Meribia At Last!

     Upon landing in Meribia, Ramus and Nash spilt. Ramus goes to find a place to sell the Dragon Diamond and Nash heads off to take care of some business on Black Rose Street.

     Take the time to go and explore the city, I suggest upgrading Alex and Luna's equipment now, to save you time later. You will have to go between shops a bit to find the best combination of equipment for the two. You can view the shops listing here (It will open in a new window). Whatever you do though, make sure Alex has full health and a Healing Nut in his inventory before visiting with Master Mel, one of the Four Heroes. Make sure you also explore Black Rose Street as well as the main part of Meribia. Here, you can find Nash and meet Royce, a self-proclaimed fortune teller, who is keeping Nash's company. She seems to be one freaky chick. head on out and head to Mel's Mansion. (You could check up on Ramus who is in Dross' Shop, but nothing will happen until you speak with Master Mel and with Nash.)
     Once you find and enter Mel's Mansion, explore a bit. You cannot get up to the second floor yet, so for now, just go and make Mel's acquaintance. However, he challenges you to a rather friendly duel and you are forced to fight him alone as Alex.

------------------------------STORY FIGHT: MASTER MEL------------------------------

Master Mel
Hit Points
30 x AL
3 x AL
2 x AL
1 x AL
1 x AL
Mag End
1 x AL
# of Attacks
Exp Points

     This fight is rather hard. Mel is super strong, and I hope you bought that Healing Nut. In the first round, have Alex cast Vigor on himself. In the following rounds, just keep using Sword Dance until you run out of MP. You should beat him before this happens, but make sure to use the Healing Nut if your HPs get low.

     Whether you win or lose, the plot doesn't really change, just Mel's response after the fight. It is just more fun if you can beat the aging pirate/govenor/hero. (^_^)


     After talking with Royce and Master Mel, return to Dross' Shop where Ramus is still haggling with Dross about the Dragon Diamond. (Make sure you stop at Althena's Statue and heal up first though. ^_^ )
     Once you show up, it finally appears that Ramus has been able to get the meager sum of 20000 S for the Diamond. (More than you have right now, but hey, it is Dragon Quality. The cheap bastard. *mumble*) Accept the price and Dross then goes to "get the money from the safe". When he does not come back, you all feel like you just got con-ed. And guess what - you are right!!....DOH! Before chasing after the fat store clerk, make sure you upgrade Ramus' equipment as well as Alex and Luna's if you haven't yet done so. When you are ready, click the link below...

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