Cave of Trial

     The first thing you will notice in the Cave of Trial, is the Elder next to the Spring Portal. There are several more like him in the Cave, each at the entrance to the next floor. Finding one means you are making progress and each one can completely heal you, but only ONCE. So use them wisely. The only exception to this rule, is that the very first elder near the Cave's entrance. You can return to him as many times as you like. This may prove a bit of a hassle, but it is much better than dying. Most enemies, you can just melee attack with one exception, so Alex shouldn't ever get all that low in MP. To get through the Cave of Trial, read on...

     From the Spring's Portal, walk north through the underpass, and then head northeast to head down to the next floor. When you step out on the next floor, follow the path and go south. Nab the treasure along the way to get 250 S. At the end of the pathway, you will meet another Elder. Talk to him only if you need to be healed, and then head down to the next floor.
     On the next floor, you can go left or right. Both paths bring you north to the next set of stairs. Be sure to fight the enemies on both sides to gain experience. You should be Level 17 or so before you clear the Cave. When you get to the stairs, walk on up.
     At this point, you encounter an enemy called Ice Mongrel. These enemies yield a lot of experience for this point in the game (more than any other enemy until the Magic Emperor reveals himself infact..), but they also usually run during the first round, and sometimes in the second. Always use Sword Dance on them, just so in the event they don't run, you get some major and much needed experience.
     As you walk south, you notice another Red Chest. This one has Soap in it, but you won't be able to get this for quite a while yet, so just keep going. Be sure to grab the chest with 250 S before heading up the next set of steps.
     On this floor, there isn't anything to do except talk to the other Trial takers, and get up to the next floor. Only talk to the Elder if you need to heal (which you shouldn't do until after clearing the monsters from the next floor). The Elder and the next set of stairs are due east from where you enter.
      When you enter on the next floor, follow the path around the small bend, and then northwest. Make sure to talk to the guy wandering around for laugh, and then continue north and west until you get to a treasure chest with 250 S in it. This is VERY IMPORTANT: head south and DO NOT head west at the opening yet. You will be forced into a boss fight before you have a chance to heal up if you do!!!!! So keep heading south until you nab another chest with 250 S in it, and then head back to the nearest Elder that can heal you (which should be the one on the previous floor) and then Save. After that, head back to the area below the first 250 S chest on the and walk west. Nall with call your attention to a monster giving you one short chance to Save if you haven't already. Get ready for the real "trial" of this Cave.

-------------------------------BOSS FIGHT: TROUBLE TRUFFLER-------------------------------

Trouble Truffler
Hit Points
90 x AL
1 x AL
1 x AL
1 x AL
4 x AL
Mag End
2 x AL
# of Attacks
Exp Points

     The Trouble Truffler has 2 Attacks. The 1st Attack is called Flash Bolt, which causes major damage to one character. You can predict this when the boss just floating there with lightning bolts covering its head. The 2nd Attack, Mad Spark, hits both Alex and Luna for moderate damage. The Truffler will use this when its bottom becomes a group of rapidly spinning spikes.

     This battle is fairly limited in choices since you only have two party members. Alex should cast Vigor, and give everything he has using Sword Dance. If he runs out of MP (which shouldn't happen if you are Level 16 or higher), just Melee Attack. Luna should cast Cascade Song on Alex, and work overtime to keep both of them healed. You should probally make use of the Party Arrangement screen to put Luna in the top right hand corner of the Battle Grid, and put Alex one square up and left of the bottom middle. This way, Luna will normally be out of harm's way and can just concentrate on healing Alex.


     Once you beat the Trouble Truffler, make sure you Save. However, don't go up the stairs yet. Head southwest and follow the short path around to the north and grab the treasure chest, which contains a Healing Ring. This is the most valuable and rare of items in Lunar (there are only 3), so don't miss this chance to get one. Equip it on Alex right away, and then head back and go up the stairs.

     Follow the path, and talk with the final Elder who welcomes you to Vane. Head up the steps to see this wonderful gift from the Goddess called Vane.

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