Meribia's Nasty Sewers

     Upon following Dross to get your Diamond back, you find yourself in the Meribian Sewers. You may have to go back a couple times to use Althena's Statue to heal up, especially if you are low leveled (under level 12). The ideal goal would be to get to Level 16 before moving on and beating the boss. Also, keep in mind that the Meribian Sewers are filled with ladders and adjacent buttons. To lower each ladder, you have to press the corresponding button. They change from Blue to Red, showing that they have been activated. To get through the Meribian Sewers, read on...

     Walk down the stairs after talking with the would-be thief who was planning on robbing Dross, you will find yourself in the main level of the Sewers. From here head south staying along the right-hand side until you make your way to the first ladder. The switch for this ladder is off to the right along the wall. Hit the switch, and then make your way across the ladder.

     After crossing the ladder, walk right until you come to the rather small indent in the wall. If you try to walk through it, you can get a Star Light. Nab the treasure and head back to the ladder. Keep going left and take the pathway south. Off to the right you can find another Star Light. Get that too, and continue on until you come to a set of  7 small pathways, each heading south.
     You can avoid the the fish that endlessly jump over these pathways by waiting until they leap across the ledges, or you can intentionally run into them to boost your experience levels. I suggest you do the latter, but hey, it is your game.
     If you decide to keep going, first, head down the second pathway from the left. You will find a Herb, and another switch and ladder. Flip the switch, grab the Herb, and cross the new ladder off to your right. This will lead to another switch. Flip this one too, and it will open a new ladder off to your right thta you really cannot see all that well. Head back to the 7 pathways after flipping this switch.
     Once you make your way back, head to the seventh (last) pathway to grab 250 S from a treasure chest. Then, head back and take the fifth pathway heading south. This will eventually lead you to that last ladder you opened by hitting that last switch. Be warned, the enemies beyond this point are VERY hard until you reach Level 15.

     Once you are sure of your character's abilities, cross this third ladder. You will find an Herb as well. Head east to find a split in the path. Take the north path to get 250 S yet again, and then head back to the split and continue east. This will bring you to a door. Enter the door and head north.

     After exiting the rather short hallway, keep heading north and you will come to a section of pillars. You CAN use these to dodge the enemies here, but I suggest you fight them. You'll need the experience. At the north end of these pillars is a small pathway. You WILL get attacked by 3 very powerful enemies here. Use caution and heal between fights. After crossing this small walkway, head to the right and exit via the nice sewer door.

     Once you enter the new room, collect the 2 Antidotes and the Star Light from the chests and then HEAL UP and SAVE your game. You also want to make sure that Luna and Ramus have Battle Bows equipped and that everyone in your party is preferably Level 16. (You can do it at Level 14, but it is considerably harder). Also, make sure Ramus has some Herbs and Star Lights. Once you are ready talk to Dross...

     When you talk with Dross, instead of handing back your Dragon Diamond, he sicks his 'pet' on you, which also happens to be a Water Dragon. That sux!

---------------------------------BOSS FIGHT: WATER DRAGON---------------------------------

Water Dragon
Hit Points 70 x AL
Attack 2 x AL
Defense 1 x AL
Agility 1 x AL
Wisdom 4 x AL
Mag End 1 x AL
# of Attacks 1
Range 40
Exp Points 250

     The Water Dragon has 2 attacks. The 1st Attack, is just a Bite, and can be expected when his jaw opens and closes slightly. This attack may Poison a character, but the Poison really won't hurt the character all that much. The 2nd Attack is a Fire Press, which spews flames all over on character for serious damage and can be expected when the Dragon opens its mouth and starts huffing fire.

     The Water Dragon constantly wades back and forth among the parasite infested water out of reach for sword users. There are moments when you could attack normally, but otherwise, Alex will be stuck using his Sword Dance. This is also where it is crucial that Luna and Ramus have Battle Bows so...
     Alex should use Vigor on the first round and Sword Dance every round after. Ramus should use his Battle Bow and heal characters as needed if Luna can't keep up. This includes Magic Points. Luna should use Cascade Song on Alex and then on Ramus the first two rounds. After that, she needs to hone those mad Cleric skilz and keep everyone healthy. Don't worry about curing poisoning, just watch those HPs and keep everyone able to endure that Fire Press attack.


     After you slay the Water Dragon, the party returns its attention to Dross' theivery. Being fairly scared, Dross gives you only 500 S!!! That cheap son of a bit....! Ramus, being the greedy fat boy he is, cons Dross into giving him the store and thus giving back the Dragon Diamond. He then hires Dross back out of pity. As you leave the Water Dragon's lair, Royce appears behind mumbling something mysterious, and then quickly dissapears.

     Make your way back out of the Sewers, but before you exit into Ramus' new store, unequip everything he has and give it to Nall. Then enter into the store.

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