply have Kyle use his Power Sweep ability. This will kill all four of the Scythe Masters in one deft blow. Hehehe. *evil grin*


     Now, instead of talking to Kyle right away, take the time to walk down to his room and explore his bed. This will earn you Jessica's Bromide 4. Now go and speak with Kyle after getting your peep on. *whistles innocently* Jessica gets him to join your adventurous band of travlers and then he suggests you walk south to the Marius Zone, and stop in Reza to gather info on the Red Dragon. Not a bad idea, but let's get ourselves another picture first. Warp to Althena's Shrine and talk to the crazy chick who thinks she is Jessica's sister to attain Jessica's Bromide 1. Then, for old times sake, warp to Meribia and enter Ramus' shop to finally see him there. Once you are done reminicsing, warp back to Nanza and head south to Reza in the Marius Zone.

     When you exit Nanza heading south, you'll find yourselves in South Mountain Pass. Grab the Angel's Tear from the chest and remember that there is a Red Chest here for later. Continue south to enter the Marius Zone and enter Reza, which is just south of the Mountian Pass.

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