Old Hag's Forest

     After leaving the Woods and entering Saith, take time to explore and talk with the townsfolk. You will find the old man residing in the 2nd story of a house on the west side of Saith of interest, as he will tell you about the 4 Heroes. There are also a couple of hoes who trying throwing themselves at Alex. You will also find a locked Red Chest in a house in the southwest corner of Saith. You won't be able to open it yet, so just make a mental note of it for now. Also, don't forget to stop by the local shop and pick up some new gear. (If you built to level 10 before that sequence of fights in the Weird Woods, you'll have more than enough to outfit your party).

     Once you are ready, enter the dockhouse at the south end of town (rather convieniently built on the ocean) and converse with the Captain of the Hispanola, the ship which sails between Saith and Meribia. Between talking with him and the Dockmaster, you'll find out that the Captain, being the idiot the he is, lost the Sea Chart in poker game with Brett. The Dockmaster tells you that you can find Brett in the tavern, so head on over there.

     Upon entering the tavern, you'll see Brett sitting by himself in the northeast corner behind a table. Walk up to him and challenge him in game of chance. Choose "I reckon we will". Brett will beat you twice and you lose 100 GP each time. Upon losing twice, Ramus decides that Brett is cheating and wagers the Dragon Diamond as the booty. Brett accepts and then as soon as he tosses the coin, Ramus shove the sneaky gambler out of the way and the party finds that Brett was using a double-sided coin!!!! The no good sore loser gives you your money back and then confesses that he traded the Sea Chart with the Old Hag in the forest northwest of Saith for the Fortune Cane that he gives you and suggests that you try the same. So, if you haven't done so by now, hit the local shop for some new gear and get ready to make a trip......

     Now, at this point you have a choice. You can either: A) Head to the Old Hag's Forest or B) Head back to Burg. If you choose to head back to Burg, you can find Laike at Dyne's Monument for an interesting Storyline tid bit. You can visit him here before you get the Sea Chart, once you have the Sea Chart, too bad, you don't get to. Nyah Nyah! (^_^)

     Once you decide to seek out the Old Hag, head northwest from Saith to the forest. Upon entering the forest, there are some new things you need to be aware of. First, at this point in the game, you will be introduced to Traps in treasure chests. All of the ones in this forest, when opened, will attract enemies (Flies to be more precise), so be careful. Second, I assume you are taking my advice in killing every enemy you come across, so this is really no big deal. Especially if you are at Level 10 or higher. You should be at Level 12 or so before leaving this forest, so fight away.
      Now, this place is relatively small, so fight the enemies, collect the treasure and head northeast towards the Old Hag's house. Upon leaving the main forest via the northeast exit, you will find yourself on a rather simple path that leads to the Old Hag's house. Walk north, and you will someone caught in the last of the primitive traps along the path. Free this cocky little person and will find that he is Nash, a 3rd-year student of Vane's Magic School, and apprentice to Ghaleon, one of the Four Heroes. He joins your party (score!).

     Continue north, to reach the Old Hag's house. She is on the 2nd floor. However, does doesn't want the Fortune Cane, she wants Nash's Water Cane! Ramus can't convince Nash, but have him try anyway for fun, then have Luna talk to Nash. He gives up the Water Cane and you receive the Sea Chart! Since the Fortune Cane really isn't good for anything, talk to the Old Hag three more times after acquiring the Sea Chart, and she takes it back. Good deeds are rough, no? In any event, head back to Saith.

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