Vane Awaits!

     Upon entering the store again, you find that Nash and Dross are waiting for you. Speak with Dross, then Nash. Make sure if you haven't yet, that you give everything Ramus has (including weapons and armor) to Nall before speaking with Nash. When you do speak with Nash, he offers to bring you to Vane to to check out the Magic Guild. Of course, you can refuse his offer to get a rise see him him get bent out of shape, but you cannot proceed until you accept. As soon as you accept Nash's offer, Ramus informs you that he is going to stay and try to earn his fortune at his newly owned store (you find out in Lunar 2 that he actually pooped his pants during the fight with the Water Dragon. *snicker*).You sadly say your goodbyes, but hey you will be back more than a few times, so bucky up.

     After leaving Ramus' Store, don't bother buying anything yet for Nash, just go and sell Ramus' old equipment and then head north to leave the city after stopping at Althena's Statue to heal up and save. As you walk east around the bridge and head south, you are treated to a nice cinematic view of Vane as it hovers in its endless orbit around the Goddess' Tower. Continue south to the Transmission Spring.

     The Spring is the only way to enter Vane, but the old man informs the ever so arrogant and ignorant Nash, that an Application for the Magic Guild is necessary before Alex and Luna can even attempt to enter. It seems stricter security measures have been put in place by Lemia Ausa because some rogue-ish villian called the Magic Emperor is rumored to be out and about. The old man also tells you that the only way to get an Application is to visit Althena's Shrine and win Phacia's blessing. Faced with no other choice, you should head over to the Althena's Shrine.

     The Shrine is visibly noticable at the base of the sheer moutain that the Goddess' Tower rests on top of. When you enter the Shrine, take time to chat with all the worshipers. You will find that Mel's daughter, Jessica De Alkirk, is a student at the Shrine. However, she is not here right now, so once you finish chatting with all of them, head to the northernmost part of the Shrine and Nash leaves your party to formally get Phacia to introduce herself to your party. She gives you an Application to the Magic Guild and suggests that Alex take up a career in magic rather than trying to become a Dragonmaster. She also mentions wanting to hear Luna's renown Singing Voice sometime in the future.

     Return to the Spring and talk with the old man. He accepts your Application and grants you entry. Of course though, Nash neglected to tell you that the first time anyone travels to Vane, they must first make thier way through the Cave of Trial. The cave is basically monster-filled test to make sure you are worthy to enter Vane. There is one catch though, you cannot use any items inside the Cave, only magic-which means that you have rely on Luna alone to keep both her and you alive. How fun. To enter, merely step on the Transmission Spring.

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