As far as Epilogue's go, this one is fairly small and you are restricted to the town of Meribia, so here's a short list of things to do so you can tie up loose ends. Do note, you CAN save here.

Things to do/get
Ramus' Shop Talk to him once to get Luna's Bromide 1. Talk to him again if you paid off his debt WAY back the beginning of the game to get Jessica and Mia's Bromide 3.
You can also buy the Rememberizer from the clerk for 65000 S if you didn't get it for free already.
Black Rose Street Talk to Lemia, Mia and Nash
Mel's Mansion Talk to Mel, Jessica and Kyle
North City Entrance Talk to Phacia
Tavern Talk to Tempest and Fresca
Pier Talk to Laike and finish the Epilogue.


Congrats on beating the best game of all time. (^_^)

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