Weird Woods

     Upon returning to Burg, Nall will complain about being tired. Use the Althena's Statue and then head to the Weapons Shop to selll your Diamond. Just when you thought you were about to get rich, the Shopkeeper tells you that he cannot afforrd to buy it & suggests you go to Meribia to sell it. Feeling quite bummed out, head towards Alex's house. When you start to cross the bridge, Ramus pulls you aside while Luna heads home. He convinces you to go to Meribia without Luna. Leave town and head west to the Weird Woods.

     When you enter the Woods, you find it is covered in dense fog and you cannot see very well. Ramus, being the wimp he is, eventually runs back to Burg after pooping his pants. You automatically follow him back to Burg.

     When you get back to Burg, the party decides to leave in the morning and try again. Ramus splits, so head home to get some sleep.

     When you get home, you spill your guts to Luna about going to the Weird Woods and she gets really mad. Talk to Alex's parents and then Luna again to get her calmed down. They would be adventurers go to sleep. A short cut scene follows with Alex and Luna waking up in night. When morning comes, Alex's parents say their goodbyes, and the party heads off, with Luna this time.

     Head to the village entrance to pick up Ramus. Make sure your party has the best equipment they can buy (which should go without saying, but hey, we all forget stuff now and then) and head for the Weird Woods yet again.

     Upon entering the Woods, Ramus whines some more as usual before Luna belts out a nice little tune that magically makes the fog dissappear! They are all stunned at this event and Luna even gets a tad scared about it. But for now, continue on. All of the treasure chests here are Herbs and Antidotes, so you can decide if you wanna get them or not. Either way, you will eventually come upon a clearing. Before entering this clearing, make sure you are at least Level 10 and Save your game (the monsters come back if you leave and re-enter the Woods). Note that this is just my way of doing it. You don't HAVE to be level 10, but it makes it much more fun. When you enter this clearing, you will be trapped by a bunch of creatures. This will spark the arrival of a strange man. He will offer his assistance, but be warned: Luna will give you the 9 rings of hell if you accept his offer. There are a total of three fights, but if you accept the man's help, whatever fight you do so on is the lastand the monsters flee. So if you accept on the first battle, the other 2 won't happen. If you survive all 3 fights without the man's help, you deserve a pat on the back - but be warned: You DO NOT get a chance to heal between fights so chose wisely.

     Once you get out of this little scene, the man introduces himself as Laike. He laughs at you when you tell him you are on an adventure & then offers to make you dinner and set up camp. Strange indeed. When the party awakens, Laike is gone. Continue on the path and exit the Woods. Head southeast to the port town of Saith.

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