On to Meribia

     Upon entering Saith, Luna comments on how "busy" the town is. Head to the local shop and buy Nash some new equipment, and then head on over to the Dockhouse. You find that while you were gone, a monster decided to make the Ship its new home. Before accepting to kill the beast, make sure you have at least 3000 S in your pocket, cause you will be buying some very important stuff soon. (^_^) Once you are ready, accept the challenge to fight the monster, but SAVE before doing so.

---------------------------------BOSS FIGHT: SALINE SLIMER---------------------------------

Saline Slimer
Hit Points
80 x AL
2 x AL
1 x AL
1 x AL
1 x AL
Mag End
1 x AL
# of Attacks
Exp Points

*Check out the Bosses Page to see how Lunar:SSSC's Boss Stats work.*
     The Saline Slimer has 3 attacks. The 1st attack, is basically 2 low level slaps against a character, and can be expected when it starts doing somersaults inside its blue gooey stuff. The 2nd attack, can be identified when he is simply bobbing up and down. He spits Gelatin Breath at one character causing serious damage. The 3rd attack, called Mucus, really sucks. When he just sits there and smiles, he is about to spit a mucus ball that immobilzes one character until it wears off, or Luna casts Purity Song on the affected Ally. If Alex gets hit with this, HEAL HIM AT ALL COSTS!!!!!

     The Saline Slimer is a rather difficult fight, not just because he is your first Boss fight, but also because his attacks can be fairly fatal if you are anything less than Level 10, but hopefully you are Level 12 or higher. Here is the Strategy to use: Alex should use Vigor (gained at Level 12) and Sword Dance every round after. Luna should cast Cascade Song on Alex, then on Ramus. After, keep everyone healthy and if they are, have her attack. Ramus should just flat out attack and use items as needs to assist Luna in the healing department. Nash, should just continually cast Thunder Magic over and over again.
     Once you win, get ready for a storyline intensive part of the game and a well deserved rest.


     Upon killing the Saline Slimer, (not to mention saving the ship), you give the Captain the Sea Chart and he tells you they need to fix the ship overnight, so the party decides to get some dinner and then some sleep. Luna hangs out by the dock, so when you get control of Alex, go over and talk to her. She tells you she has decided to stay and go back to Burg!! She runs off before Alex can say anything on top of it. The next thing you know, everyone is saying thier goodbyes to Luna, except Alex. Just as the ship sets sail, Alex dramatically yells to Luna to come with......and she goes!! She barely gabs Alex's hand as the ship leaves the dockyard. (You didn't really think she would back out did you? ^_^ )
     Once you are safely aboard the Hispanola (the Ship, hehe), take some time to explore and talk to the passengers. What ever you do, MAKE SURE YOU BUY AT LEAST 2 BARS OF SOAP IF NOT 3. This is the only place in the game you can buy them and this is the only chance you get. Trust me, this is the BEST favor you can do yourself. *evil grin* Once you buy the Soap, talk to Ramus and Nash. Then head north to get some sleep. Enjoy the nice midnight rendevous on the deck to witness one of the best and most romantic cinema scenes ever made. *sniff*
     When morning comes, talk with everyone again, buy the Soap if you haven't, and then head top side to the ship's bow, and witness your arrival in Meribia.

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